Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Worship the Sun, the Queen's Land"

Over the past few years. I've learned much about powerful secret groups, I never knew existed. Hell I thought every thing was cool. America was the 'home of the brave, land of the free'. Now I am awake, once I was asleep. To awake from a slumber, that has caused me many a sleepless nights. I even broke out in hives. We I realized a dark secret group. Were the ones behind 911. Not quite sure which group yet. Maybe the Zionist, Illuminate, England, the Jewish State of Israel, etc.. After all it seems America youth are fighting all of Israel enemies now. The only one left to fight for Israel is Iran. And rumors are spreading fast. They are next to feel the death America brings. To the rest of the World. Much of what I've learned recently. Has come from the Hopi tales. And other Native American ancient stories and traditions.

It's easy to see the parallel, between the Native Americans. And what is be currently done to all but a select few of Americans. Chemical warfare was used on the Native Americans. Via blankets with different types of diseases were give the American tribes. Now you have Chem-trails in the sky. Processed foods, fill with so many chemicals. You can't even understand the fine print. Of what has been put into your food. The 'powers' killed off the Native American food supply. By killing off the Buffalo and many other natural game. The Native Americans depended on for food supplies. Now American farmers are payed off, not to grow crops. And if the do grow crops. The seeds is generically modified by Monsanto. Or the crop is used to make bio-fuels (ethanol).

Many of these so called groups that are destroying America now. Are worshippers of the Sun. Isn't it ironic, that most of the Native American Tribes were also, Sun Worshippers. Well I guess the poor old Native Americans weren't worshipping the same Sun. Not sure how that works out? I get up and see the same old Sun every morning. Head line in past days should have read. 'Sun Worshippers from across the ocean. Kill Sun Worshippers in the New World'. Here is a excerpt I found. How the Christians and Catholic were forcing the Blackfoot. To stop doing there Sun Dance.
You have been among us for many years. And have attended many of our ceremonies. Have you ever seen a disturbance or anything harmful? That has been caused by our Sun Dance?

We know that there is nothing injurious to our people in the Sun Dance. On the other hand, we have seen much that is bad. At the dances of the White people. It has been our custom, during many years. To assemble once every summer for this festival. In honor of our Sun "God". We fast and pray, that we may be able. To lead good lives and to act more kindly, towards each other.

I do not understand why the White men? Desire to put an end to our religious ceremonials. What harm can they do to our people? If the White men, deprive us of our religion. We will have nothing left. For we know of no other,that can take it's place.

We do not understand the White man's religions. The Black Robes (Catholic Priest) teach us one thing. And the Men with white neckties (Protestant Missionaries) teach us another, so we are confused.

We believe that the Sun "God" is all powerful. For every spring he makes a tree bud and the grass to grow. We see these things with our own eyes and therefore know, that all life comes from him.

Many are starting to wonder if the Queen of England rules America and Canada. And America and Canada, are no more than colonies set up to be taxed. Here is a short story that kind of brings that idea home. Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia. Warn Franz Boas a Canadian Anthropologist. To leave there traditions alone.

We want to know weather you have come to stop our Dances and Feast? As the missionaries and agent whom live among our neighbors try to do.

We do not want anybody here who will interfere with our customs. We were told that a man of war. Would come if we should continue to do as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers have done. But we do not mind such words.

Is this the White mans land? We are told it is the Queen's land, but no? It is my land. Where was the Queen, when our "God" gave the land to my grandfather and told him. 'This will be thine.' My father owned the land and was a mighty chief, now it is mine.

And when your man of war comes, let him destroy our house. Do you see yonder woods? Do you see yonder trees? We shall cut them down and build new homes. And live as our fathers did.
We will dance when our laws command us to dance. We will feast when our hearts desire to feast. Do we ask the White man? Do as the Indians does. No we do not. Why then do you ask us? Do as the White man does?

It is a strict law that bids us dance. It is a strict law that bids us. To distribute our property among our friends and neighbors. It is a good law. Let the White man observe his law, we shall observe ours.

And now, if you are come to forbid us to dance, begone. If not, you will be welcome to us.

Here again you see the parallel between modern man and those that occupied North America. Once again it's our way, or we shall imprison you or worst kill you. If you do not abide by our rules. The 'powers' envision a One World Government. With only one "God". A "God" they have chosen for you. No matter long long your traditions go back. You are to stop what every you did in the past. And start a whole new way of thinking. Or you will be labeled an out cast. And face the consequences. If you do not see this coming. Then you are blind, Mentally and Spiritually.

Today my Martian bud and I visited the 'Deer Valley Rock Art Center. It is owned and operated by ASU. There are over 1,500 Petroglyphs. I've made a couple of videos toy can watch. Here is the link to part 1. YT RD47blog

Kwakiutl Tribe
Tell me there isn't a "God"? I today picked a random Indian Tribe to write about. And the next in line to add to the end of my blog. Is the one for today. Same thing happened when I arrived back from the Hopi reservation, amazing!!! They are located on Vancouver Island along the coast of British Columbia. A waring tribe who waged war for prestige and to capture slaves. Who would sacrifice slaves, in certain ceremonies.

"God" bless, bye

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