Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Hostiles vs Friendlies, Old Oraibi"

As the White mans ways, became more and more. Encrusted into the Hopi way. A division erupted between, the friendlies (friendly to the Whites) and hostiles. The traditionalist of old ways or hostiles. Did not want there children going to government schools. And the other villagers. Who had been brainwashed into believing. The White mans ways, were the future of Old Oraibi. Wanted there children to go to a government school in Keams Canyon and in Phoenix. (You see much the same thing is happening in America today. As more and more children become home schooled. You can clearly see from my blogs. The parallel between the Native Americans of old. And what is facing this generation of Americans.)

Finally one day in the small village of Old Oraibi. This all came to a head. The date was 8 September 1906. A line was drawn in the sand. (All though this divisions between the Hopi, goes back into the 1800s.) Who will stay in the ancient village of Old Oraibi. And who will be forced to a new home. The losers would be forced to relocate. Mainly to a village on the edge of third mesa, called Hotevilla.

It was decided there would be a shoving match. To determine who stayed and who left. The line has long been gone. Years later a Hopi named Robert Selena. Would scrape a line into a sandstone out cropping. On the northeast edge of Old Oraibi. To commemorate this historic Hopi event. Robert Selena put these words on the flat sandstone. (Lonnie took me to this spot.)

Well it have to be done
This way now
That when you pass me over this line
It will be done Sept. 8, 1906

I've read and heard this story. Two different ways. One way the hostiles or traditionalist won the match. And occupy Old Oraibi, till this day. I've also read that the friendly won the match. And they occupy Old Oraibi now. It seems odd that the hostile would have lost the shoving match. Reason being, if you go to Hotevilla today. There are Cell Towers, running water and electricity in the village. To where as Old Oraibi still has no utilities of any kind. There are no water pipes buried. No electricity to the homes. No Cell Tower, standing over the village. No you just see the same basic village. That you would have seen. Hundreds if not thousands of years ago. The hostile refused change. And Old Oraibi reflects that belief system. Hotevilla on the other hand. Looks like it wants to be the modern village. Having spent much "Time" on the Hopi reservation. The losers were the friendlies. While on Old Oraibi, you want water. You truck it in. Want to read by the light of a light bulb. Spend a night at the Hopi Cultural Center Hotel, on Second Mesa.

So much of today's Native American stories have been distorted. As only a handful of companies control most of the published work. You write down what they want to hear, you'll get published. Want to write about the real truth. You'll have a hard "Time" getting your works published. That's why the 'Book of the Hopi'. Took so long to get published. Government historians and writers were sent out west. For the very reason, to put the governments slant on the true Native American story. If I didn't have so many Native America friends over the years. I would be just telling stories that have been changed. To make the Native Americans. Look like some kind of savage. Still living in the stone age. With no "God" or spiritual meaning to there lives. To were as it's quite the opposite. For all Native American tribes. Who did believe in a higher being. That protected them and led them. Through there journey on the Planet.

Black Elk Speaks, 'A Spiders Web'
A long "Time" ago my father told me. What his father told him. That there was once a Lakota Sioux Holy man, called 'Drinks Water'. Who dreamed, that was to be. And this was long before the coming of the White man. He dreamed that the four legged were going back into the Earth. And that a strange race had woven a spiders web all around the Lakota Sioux. And he said, 'when this happens, you shall live in a square gray house, in barren land. And beside those square gray houses, you shall starve.'

They say he went back to Mother Earth. Soon after he had this vision. And it was sorrow that killed him. You can look about you now and see. That he meant these dirt roofed houses we are living in. And that all the rest was true. Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.

Coos Tribe
Once lived in the Oregon area of Coos Bay. Which is named after them. They have been assimilated into other cultures now, sad.

Cree Tribe
Mostly from Canada and North Dakota. Where first encountered by the French Jesuits in 1640. Lost most of there tribe in a Smallpox epidemic in 1776. Also in a battle with the Sioux against the Blackfeet Tribe in 1870. They made sacrifices to the Sun, the 'great Master of Life'.

In a final note. According to Pope Benedict XVI. The 'Year of the Priests' ended on 12 June 2010. And that it was the Devils fault. That many of the Priest were pedophiles. Need I say more?

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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