Sunday, August 1, 2010

"California's Karma and White Rabbits"

Many Native Americans live in what is now called, Northern California. There were the Wintue, Shasta, Nomiaki, Yuki, Yana and many other tribes. Were they living in peace among each other? I'm not so sure about that. Because as the Tribes of North America grew larger. There territories started to over lap each other. And when that happens. Both sides are using the same territory for survival. That's why there were fights among various groups of Native Americans. Yea the Native Americans were spiritual to say the least. And they had many great ceremonies. That had been passed down from generations. Like the European countries always at war. Over which boundary was law. So it was that way amongst the Native Americans.

Then Gold was found in California. And a whole new set of rules of engagement started. Some 45,000 Native Americans were slaughtered in a heart beat. Between the years of 1848 and 1870. Screw little petty rivalries, among the different tribes. All the tribes were the enemy of the so called 49ers. Much like the poor un-educated people from Mexico and central America today. That floods the country called America. The 49ers were made from the same cloth. They were the poor and un-educated from around the World. And having a soul, was far from there collective mines. In the end as usual. Only those that supplied goods to the soulless miners and prospectors. Survived the Gold rush days. They later became the shop owners. The restaurant owners, bankers, blacksmiths, farmers and etc..

Now today in Northern California and the rest of California. Your have the ancestors of the survivors. The small business owners and such. For them, the circle of life has come full circle. And they are now the Wintue, Shasta, Nomiaki, Yuke, Yana and other tribe from the area. They are under siege from not only the poor and un-educated from Mexico and central America. Now countries that line the Pacific rim. Are invading at great numbers. You have entire communities, that don't speak any English. Many say it won't be long before the Whites are the minority. Just as the Whites did to the Native Americans in Northern California. The table has turned on them. And they are abandoning the homeland of there ancestors.

Here is a short story told by Lucy Young. She was a member of the Wintue Tribe of Northern California.

'My grandpa had a dream before the White man came. He was so old he was all doubled up. Knees to chin and eyes like indigo (blue, violet). Grown son carry him in great basket, on his back, every place.'

My grandpa say, 'White Rabbit (meaning White people). Are going to devour our grass, our seeds, our living. We won't have nothing more, this World. Big Elk with straight horn, come with White man (cattle). Bigger than deer, but with round foot. Got hair on neck (horse).'

My aunt would say: 'Oh father you are out of your head, don't say that.' He say: now daughter I not crazy. You young people are going to see.' People came from a long way, to listen to him dream. He dream, then say this way, every morning.

They leave little children, to play by him. He watched good, had big stick. Wave around and scare snakes away. He had good teeth, all old people had good teeth (think about that last line).

One "Time" they traveled, they come to big pile of brush. My grandpa stopped and looked at it. He say, 'this is good wood. When I die, burn my body to ashes on top of ground. Here going to be big canoe, run around. Carrying White peoples things. Those White Rabbits got lotsa everything.'

We asked him, 'how is canoe going to run around on dry ground?' We asked him, he replied, 'don't know'. He must have meant wagons.

I (Lucy) never grow much. They call me, Li'l Shorty, but I know pretty near everything that "Time". My grandpa put his head on my head, smoothed my hair. And hold his hand there.

'Long "Time" you going to live, my child,' he said. 'You live long "Time" this World.'

Well I live long enough. I guess about ninety five next summer. If I living til them.

My grandpa never live to see White people. Just dreaming every night about them. People come long way, listen to him dream.

My grandpa move down by big spring. One day he couldn't get up. He said: 'I going to leave you today. I used to be a good hunter, kill bear, elk, deer, feed my children. Can't feed my children no more. Like old root, just ready for growing now. Pretty soon dead, speak no more.'

All seems like a dream to me. Long, long ago, night "Time" he die. And in the morning, all tied up in deerskin with grass rope. Sit up knees to chin. They tie him up too soon. He roll over and come back. Scare everyone. He ask for water and for pack strap to basket, always carry him in. He ask for Ii'l basket he always use for cup. He drinks lots.

'I starve for water, and want my strap', he say. 'That's why I come back.'

Then he die. Our people dig big hole, put stick across it. Put brush and body in. Put more brush, burn all to ashes. They put basket and strap too, with him. When he go, where people go at last.

Where will people go, at last? Do the good one like Lucy's grandpa? Go to ever lasting, or reincarnate to a higher level? Seems no one cares any more about what happens to them as they age and die. The system has taught them to live only in the moment. With never a eye to the future. It is good to live in the moment. I also believe, but with a healthy eye to the future. And what truly does wait around the bend at death. The animals around us. As you can clearly see. Live only for the present. With death never even a thought.

Lumni Tribe
Occupied Northwestern Washington, and currently are on a 7,000 acre Reservation near Bellingham Washington. Know for the annual ceremonial battles with the Haida Tribe. For the purpose of capturing slaves. This was a form of DNA enhancement.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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