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"Popol Vuh, Underworld and Lords of Everything"

Today we'll make Native American connection to the Mayan Underworld. Most Native American Tribe have there own Emergence Story (From inside the Earth.). As I have written about many "Times". And I have also recorded two live (Zuni, Navajo) on my You Tube channel (RD47blog). And we will learn of the Lords of Everything. Also I will be on my friend Jamie Havican Internet program call Florida UFO Radio. On the 5th of October 9:00 EST Where I talk about the Hopi and Mayan connection. Jamie has one of the highest rated Internet show. So join us live and you can even call in.

And now we shall name the name of the father of Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Let's drink cocao, (not cocoa) to him, and let's just drink to the telling and accounting of the begetting of Hunahpa and Xbalanque. (The authors of the Popol Vuh, are Master's of Ceremonies. The Hopi also have names for Masters of Ceremonies) We shall tell just half of it, just a part of the account of there father. Here follows the account.

These are the names: One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu, as they are called (father of Hunahpu and Xbalanque).

And these are there parents: Xpiyacoc, Xmucane (One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu parents). In the blackness, in the night, One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu were born to Xpiyacoc and Xmucane (Divine grandparent, older than all the other "Gods".)

And this One Hunahpu had two children, and the two were sons, the first born named One Monkey and the second One Artisan.

And this is the name of there mother: she is called Egret Woman (snowy Egret bird), the wife of One Hunahpu. As for Seven Hunahpu (Mayan Duality, of everything, Yin Yang), he has no wife. He's just a partner and just secondary; he just remains a boy.

They are great thinkers and great in there knowledge (Xpiyacoc and Xmucane). They are the midmost seers (predicts the future), here on the face of the Earth. There is only good in there being and there birthright. They taught skills to One Monkey and One Artisan, the sons of One Hunahpu. One Monkey and One Artisan became flautist, singers, and writer; carvers, jadeworkers, metalworkers as well.

And as for One and Seven Hunahpu, all they did was throw dice and play ball, every day. They would play each other in pairs, the four of them together (only two off them, but in pairs, duality again). When they gathered in the ball court for entertainment a falcon (Laughing falcon, flies from one point to another directly, rather than gliding in circles, spy.) would come to watch them, the messenger of Hurricane, Newborn Thunderbolt, Suden Thunderblot (Creator). And for this falcon it wasn't far to the Earth here, nor was it far to Xibalba (Fearful World beneth the face of the Earth (Hell). Ruled by One Death, Seven Death, and other Lords, Hopi etc., Hollow Earth); he could get back to the sky, to Hurricane, in a instant.

The four ballplayers remained here on the face of the Earth after the mother of One Monkey and One Artisan had died. Since it was on the road to Xibalba (path or road to death) that they played, they were heard by One Death and Seven death, the Lords of Xibalba:

'What's happening on the face of the Earth? They're just stomping and shouting. They should be summoned to come play ball here. We'll defeat them, since we simply get no deference (respect) from them. They show no respect, nor do they have any shame. They're really determined to run right over us (above them on the surface of the earth)!' said all of Xibalba, when they all shared there thoughts, the ones named One and Seven Death. They are great lawgivers.

And these are the Lords over everything, each Lord with a commission and a domain (interest, job) assigned by One and Seven Death.

There are the Lords named Scab Stripper and Blood Gather. And this is there commission: to draw blood from people.

Next are the Lordships of Demon of Pus (sores in the lymphatic system) and Demon of Jaundice (hepatitis, yellow fever). And this is there domain: to make people swell up, to make pus come out of there legs, to make there faces yellow, to cause jaundice, as it is called. Such is the domain of Demon of Pus and Demon of Jaundice.

Next are the Lords of Bone Scepter and Skull Scepter (skeleton, bones), the staff bearers of Xibalba (aka, Skull and Cross Bones, Pirates flag, Bushes); there staffs are just bones. And this is there staff-bearing (NWO): to reduce people to bones, right down to the bones and skulls, until they die from emaciation (thin) and edema (swelling). This is the commission of the ones cause Bone Scepter and Skull Scepter.

Next are the Demons of Filth and Demon of Woe. This is there commission: just to give people sudden fright whenever they have filth or grime in the doorway of the house, the patio of the house (living life straight-up, with-out lies and deceit). Then they are struck, they're just punchured till they crawl on the ground, then die. And this is the domain of Demon of Filth and Demon of woe, as they are called.

Next are the lords named Wing and Packstrape. This is there domain: that people should die in the road, just 'sudden death', as it is called. Blood comes to the mouth, then there is death from vomiting blood.So to each of them his burden, the load on his shoulders: just to strike people on the neck or chest. Then there is death in the road, and then they just go on causing suffering, weather one is coming or going. And this is the domain of Wing and Packstrape.

Such are those who shared there thoughts when they are piqued (feel resentment) and driven by One and Seven Hunahpu. What Xibalba desired desired was gaming equipment of One and Seven Hunahpu: there kilts, there yokes, there arm guards, there panaches (crown of feathers) and headbands, the costumes of One and Seven Hunahpu.

And this is where we shall continue telling of there trip to Xibalba. One Monkey and One Artisan, the sons of One Hunahpu, stayed behind. There mother died-and, what is more, they were to be defeated by Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

To marrow the Ball game the Mayans are most noted for. There are many ideas what the game represented. Maybe to marrow the "Gods' willing. They will whisper that answer in my ear while I'm writing.

"God" bless bye

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