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"Death of Zipacna"

Before I get into the story of the death of Zipacna by the Twins Hunaphu and Xbalanque. Now not wanting to miss a chance. To take a shot at both the Jewish Religion and the Mormon Religion (cults). I found this story in my propaganda news paper, Arizona Republic. A known fact is, the Mormons like to get Baptized, for the dead (naw there not a Cult). In doing so they hope, I guess, I don't know for sure. There will be more Mormons waiting on the other side, when a Mormon dies, I guess. Well it seems that the Jewish faith believes. There just might be a chance, this might happen. (Aren't organized religions funny?) So, just so I get this straight. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued this statement. It has changed it's genealogical database (list of dead folks). Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps. From being submitted for posthumous (dead) baptism by proxy (someone else being baptised, in your name).

Jews have been offended by the idea that Mormons have tried to alter the religion of Holocaust victims. (You can't make this stuff up, just to bazaar.) Under the new policies, members will be required to certify names submitted to the church database for baptism. Now just who do they submit these names to? There you have it. One religion believes they are "God's" chosen people. Another Johnny come lately religion saying. All other religions are superseded by there new Messiah. This is dumb argues with dumber. Now to the Popol Vuh, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than these two cults.

Now this is the defeat and death of Zipacna. When he was beaten by the two boys, Hunahpa and Xbalanque.

What now weighted heavily on the hearts of the two boys was that the Four Hundred Boys had been killed by Zipacna.

It's mere fish and crabs that Zipacna looks for in the waters, but he's eating every day, going around looking for his food by day and lifting up mountains (volcanoes) by night.

Next comes the counterfeiting of a great crab by Hunahpu and Xabalanque.

And they used bromeliad flowers, (flower that grows in trees, that look like claws, ie. crab claws) picked from the bromeliads of the forest. These became the forearm of the crab, and where they opened were the claws. They used a flagstone (flat stone, made from sedimentary sand) for the back of the crab, which clattered.

After that they put the shell beneath an overhang, at the foot of a great mountain. Meauan is the name of the mountain where the defeat took place.

After that when the boys came along, they found Zipacna by the water:

'Where are you going boys?' Zipacna was asked.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm just looking for food boys,' Zipacna replied.

'What's you food?'

'Just fish and crabs, but there aren't any I can find. It's been two days since I stopped getting meals. By now I can't stand the hunger,' Zipacna told Hunahpa and Xbalanque.

'There is that crab down in the canyon. A really big crab! Perhaps you might manage to eat her. We were just bitten. We wanted to catch her, but we got scared by her. If she hasn't gone away you could catch her,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'Take pity on me , please come point her out boys,' said Zipacna.

'We don't want to, but you go ahead. You can't miss here. Just follow the river, and you go straight on over there below a great mountain. She's clattering there at the bottom of the canyon. Just head on over there,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'But won't you please take pity on me? What if she can't be found, boys? If you come along I'll show you a place where there are plenty of birds. Please come shot them, I know where they are,' Zipacna replied. They consented. He went ahead of the boys.

'What if you can't catch the crab? Just as we had to turn back, so will you. Not only didn't we eat her, but all at once she was biting us. We were entering face down, but when she got scared we were entering on our back. We just barely missed reaching here then, so you better enter on your back,' he was told. (this also has sexual connotations)

'Very well,' Zipacna replied, and then he went on. Now Zipacna had company as he went. They arrived at the bottom of the canyon.

The crab was on her side, her shell gleaming red there (Some Meso-American crabs have red shells, before cooking.). In under the canyon wall is there contrivance (plan).

'Very good,' Zipacna is happy now. He wishes she were already in his mouth, so she could really cure his hunger. He wanted to eat her, he just wanted it face down, he wanted to enter, but since the crab got on top of him with her back down, he came back out.

'You didn't reach her?" he was asked.

'No indeed-she was just getting on top with her back down. I just barely missed her on the first try, so perhaps I'd better enter on my back,' he replied.

After that he entered again on his back. He entered all the way-only his knee caps were showing now! He gave a last sigh and was calm. The great mountain rested on his chest. He couldn't turn over now, and so Zipacna turned to stone.

Such, in it's turn, was the defeat of Zipacna by the two boys, Hunaphu and Xbalanque. He was 'the maker of mountains,' as his previous pronouncements had it, the first son of Seven Macaw. He was defeated beneath the great mountain call Meauan, defeated by genius alone. He was the second to magnify himself and now we shall speak what is spoken of another.

The third to magnify himself was Seven Macaw second son called Earthquake. Next we shall learn of his fate.

You can see the Popol Vuh is showing you. That you do have great powers. As long as you remain humble in your deeds. Cross that line of humility and your powers are removed. In my blogs I've always tried to state. That Humble is a most important virtue. For with out your "Creator" you are nothing. You don't even exist. Seven Macaw and his son's had great powers. They forgot who gave those powers to them. And in the end, there powers were removed with death. A powerful lesson to be learned from the Popol Vuh.

Navajo Tribe
The Dineh, 'the people' they called themselves. They terrorized the other tribes of the southwest. There reservation is located in the four corners area. Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado It is the largest reservation in the nation and has the most tribal members. They are known for there own Death March. The Spaniards taught them jewelry and weaving of rugs. Which they are known World wide for. One of my sons is married to a Navajo girl.

"God" bless bye

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