Saturday, September 11, 2010

"The Death of Arrogance, Seven Macaw" pt.1

Today, on the anniversary of 911. We learn of the death of Seven Macaw. And the trickery used to do him in by the Twins, Hunahpa and Xbalanque. If only some how, death would come to those. That brought America to it's collective knees. By the Karma of there deeds, like Seven Macaw. The World can only hope for. For everything mankind has been taught. 'Those that live by the sword, shall die by the sword'. The Twins were Seven Macaw's Karma. Who or what, shall bring Karma? To those behind 911. Yin Yang

'Revenge is mine said the Lord.' According to Bible scriptures. Well the Twins must represent the Lord's revenge, in the Popol Vuh. For Seven Macaw is brought to his knees, because of self magnification. A lesson everyone will learn. We they also put themselves before others.

And here is the shooting of Seven Macaw by the Boys. We shall explain the defeat of each one of those who engage in self-magnification.

This is the great tree of Seven Macaw, a nance (tropical fruit tree), and this is the food of Seven Macaw.In order to eat the fruit of the nance, he goes up the tree every day. Since Hunahpa and Xbalanque have seen where he feeds, they are now hiding beneath the tree of Seven Macaw, they are keeping quiet here, the two boys are in the leaves of the tree.

And when Seven Macaw arrived, perching over his meal, the nance, it was then that he was shot by Hunahpu. The blow gun shot went rite to his jaw, breaking his mouth, Then he went up over the tree and fell flat on the ground. (Like when a bird is first shot. And instinctively will try to fly upwards to escape.) Suddenly Hunahpa appeared, running . He set out to grab him, but actually that was the arm of Hunahpu that was seized by Seven Macaw. He yanked it straight back, he bent it back at the shoulder. Then Seven Macaw tore it rite out of Hunahpa. Even so, the boys did well: the first round was not there defeat by Seven Macaw.

And when Seven Macaw had taken the arm of Hunahpa, he went home. Holding his jaw very carefully, he arrived:

'What have you got there?' said Chimalmat, the wife of Seven Macaw.

'What is it but those two tricksters! They've shot me , they've dislocated my jaw. All my teeth are just loose, now they ache. But once what I've got is over the fire-hanging there, dangling over the fire-then they can just come get it. There real tricksters!' said Seven Macaw, then pulling he hung up the arm of Hunahpa.

Meanwhile Hunahpa and Xbalanque were thinking. And then they invoked a grandfather, a truly white haired grandfather, and a grandmother, a truly humble grandmother-just bent over, elderly people (healers of, teeth, eyes, bones). Great White Peccary (wild Boar), is the name of the grandfather, and Great White Coati (raccoon) is the name of the grandmother. The boys said to the grandmother and grandfather:

'Please travel with us when we go to get our arm from Seven Macaw; we'll jusrt follow rite behind you. You'll tell him:'

'Do forgive us our grandchildren, who travel with us. There mother and father are dead, and so they follow along there, behind us. Perhaps we should give then away, since all we do is pull worms out of teeth.' So we shall seem like children to Seven Macaw, even though we are giving you instructions' the two boys told them.
'Very well' they replied.
After that they approached the place where Seven Macaw was in front of his home. When grandmother and grandfather passed by, the two boys were romping behind them. When they passed below the lord's house, Seven Macaw saw the grandfather and grandmother traveling with them. part 1 ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

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