Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Earthquake, I am the Breaker of Mountains"

Here again today we'll learn the all importance of being Humble. Doesn't always seem the moment you brag about something. It is taken away from you. Just one more sign of, why "God" exist. 'Why is it every "Time" I have a few extra bucks. Something comes along and takes that money away from me,' a friend once asked me. I told him it was because, "God" gave it to you in the first place. And he knew you would need it for that occasion. I've often wondered how far ahead? Are situations in your life planned out. By those of above. For every Yin, there is a Yang. Like electricity has a positive and a negative pole. The World has a North and a South Pole, etc.. Now you'll see how this plays out in Seven Macaw's second son's life. Earthquake his is name. And he also boast of his powers. Now he doesn't boast any more. For his boasting cost him his powers and life.

And the third to magnify himself is the second son of Seven Macaw, named Earthquake.

'I am the breakers of mountains,' he said. But even so, Hunahpu and Xbalanque defeated Earthquake. Then Hurricane spoke, Newborn Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderbolt (the one or ones who give instructions to the Twins.); he spoke to Hunahpu and Xbalanque;

'The second son of Seven Macaw is another one, another who should be defeated. This is my word, because what they do on the face of the Earth is no good. They are surpassing the Sun in size, in weight, and it should not be that way. Lure this Earthquake into sitting down over there in the east,' Hurricane told the two boys.'

'Very well your Lordship. There is more to be done. What we see is no good. Isn't a question of your position and your eminence (powers), sir, Heart of Sky?' (aka Hurricane) the two boys said when they responded to the word of Hurricane.

Meanwhile he presses on, this Earthquake, breaker of mountains. Just by lightly tapping his foot on the ground he instantly demolishes the mountains, great and small. When he meet up with the two boys.

'Where are you going, boy?' they asked Earthquake?

'I'm not going anywhere. I just scatter the mountains, and I'm the one who breaks them, in the course of the days, in the course of the light,' (For all "Time", as long as there are days.) he said when he answered. Then the Earthquake asked Hunahpu and Xbalanque:

'Where did you come from? I don't know your faces. What are your names?' said Earthquake.

'We have no names. We just hunt and trap in the mountains. We're just orphans, we have nothing to call our own, boy. We're just making our way among the mountains, small and great, boy. And there's one great mountain we saw that's growing right along. It's rising really high! It's just swelling up, rising above all the other mountains (volcano creating a mountain). And there weren't even one or two birds to be found, boy. So how could it be that you destroy all mountains, boy?' Hunahpu and Xbalanque said to Earthquake.

'It can't be true you saw the mountain your talking about. Where is it? You'll see me knock it down yet. Where did you see it?'

'Well over there in the east', said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'Good lead the way,' the two boys were told.

'Not so, you take the middle. Stay here between us-one of us at your left and the other at your right hand-because of our blowguns. If there are birds, we'll shoot,' they said. They like practising there shooting.

And this is the way they shoot: the shot of there blowgun isn't made of Earth (from the Earth) they just blow at the birds when they shoot, (pucker there mouths and blow) to the amazement of Earthquake.

And the boys made fire with a drill (stick and string) and roasted the birds over the fire. And they coated one of the birds with plaster, they put gypsum (drywall material) on it.

'So this is the one we'll give him when he's hungry, and when he savors the aroma of our birds. That will be victory, since we've covered his bird with baked Earth. In the Earth we must cook it, and in Earth must be his grave-if the great knower ("God"), the one to be made and modeled, is to have a sowing and dawning,' (The Twins are preparing the Earth for mankind) said the boys.

'Because of this, the human heart will desire a bite of meat, a meal of flesh (temptation), just as the heart of the Earthquake will desire it,' Hunahpu and Xbalanque said to each other. Then they roasted the birds and cooked them until they were brown, dripping with fat that oozed from the backs of the birds, with an overwhelmingly fragrant aroma.

And this Earthquake wants to be fed, his mouth just waters, he gulps and slurps with spittle (spit) and saliva because of the fragrance of the birds. So then he asked:

'What are you eating?' I smell a truly delicious aroma! Please give me a little bit,' he said. And when they gave the bird to Earthquake, he was as good as defeated.

After he had finished off the bird, they went on until they arrived in the east, where the great mountain was. (The mountain that was growing, Earthquake knew nothing of.)

Meanwhile, Earthquake had lost the strength in his legs and arms. He couldn't go on because of the earth that coated the bird he'd eaten. So now there was nothing he could do to the mountain. He never recovered; he was destroyed. So then he was bound by the two boys; his hands were bound behind him. When his hands had been secured by the boys, his ankles were bound to his wrist.

After that they threw him down, they buried him in the Earth.

Such is the defeat of Earthquake. It's Hunaphu and Xbalanque yet again There deeds on the face of the Earth are countless.

And now we shall explain the birth of Hunahpu and Xbalanque, having first explained the defeat of Seven Macaw, along with Zipacna and Earthquake, here on the face of the Earth.

This was the end of Part 2. This told of how the Earth was being prepared for the coming of mankind's arrival again. The first two attempts at mankind were in Part 1. They were Mud Man and Wooden Man. Who were destroyed by Seven Macaw he believed. As you can see the Earth was still in stages of being pacified. There were volcanoes erupting all over. And earthquake were still rumbling around the Earth's surface. All of those things had to be first dealt with. Before the arrival of modern mankind.

The Popol Vuh used Hunahpu and Xbalanque. To rid the Earth of Seven Macaw, Zipacna and Earthquake. The Popol Vuh uses characters to tell a complicated story simply. So that the Creation Story can be passed along from generations to generation. Were as the Christian Bible keeps stumbling all over it's self. Nothing to argue about in the Popol Vuh. Where as the Bible has created over 11,000 different types of Christianity. Next we'll venture into the unknown and learn together. Hope you enjoy what I'm trying to portray in my words.

Nez Perce Tribe
French for pieced nose because they put a dentalium shell through there noses. They occupied the Oregon, Idaho and Washington areas. Today they have a 88,000 acre reservation at Lapwai, Idaho.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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