Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Some Native American Stuff"

Last Saturday I chased the Travis Walton abduction story around. The next day I headed up to Flagstaff. To record the gathering of the Navajo artist. This was one of three Native American group. To have a showing at the, 'Museum Of Northern Arizona', for the summer. As best as I could tell. The Hopi drew the largest crowd, followed by the Zuni. And oddly the Navajo drew the smallest crowds. With as many as there are, of Navajo living in the Flagstaff area. And the fact the Navajo reservation damn near boarders Flagstaff. You would of thought, they would have the largest gathering of visitors. You can go to To see the various artistes I recorded. One thing I learned from the Navajo artist. They seemed to be the ones who didn't want to be recorded. The musical acts had no problem. The other hand craft artist, was a different story. Also I noticed the Navajo artist living in New Mexico. Where by far the friendliest. I want to Thank A. Brent Chase, for giving me a chance. To record the Navajo version of there 'Emergence Story'. The story of how they ascended from inside the Earth. Too the surface of the Earth. And started there new live, out of the darkness.

Since the oil eruption in the Gulf of Mexico. I have notice the Hopi 9 prophecies. Popping up all over the Internet. Many comparisons to the Hopi "End of Time" prophecies. And what is happening in today's World. So I thought I would post them. So folks could get there own interpretation of what is about to happen. Here on 'Mother Earth'. (Hopi Shaman's words)

We are told of the coming of the white skinned men, like Pahana (Lost White brother, from across the sea). But not living like Pahana. Men who took the land not there's. And men who struck there enemies with Thunder.

Our land will see the coming of spinning wheels. Filled with voices (settlers wagons)

Strange beast like Buffalo, but with long horns. That will over run the land, in large numbers. (Cattle)

The land will be crossed with Snakes of iron. (Railroads)

The land shall be criss-crossed by a large Spider Webs. (power/telephone wires or Chem-Trails)

The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone. That will make pictures in the Sun. (paved roads)

You will hear of the Sea turning black. And many living things dying because of it. (Gulf of Mexico)

You will see many youths, who wear there hair long like my people (Hippie Movement). Come and join the Tribal Nations. To learn there ways and Wisdom.

#9 (last)
You will here of a dwelling place in the Heavens. Above the Earth, that will fall with a great crash. It will appear as a Blue Star (Blue Star Kachina, Norway Spiral). Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

Here they are, interpret them as you will. Like a navel button, everyone has one. So everyone is entitled to there own opinion. To me all have come to be. As so do many other Hopi I've meet believe so.

Here is some more of the Hopi and UFO connections I've found. I have only one problem with this story, Prescott Arizona. That is where Barry Goldwater and others. Used Hopi Kachina Dances, to attempt to draw in a UFO space craft. Other than that, this could be a real event.

On 7 August 1970 A UFO sighting was witnessed by dozens of people and photographed by Chuck Roberts of the Prescott Courier. This sighting occurred after a UFO calling, by Paul Solem and several Hopi. This sighting was interpreted by some Hopi. As being a partial fulfillment of a certain Hopi prophecy. Given by the Great Spirit "Maasaw". And inscribed on Second Mesa. Warning of the coming Purification Day. When the true Hopi, will be flown. To other Planets in a ship with no wings.

Some common links between the Hopi and the Sumerians.

The Hopi believe that man kind was created by a women, so do the Sumerians

The Hopi believe the Father Creator is KA. The Sumerians believe the Father Essence was KA.

The Hopi believe two brothers have guardianship over the Earth. The Sumerians believe two brothers have domain over the Earth.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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