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"Death of One and Seven Hunahpu, Forbidden Fruit"

It has been written that Quiche' Mayans. When first confronted with the arrival of Cortez and the Catholic. Realized they had a lot in common with the basic Catholic belief system. Catholics had the Cross. The Mayans had the Tree of Life. They both believed in one all powering "God". And both there "Gods" lived in the Sky. And many other common bonds. What they didn't know. Was that along about the same "Time" in the history of Planet Earth. No matter where on Earth. Citizens of the Earth, started getting a up-grade spiritual. The Hopi believe that mankind had to go through the other Three World. To arrive at where mankind is today. The Mayans say that both Mud Man and Wooden Man. Came before the current humans. History tell us that there were Neanderthals and a generation before that that roamed the Earth. Today we will see that the Mayan also had the Forbidden Fruit story. That show up in the Christian Bible. And I bet if you did enough research. You would find the same story. Would show up, most other religious cultures. Like in the story in the Bible. Eve was forbidden to eat the fruit (Apple). In the Popol Vuh, Blood Moon became pregnant from the Forbidden Fruit. Is this all a coincidence, I think not.

Now we shall learn of how the Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque came about.

And One and Seven Hunahpu went inside the Dark House.
And then there torch (resinous pine wood, pitch pine) was brought, only one torch, already lit, sent by One and Seven Death, along with a cigar for each of them, also already lit, sent by the Lords. When this were brought to to One and seven Hunahpu they were cowering, here in the dark. When the bearer of there torch and cigar arrived, the torch was bright as it entered; there torch and cigars were both burning. The bearer spoke:
'They must be sure to return them in the morning-not finished, but just as they look now. They must return them intact, the Lords say to you,' they were told and they were defeated. They finished the torch and they finished the cigars that had been brought to them.
And Xibalba is packed with test, heaps and piles of test.
This is the first one: the Dark House, with darkness alone inside.
The second is named Rattling House, heavy with cold inside, whistling with drafts, clattering with hail. A deep chill comes inside here.
The third is named Jaguar House, with Jaguars alone inside, jostling one another, crowding together, with gashing teeth. They're scratching around; These Jaguars are shut inside the house.
Bat House is the name of the fourth test, with bats alone inside the house, squeaking, shrieking, darting through the house. The bats are shut inside, they can't get out.
And the fifth is named Razor House, with blades alone inside. The blades are moving back and forth, ripping, slashing, through the house.
These are the first test of Xibalba, but One and Seven Hunahpu never entered into them, except for the one named earlier (Dark House), the specific test house. (The Twins will pass through all the Houses. For there test.)
And when One and Seven Hunahpu went back before One and Seven Death, they were asked.
'Where are my cigars? What of my torch? They brought to you last night!'
'We finished them, your lordship.'
'Very well. This very day, your day is finished, you will die, you will disappear, and we shall break you off. Here you will hide your faces: you are to be sacrificed!' (When reading and interpreting the Popol Vuh. Remember all the players and characters are Stars and Planets. And there movments. Thing are not to be taken literally. Or as pretaining to actual events, such as the term sacrificed, or death.) Said One and Seven Death.
And then they were sacrificed and buried. They were buried at the Place of Ball Game Sacrifice, (alter) as it is called. The head of One Hunahpu was cut off; only his body was buried with his younger brother (Seven).
'Put his head in the fork of the tree that stands by the road,' said One and Seven Death.
And when his head was put in the folk of the tree, the tree bore fruit. It would have not had any fruit, had not the head of One Hunahpu been put in the fork of the tree.
This is a calabash, as we call it today, or 'the skull of One Hunahpu,' as it is said.

Is this what you drink from, sir
Perhaps it's the skull of my grandparents
perhaps it's the skull of my father
Is that what I'm looking at, what I see before me?
Then won't this also become a work of some kind, an artifact,
this bone of my crown, bone of my head,
carved in back and carved in front?

And then One and Seven Death were amazed at the fruit of the tree. The fruit grows out everywhere, and it isn't clear where the head of One Hunahpu is; now it looks just the way the calabasher looks. All the Xibalbans see this, when they come to look.
The state of the tree loomed large in there thoughts, because it came about at the same "Time" as the head of One Hunahpu was put in the fork. The Xibalbans said among themselves
'No one is to pick the fruit, nor is anyone to go beneath the tree,' they said. They restricted themselves; all Xibalba held back.
It's isn't clear which is the head of One Hunahpu; now it's exactly the same as the fruit of the tree. Calabash came to be it's name, and much was said about it. A maiden heard about it, and here we shall tell of here arrival.

And here is the account of a maiden, the daughter of a Lord named Blood Gatherer (Fourth-ranking Lord of Xibalba).
And this is when a maiden heard of it, the daughter of a lord. Blood Gatherer is the name of her father and Blood moon is the name of the maiden.
And when he heard the acount of the fruit of the tree, her father retold it. Ans she was amazed at the acount.
'I'm not aquainted with that tree they talk about. It's fruit is truly sweet! they say, I hear,' she said.
Next, she went all alone and arrived where the tree stood. It stood at the Place of Ball game sacrifice:

'What? Well! What's the fruit of the tree? Shouldn't this tree bear something sweet? They shouldn't die, they shouldn't be wasted. Should I pick one,' said the maiden?

And then the bone spoke (One Hunahpu); it was here in the fork of the tree:

'Why would you want a mere bone, a round thing in the branches of a tree?' Said the head of One Hunahpu when he spoke to the maiden. ' You don't want it,' she was told.'

I do want it ,' said the maiden.

'Very well. Stretch out your right hand here, so I can see it.' said the bone.

'Yes' said the maiden. She stretched out her right hand, up there in front of the bone.

And then the bone spit out it's saliva, which landed squarely in the hand of the maiden. (The same Bible story of the Virgin Mary?)

And then she looked in her hand, she inspected it right away, but the bone's saliva wasn't in her hand.

'It's just a sign I have given you, my saliva, my spittle. This, my head, has nothing on it-just bone, nothing of meat. It's just the same with the head of the great Lord: it's just the flesh that makes his face look good. And when he dies, people get frightened by his bones. After that, his son is like his saliva, his spittle, in his being, whether it be the son of a Lord or the son of a craftsman, an orator. The father does not disappear, but goes on being fulfilled. Neither dimmed nor destroyed is the face of a Lord, a warrior, craftsman, orator. Rather, he will leave his daughters and sons. So it is that I have done likewise through you. Now go up there on the face of Earth (Reminder this is all happening in the under world. The same under world the Hopi talk about.); You will not die. Keep the word. So be it,' said the head of One and Seven Hunahpu-they were of one mind when they did it(Impregnated her).
This was the word Hurricane, Newborn Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderbolt had given them. In the same way, by the "Time" the maiden re-turned to her home, she had been given many instructions. Right away something was generating in her belly, from the saliva alone, and this was a generation of Hunahpu and Xbalanque.
And when the maiden got home and six months had passed, she was found out by her father. Blood gatherer is the name of her father.

To marrow "God" willing, you will learn how the Twins inside of Blood Moon are keep from certain death. By the orders of her father.

"God" bless bye

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