Sunday, September 12, 2010

"The Death of Zipacna" pt. 2

"What if he has gone on with his deeds, his work?' He would've made himself the first among us and taken our place-we, the Four Hundred Boys!' they said. Now they enjoyed themselves:

'On to the making of sweet drink! Three days will pass, and after three days let's drink to dedicate our hut-we, the Four Hundred boys!' they said. 'And to marrow we'll see, and on the day after to marrow we'll see weather or not ants come from the ground where he's stinking and rotting. After that our hearts will be content when we drink our sweet drink,' they said. But Zipacna was listening from the hole when the boys specified, 'the day after to marrow'.

And on the second day, when the ants collected, they were running, swarming. Having taken there pickings under the log, they were everywhere, carrying hair in there mouths and carrying the nails of Zipacna. When the boys say this:

"He's finnished, that trickster! look here how the ants have stripped him, how they have swarmed. Everywhere they carry hair in there mouths. It's his nails you can see. We've done it!' they said among themselves.

But Zipacna is still alive. He just cut his hair off his head and chews off his nails to give them to the ants.

And so the Four Hundred Boys thought he had died.

After that, there sweet drink was ready on the third day, and then all the boys got drunk, and once they were drunk, all four hundred of those boys, they weren't feeling a thing.

After that the hut was brought down on top of them by Zipacna. All of them were completely flattened. Not even one or two were saved from among all the Four Hundred Boys. They were killed by Zipacna, the son of Seven Macaw.

Such was the death of those Four Hundred Boys. And it used to be said that they entered a constellation, named Hundrath (Pleiades) after them, though perhaps this is just a play on words.

And this is where we shall explain the defeat of Zipacna by the two boys, Hunahpa and Xbalanque. (It weighed heavily on the Twins. The Death of Four Hundred Boys by Zipacna.) Next week comes the revenge of Four Hundred Boys.

The Constellation of Pleiades was formed by the death of Four Hundred Boys. And Seven Macaw was a Star in the Big Dipper. Hunahpa represents Venus. Xbalanque represents the underworld Sun and full Moon. The Popl Vuh is in may ways. Are events that happen in the Skies yearly. And events in the Underworld. I'm just trying to show how the Popol Vuh can be read to show. How events of Mankind, in so called modern "Times". Are the same events that keep recurring, through out history.

Never meant two parts, but my computer did, funny, life, reality.

Multnomah Tribe
Have been assimilated into the White race. They once occupied Oregon.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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