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"Be Kind, You Might Become a Monkey"

First of all, I'd like to thank Jamie Havican of Inception Radio. For being such a quality interviewer. I was on for two hours with Jamie Tuesday night. And it seemed like only minutes. He has a great way of not getting in the way. And his knowledge in many subjects. Help the interview go smoothly. As Jaimie said, 'we talked for two hours, and could have gone longer'. Here is a link to the interview I did with him, enjoy. Also I'll be on After Dark Radio on Blog Talk Radio. With host and friend, a retired New York City cop, Anthea Appel. In two weeks "Times". I'll post link and "Time", on next week-ends blog. Her book is called, 'First Responders'.

Today we will see how your Karma. Can jump up and bite you in the ass. If all you care for in life is? Having a good "Time", eating, having sex, hanging out. Be careful you just might get want you want. A Monkey swinging in a tree. That is, in your next life. Learn what happened to One Monkey and One Artisan.

And when Blood Moon came to the mother of One Monkey and One Artisan, her children were still in her belly, but it wasn't very long before the birth of Hunahpu and Xbalanque, as they are called.

And when the women came to the grandmother, the women said to the grandmother:

'I've come my lady . I'm your daughter-in-law and I'm your child, my lady,' she said when she came here to the grandmother.

'Where did you come from? As for my little babies, didn't they die in Xibalba? And these two remain as there sign and there word: One Monkey and One Artisan are there names. So if you've come to see my children, get out of here!' the maiden was told by the grandmother.

'Even so, I really am your daughter-in-law. I am already his, I belong to One Hunahpu. What I carry is his. One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu are alive, they are not dead. (pregnant with there children) They have merely made a way for the light to show it's self, my mother-in-law, as you will see when you look at the faces of what I carry,' the grandmother was told.

And One Monkey and One Artisan have been keeping there grandmother entertained: all they do is play and sing, all they work at is writing and carving, every day, and this cheers the heart of there grandmother.

And then the grandmother said:

'I don't want you, no thanks, my daughter-in-law. It's just a bastard in your belly, you trickster! These children of mine who are named by you are dead,' said the grandmother.

'Truly what I say to you is so!'

'Very well my daughter-in-law, I hear you. So get going, get there food so they can eat. Go pick a big netful of ripe corn ears, then come back--since you are already my daughter-in-law, as I understand it,' the maiden was told.

'Very well' she replied'

After that she went to the garden; One Monkey and One Artisan had a garden. The maiden followed the path they had cleared and arrived there in the garden, but there was only one clump, there was no other plant, no second or third. That one clump had bore it's ears (harvested). So then the maiden heart stopped:

'Looks like I'm a sinner, a debtor! Where will I get the netful of food she asked for?' she said. And then the guardians of food were called upon by here.

'Come out, rise up now, come on out, stand up now:
Thunder Woman, Yellow Woman,
Cacao Woman, Cornmeal Woman,
thou guardian of the food for One Monkey and One Artisan'
(goddess who guards crop)

said the maiden.

And then she took hold of the silk, the bunch of silk at the top of the ear. She pulled it straight out, she didn't pick the ear, and the ear reproduced itself to make food for the net. It filled the big net.

And then the maiden came back, but animals carried her net. When she got back she went to put the pack frame in the corner of the house, so it would look to the grandmother as if she arrived with a load.

And then, when the grandmother saw the food, a big netful:

'Where did that food of yours come from? You've leveled the place! I'm going to see if you've brought back the whole garden!' said the grandmother.

And then she went off, she went to look at the garden, but the one clump was still there, and the place where the net had been put at the foot of it was still obvious.

And the grandmother came back in a hurry, and she got back home, and she said to the maiden:

'The sign is still their. You really are my daughter-in-law! I'll have to keep watching what you do. These grandchildren of mine are already showing genius,' the maiden was told.

Now this is where we shall speak of the birth of Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

And this is there birth; we shall tell of it here.

Then came the day of there birth, and the maiden named Blood Moon gave birth. The grandmother was not present when they were born; they were born suddenly. Two of them were born, named Hunahpu and Xbalanque. They were born in the mountains, and then they came into the house. Since they weren't sleeping.

'Throw them out of here! They're really loudmouths!' said the grandmother.

After that, when they put them on an anthill, they slept soundly there. And when they removed them from there, they put them in brambles (raspberry or blackberry bush) next.

And this is is what One Monkey and One Artisan wanted; that they should die on the anthill and die in the brambles. One Monkey and One Artisan wanted this, because they were rowdy and flushed (red) with jealousy. They didn't allow there younger brothers in the house at first, as if they didn't even know them, but even so they flourished in the mountains.

And one Monkey and One artisans were great flautists and singers, and they as they grew up they went through great suffering and pain. It had cost them suffering to become great knowers. Through it all they became flautists, singers and writers carvers. They did every thing well. They simply knew it when they were born, they simply had genius. And they were the successors of there father who had gone to Xibalba, there dead fathers.

Since One Monkey and One Artisan were great knowers, inn there hearts they already realized everything when there younger brothers came into being, but they didn't reveal there insight because of there jealousy. The anger in there hearts came down on there own; (came back to haunt them) no great harm was done. They were decoyed (decoy birds in tree, fake birds) by Hunahpu and Xbalanque, who merely went out shooting every day. These two got no love from there grandmother, or from One Monkey or One artisan. They weren't given there meals; the meals had been prepared and One Monkey and One Artisan had already eaten them before they got their.

But Hunahpu and Xbalanque aren't turning red with anger; rather they just let it go, even though they know there proper place, which they see as clear as day. So they bring birds when they arrive each day and One Monkey and One artisan eat them. Nothing what so ever is given Hunahpu and Xbalanque, either one of them. All One Monkey and One Artisan do is play and sing.

And then Hunahpu and Xbalanque arrive again, but now they came in here with out bring there birds, so the grandmother turned red:

"What's your reason for not bring birds?' Hunahpu and Xbalanque were asked.

'There are some, our dear grandmother, but out birds just got hung up in the tree,' they said, 'and there's no way to get up the tree after them, our dear grandmother, and so we'd like our elder brothers to please go with us, to please go get the birds down,' they said.

'Very well, We'll go with you at dawn,' the elder brothers replied.

Now they had won, and they gathered there thoughts, the two of them, about the fall of One Monkey and One Artisan:

'We'll just turn there very being around our word (fool them). So be it, since they have caused us great suffering. They wished that we might die and disappear-we there younger brothers. Just as they wished us to be slaves here, so we shall defeat them there. We shall simply make a sign of it,' they said to each other.

And then they went beneath the tree, the kind named Yellow tree (Sky Tree), together with the elder brothers. When they got there they started shooting. There were countless birds up in the tree, chattering and the elder brothers were amazed when they saw the birds. And not one of these birds fell down beneath the tree.

'Those birds of ours don't fall down; just go throw them down,' they told there elder brothers.

'Very Well', they replied.

And then they climbed up the tree, and the tree began to grow, it's trunk got thicker.

After that, they wanted to get down, but now One Monkey and One Artisan couldn't make down from the tree. So they said, from up in the tree:

'How can we grab hold? You, our younger brothers, take pity on us! Now this tree looks frightening to us, dear younger brothers,' they said from up in the tree. Then Hunahupa and Xbalanque told the:

'Undo you pants, tie them around your hips, with the long end trailing like a tail behind you, then you'll be better able to move,' they were told by the younger brothers.

'All right,' they said.

And then they left the ends of there loincloth trailing, and all at once these became tails. Now they look like mere Monkeys.

After that they went along in the trees of the mountains, small and great. They went through the forest, now howling, now keeping quiet in the branches of trees.

Such was the defeat of One Monkey and One Artisan by Hunahpu and Xbalanque. They did it by means of there genius alone.

And when they got home they said, when they came to there grandmother and mother:

'Our dear grandmother, something has happened to our elder brothers. They've become simply shameless, they are like animals now,' they said.

'If you've done something to your elder brothers, you've knocked me down ans stood me on my head. Please don't do anything to your elder brothers, my dear grandchildren,' the grandmother said to Hunahpu and Xbalanque. And they told there grandmother.

'Don't be sad, our dear grandmother. You will see the faces of our elder brothers again. They'll come, but this will be a test for you, our dear grandmother. Will you please not laugh (turned One Monkey and One Artisan into Monkeys) while we test there destiny?' they said.

And then they began playing. They played 'Hunahpu Monkey'.

"God" bless bye

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