Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Road to Xibalba (Death)"

Now we come the infamous Mayan Ball Court. And the use of a rubber ball. The Mayans had rubber long before anyone else in the World, even knew of it. South America (Amazon Rain Forest) had natural stands of Rubber Trees (Ficus Elastica). Just who taught the Mayans how to process this tree sap, into a rubber ball? Maybe some light will be show on this. Just who are the Ones, who turned the Quiche. Into such a knowing and intellectual tribe. The answer who, obviously would be the "Gods" from above. But just who are these "Gods" and where did they come from?

And now for the messengers of One and Seven Death:

'You're going, you Military Keepers of the Mat (Four Owls who served as messengers for the Lords of Xibalba), To summon One and Seven Hunahpu. You'll tell them, when you arrive:

'They must come,' the Lords say to you. 'Would that they might come to play ball with us here (in Hell). Then we could have some excitement with them. We are truly amazed at them. Therefore they should come,' say the Lords, 'and they should bring there playthings, there yokes and arm guards should come along, along with there rubber ball,' say the Lords,' you will stay when you arrive,' the messengers were told.

And these messengers of theses are Owls: Shooting Owl, One Legged Owl, Macaw Owl, Skull Owl, as the messengers of Xibalba are called.

There is Shoot Owl, like a point, just piercing.
And there is One Legged Owl, with just one leg; he has wings.
And there is Macaw Owl, with a red back; he has wings
And there is also Skull Owl, with only a head alone, he has no legs, but he does have wings.

There are the four messengers, Military Keepers of the Mat in rank. (i.e. top to bottom)

And when the come out of Xibalba they arrive quickly, alighting above the ball court where One and Seven Hunahpu were playing, at the ball court called Great Hollow with Fish in the Ashes (Great name for a rock band.). The Owls, arriving in a flurry over the ball court, now repeat there words, reciting the exact words of One Death and Seven Death, Demon of Pus, Demon of Jaundice, Bone Scepter, Scab Stripper, Blood Gather, Demon of Filth, Demon of woe, Wing, Packstrap, as all the Lords are named. There words were repeated by the Owls.

'Don't the Lords One and Seven Death speak truly?'

'Truly indeed,' the Owls replied. 'We'll accompany you.

'They are to bring all there gaming equipment,' says the Lords.

'Very well, but wait for us while we notify our mother,' they replied. And when they went to there house, they spoke to there mother; there father had died:
'We're going, our dear mother, even though we just arrived. The messenger of the Lord have come to get us:
'They should come,' he says, they say, giving us orders. We'll leave our rubber ball behind here,' they said, then they went to tie it up under the roof of the house. 'Until we return, then we'll put it in play again.'
They told One Monkey and One Artisan"

'As for you, just play and sing, write and carve to warm our house and to warm the heart of your grandmother.' When they had been given there instructions, there grandmother Xmucane sobbed, she had to weep.
'We're going, we're not dying. Don't be sad,' said One and Seven Hunahpu, then they left.

After that One and Seven Hunahpu left, guided down the road by the messengers.

And then the descended the road to Xibalba, going down over the edge of a steep slope, and they descended until they came to the mouth where the canyon changed, the ones named Rustling Canyon, Gurgling Canyon. They passed through there, then the passed through Scorpion Rapids. They passed through countless scorpions but they were not stung (traveling to the inner Earth).
And then they came to water again, to blood: Blood River. They crossed but did not drink. They came to a river, but a river filled with pus. Still they were not defeated, but passed through again.
And then they came to the Crossroads (intersection of the Universe, four way intersection that link the Universe together), but here they were defeated, at the Crossroads:
Red Road (East) was one and Black Road (West) another
White Road (North) was one and Yellow Road (South) another
(The Hopi also used these four colors to describe. The four different colors of corn (maize). The four different colors of mankind, or races.)
There were four Roads, and the Black Road (sunset, death) spoke:
'I am the road you are taking. I am the Lords road,' said the road. And they (one and Seven Hunahpu) were defeated there: this was the Road of Xibalba.

And then they came to a council place of the Lords of Xibalba, and they were defeated again there. The ones seated first there are just manikins, just wood carvings dressed up by Xibalba. And they greeted the first ones. (first humans)

'Morning, One Death,' they said to the manikin. 'Morning, Seven Death,' they said to the woodcarving in turn.

So they did not win out, and the Lords of Xibalba shouted out with laughter over this. All the Lords just shouted with laughter because they had triumphed; in there hearts they had beaten One and Seven Hunahpu. They laughed on until One and Seven Death spoke:

'It's good that you've come. To marrow you must put your yokes and arm guards into action,' they were told.

'Sit here on our bench,' they were told, but the only bench they were offered was a burning-hot rock.
So now they were burned on the bench; they really jumped around on the bench now, but they got no relief. They really got up fast, having burned there butts. At this the Xibalbans laughed again, they began to shriek with laughter, the laughter rose up like a serpent in there very cores, all the Lords of Xibalba laughed themselves down to there blood and bones.
'Just go in the house. Your torch and cigars will be brought to your sleeping quarters,' the boys were told.
After that they came to the Dark House (A Xibalban test.), a house with darkness alone inside. Meanwhile the Xibalbans shared there thoughts.
'Let's just sacifice them to marrow. It can turn out to be quick; They'll die quickly because our play equipment, our gaming things,' the Xibalbans are saying amoung themselves.
This ball of there's is just a spherical knife. White Dagger (A sacrificial knife, in the game ball.) is the name of the ball, the ball of Xibalba. There ball is just ground down to make it smooth; the ball of Xibalba is just surface with crushed bone to make it firm.

Next One and Seven Hunahpu face there test from the Xibalbans.

Ojibway Tribe
The Whites named them the Chippewa. They aligned themselves with the French and Traded Furs for guns. There culture hero was a Great Rabbit called 'Manabozho'. The mainly reside in Minnesota now.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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