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"Petroglyphs, a Time Machine?"

Now days I do mainly, commercial electrical estimating. My biggest bid to date, was 4 millions worth of electrical. That was for the Army Corp of Engineers. Who are building a new Boarder Patrol Head Quarters, in Ajo Arizona (didn't get that one). On a 4 million bid, I was $50,000 high. Now have hit about 2.5 million for the City of Phoenix. They claim there broke of course. In reality they have tons of assets. Apartments for low income housing, buildings and such. And up-grading them electrically, is what I hit. Now that folks I estimate for, have projects to do. I've got "Time" on my hands. Not one to be sitting on my hands. And I've gained a few pounds studying blue prints. I have decided to chase around the largest city park in the country. And that would be, Phoenix's South Mountain Park. And what am I chasing? That would be World history, in the form of Hohokam Petroglyphs.

What lead me to this endeavor, was a interview. A friend named Rick Osmand and Angel (never gives out his last name) I listened to on Blog Talk Radio. They where interviewing a guy from rite here in the Phoenix area. His name is Jeff Woolwine and his site is. Jeff has been on various sites and been interviewed. On local show and also Jamie Maussin a UFO researcher from Mexico. Jeff claims there is a connection between the "Aliens". And the Hohokam petroglyphs on South Mountain. Jeff is also know for his UFO photos taken from South Mountain. He's not the only one selling videos of Objects seen from South Mountain. You can also look up Jeff Willis. Here's where it get interesting. Jeff Woolwine claims he can prove via petroglyphs from South Mountain. And photos he has take off South Mountain. That a entity or UFO type Humanoid. Once patrolled the skies over the Phoenix area. And ate the Hohokam.

There are plenty of stories about the Giants. That roamed the surface of the Earth. And said Giants, that ate the inhabitants of the earth, aka Native Americans. This is the first story I've heard about. Of flying humanoids, that ate the Native Americans. Jeff's connection is from a video of a UFO, he had taken. (You can see on his site.) And a petroglyph of the same object, on South Mountain. Jeff some how connects the two items. Then in his mind decides. That his UFO photo was a Hohokam eating fool. Intrigued by this claim from Jeff Woolwine. I though I'd set off to find Jeff Woolwine. And do a video interview, for my You Tube channel. (RD47blog)

Got a hold of my friend Rick Osman and got Jeff's e-mail address. Sent Jeff an e-mail about who I was. And why I wanted to write about him. At the same "Time", get a video interview. Seeing how Jeff appeared to be a good self promoter. I just knew it wouldn't take long for him to respond. After all we had a friend in common Rick Osman. Well I'm still waiting for that call from Jeff.

Didn't take long before realized. I wasn't going to get a response from Jeff. OOVOO Rick asked for Jeff's phone number, Rick didn't have one. He said there communication was via e-mail. Asked Rick of he thought Jeff was a flake, answer was yes. Next call was to the South Mountain Parks Rangers office. I wanted to know if the knew about Jeff Woolwine. And just where was this massive rock called Skull Rock. (It was the name he used on his site.) Where the connection was between Hohokam eating Humanoids. Park Rangers answer was predicated by laughter. He said he knew of Jeff. And no there is no rock formation by the name of Skull Rock. The Ranger said that Jeff must have made that up. I told the Ranger what I was looking for. Park Ranger said someone would call me later. Who knew more about the petroglyphs in the park.

Day 1
I can't say enough good things about the South Mountain Park Rangers. They were very helpful in my endeavor. To find the Humanoid that ate Hohokam, petroglyphs (lol). First day I searched the are around 48th street entrance. In a area know as Pima Wash and where the Mormon loop and National trail connected. I found one good petroglyph. And realized I was unprepared and out of shape. Years ago 106 degrees, no water and a 5 or 6 mile walk in the mountain terrain. Would be no problem at all. Those days are long gone.

Day 2
Did a little research about were I wanted to go look for petroglyphs. Decided I'd go to the main gate of South Mountain Park. Look for said Ranger Office, then ask more questions. No luck, there is no office with Park Rangers in it. So I took the only road to the top of South Mountain. Great views from up there. You can see the entire Valley of the Sun. From Apache Junction, north to Carefree and west to Wendon area. Thinking I'd be smarter this "Time". I got my 50 power binoculars out and scanned the rock out cropping for petroglyphs. That's when I realized, the Hohokam just didn't run out. And put there petroglyphs just on ant rock out-cropping. There was a method to the Rock Art. I drove to another location near the top of the mountain. I found a trail that had large rock out-cropping on it. The only petroglyphs I found were from Roberto. How did I know they were from Roberto? The bastard used a white can of spray paint to. Paint his name along the trail on rocks. The Park Rangers do a good job of painting over the bastards paint. Who deface the stones in the park. With colors that match the stone.

Day 3
Called the Ranger station in the morning to see if I could get more help. Finding and video recording petroglyphs for my You Tube channel. Left a message and hoped for the best. Will call him Ranger Rick, who returned my call. Talked to Rick about the fact that appears that there is nothing random about the location of the petroglyphs. And it seemed to me, they were around the base of South Mountain. And in or near trails and washes. Ranger Rick said that was true for the most part. Ranger Rick told me a guy named Todd Bostwick. Wrote a picture book showing, many of the petroglyphs on South Mountain. He didn't although, show how to find them. Ranger Rick said he has photos of petroglyphs they have never found. Any way back to the Petroglyphs of Humanoid eating Hohokkams. Ranger rick told me how to find some great Petroglyphs in the area from day 1. And as he said, I found them. I want to thank Ranger Rick for all the help. This is not the end of my search into the area of South Mountain Park. Still haven't found the rock formation in Jeff Woolwines site. And ranger rick tells me ther are plenty of petroglyphs to be found. And I might even get lucking and find one not yet recorded. here are the links to my three days of chasing. 'The Humanoid who eats Hohokams'

Maliseet Tribe
This tribe was located in the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine area. There numbers are greatly reduced now and live mainly in the New Brunswick, Quebec area of Canada

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