Saturday, September 11, 2010

"The Death of Arrogance, Seven Macaw" pt.2

'Where are you headed, our grandfather?', said the Lord.

'Were just making our living , your Lordship', they replied.

'Why are you working for a living? Aren't those your children traveling with you?'

'No they're not your Lordship. They're our grandchildren, our descendants, but it is nevertheless we who take pity on them. The bit of food they get is the portion we give them, your Lordship;' replied the grandfather and grandmother. Since the lord is getting done in by the pain in his teeth, it is only with great effort that he speaks again:

"I implore you, please take pity on me! What sweets can you make, what poisons can you cure?' said the Lord.

'We just pull worms out of the teeth (Meso American worm that lodges in the mouth.) and we can cure eyes. We just set bones, your Lordship', they replied.

'Very well cure my teeth. They really ache, every day. It's insufferable! I get no sleep because of them-and my eyes. They just shot me, those two tricksters! Ever since it started I haven't eaten because of it. Therefore take pity on me! Perhaps it's because my teeth are loose now?'

'Very well your Lordship. It's a worm gnawing at the bone. It's merely a matter of putting in a replacement and taking the teeth out sir.'

'But perhaps it's not good for my teeth to come out-since I am, after all, a Lord. My finery is in my teeth-and my eyes.'

'But then we'll put in a replacement. Ground bone well be put back in.' And this is the, 'ground bone'; it's only white corn.

'Very well, yank them out! Give me some help here!' he replied.

And when the teeth of Seven macaw came out, it was only white corn that went in as replacement for his teeth-just a coating shining white, that corn in his mouth. His face fell at once, he no longer looked like a Lord. The last of his teeth came out, the jewels that had stood out blue from his mouth.

And when the eyes of Seven Macaw were cured, he was plucked around the eyes, the last of his metal came off. Still he felt no pain; he just looked on while the last of his greatness left him. It was just as Hunahpu and Xbalanque had intended.

And when Seven Macaw died, Hunahpu got his arm back. And Chimalmat, the wife of Seven Macaw, also died.

Such was the loss of the riches of Seven Macaw: only the doctors (Great White Peccary, Great White Coati) got the jewels and gems that had made him arrogant, here on the face of the Earth. The genius of the grandmother, the genius of the grandfather did it's work when they took back there arm: it was implanted and the break got well again. Just as they had wished the death of Seven Macaw, so they brought about. They had seen evil in his self-magnification.

After this the two boys went on again. What they did was simply the words (work) of the Heart of Sky. (The Twin Boys did the work of "Gods", Hurricane, New Born Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderbolt, the Threesome.)

Next the Twin Boys enter the lives Seven Macaw sons, starting with Zipacna.

Mojave Tribe
Are from here in Arizona near Yuma, on the Colorado River. The Mojave were planters and fishermen. Until the Spaniards tried to force there ways upon them. Then they became know for there fiercely resistance.

"God" bless bye

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