Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Travis Walton's Abduction?"

Two friends of mine are about to interview Travis Walton. Dennis Crenshaw and Rick Osman of 'Unraveling the Secrets'. On Blog Talk Radio, Peoples TV and I believe Paranormal Soup. I was part of another interview of Travis. On my friends show called 'The Jackals Head', on Blog Talk Radio. Angel or the Jackal, arraigned it so I would get to be the first caller. To ask Travis some questions. So I am familiar with Travis. Plus before I got a chance to ask Travis some questions. I also was a believer in his story. I didn't quite get the answers I wanted to hear. So I soon started to question his authenticity.

Travis is doing a lot of interviews now. I believe a new book is coming out or something. He was interviewed on another Blog Talk Radio programed. I recently listen to. While listen to the same old tired questions and answers. I thought to my self. How many "Times" has Travis been asked the same old questions. In fact while listening to the lady interview Travis. It seemed it could have been Angel, interviewing him. Same old questions, same old one line answers. The idea came to me to. Why don't I go up to Heber and Snowflake Arizona. To get some video. Dennis and Rick could run, while interviewing Travis. After all that seemed the least I could do. Seeing how I'm on there show regularly. I asked Dennis about it and he said great idea. So off too northern Arizona, to get some videos. Not only of Travis home town of Snowflake. The area he was abducted in.

Travis was abducted in the Turkey Springs area. Approximately 8 miles south of Heber. On the Black Canyon road. Wow did I get lucky. Not only did I find the Turkey Springs area. I found the gas station Travis was dropped off at, by the "Aliens". And a bonus was the phone booth Travis used to make the phone call for help. Part 1 and 2 of my Travis Walton video story. RD47blog

I saw a guy in front of a tire store. So I pulled in to see if he could give me some directions. And if he knew where. The building was, Travis was dropped off, by the "Aliens". Be damned if the place I stopped at, was the gas station. That Travis was supposedly dropped of at. (Remember the word Supposedly.) Not only was it the gas station. The very phone booth, Travis used to make the phone call from for help. Was still next to the tire store (gas station then). You can see it in my You Tube video. "One Martian Looking for Travis Walton's Aliens" The tire store owner claimed he was going to keep the phone booths there. And some day promote the fact it was the infamous, Travis Walton phone booth. I asked the owner if he knew Travis and if he believed his story. He said he knew Travis. All though he didn't believe the story.

Next I headed up to Snowflake. To get some video of the down town area. For my friends, Travis Walton interview. I'd remembered from my childhood, The down town streets of Snowflake. Sadly like most American towns today. Only a old church and house remained of down town. To be replaced by a little of this and a little of that crap. Which you can see from my videos. I did get a great interview. From a couple of local guys, who owned motorcycle repair shop. I also asked them if the knew Travis. One said only in passing. I also wanted to confirm that Travis was a Mormon. He told he was a Mormon and the Walton family still lived in the area. I already knew Travis was a Mormon. I worked with a first cousin of Travis, on the T-GEN laboratory in downtown Phoenix. Next question to the kid, 'do you believe Travis's story'. The reply, 'abductions take only the snap of a finger'. And 'no I don't believe Travis's story.' Travis was 0 for two, 0 for three with me. It seemed odd that folks from around the World. Including both Dennis and Rick, accepted his story so easily. And you could throw me in there until my questions to Travis. How come that the locals didn't buy into the story. What did they know, everyone else didn't know? Next week I'm going back up to Snowflake to look at a 100 year old church. That is to be turned into a library. Talk about knowing there is a "God". I knew nothing of this project. Until Tuesday of the following week. I went up to Snowflake. After inspection of the church conversion. I'm going to go to find locals and ask them if the buy into Travis story. I'll post the video as soon as I get back into town.

Here is a little history of Travis I found out. On 5 November 1975, 8 miles south of Heber. In the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forrest. Travis was clearing under growth, in a wooded area, know as Turkey Springs. Along with him was, Allen Davis, John Goulette, Dwayne Smith, Kenneth Peterson and Steve Pierce. As they started there journey home. A large round object showed up in the sky near them. As they drove closer they stopped the vehicle. Travis left the vehicle and approached the object. Later to be describes as a flying saucer. (One of my son's and me. Also saw a flying saucer shaped craft about 40 to 50 miles east of that location. Coming back from a trip to the Hopi reservation, to see my friends up their.) The object shot out a beam of light at Travis. The beam supposedly threw him back into a pile of cleared out under growth. His fellow workers panicked. And left Travis behind. Only to turn around and go looking for Travis. Who was no where to be found. They went back to Snowflake to tell the family what had happened to Travis. And you could say, the rest is history. Later the movie came out called, 'Fire in the Sky'.

A few weeks before the supposed Travis Walton abduction. The most famous of all abduction stories aired on TV. It was the Betty and Barney Hill story. Of a mix raced couple, being abducted. Also no marks were found on Travis's body by a doctor. After a examination just after he was dropped off. Why was Travis the only human on the "Alien" craft? Was it Travis was just unlucky, wrong place, wrong "Time"? Or did the supposed "Aliens" know, he would approach there craft. And they wanted him and him alone. To me there are more questions than answers to the Travis Walton story. One thing for sure. He still makes the round at the UFO conventions. Telling his same old story, year after year.

Travis Walton was arrested for breaking into Western Molding Office. Where he stole checks and forged names on them and cashed them. He failed a National Enquirer lie detector test. The National Enquire was willing to give Travis a six figure amount. For the exclusive rites to his story. If he passed the test. He didn't and they dropped the offer. What is the old line, 'Familiarity breeds contempt'. Maybe that explains why the locals don't buy into his story?

Maidu Tribe
A northern California tribe, lived near San Francisco. Known mainly for the beautiful baskets.

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Travis Walton uses both people's hope and paranoia in order to make a few dollars. Succubus