Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Spider Monkey"

On this Sunday afternoon once again. "Time" just seems to be be flying along. Some say it might be because of 2012. I my self have wondered if that what it was. Now after doing some research for my interview on Florida UFOs, on 2012. I'm not so sure now. Turns out the date 2012. Is the end of the Mayan long count of 36,000 years. Which oddly comes out like this number The Mayans also have a short count that is 5,200 years. It's like a smaller wheel turning a larger wheel. Like what you see in your mechanical watch or clocks.

One thing I have learned for sure about the Popol Vuh. It clearly makes the connection between the "Gods" or "God' above. To those who live below. Very much like the Hopi tales tell of mankind's journey. That mankind is no fluke. That mankind didn't evolve from evolution. They was a different plan. So here today we will learn from the Popol Vuh. That your future is directly connected to your presence. Be kind to your neighbors. You don't want to be jumping from limb to limb. In some forest in Meso-America. Enjoy.

And then they sang (Hunahpu and Xbalanque), they played, they drummed. When they took up there flutes and drums, there grandmother sat down with them, then they played, they sounded out of tune, the song that got it's name then. 'Hunahpu Monkey' (This song is played as One Monkey and One Artisan. Who are Spider Monkeys now. Dance in the trees above grandmothers house.) is the name of the tune.

And then One Monkey and One artisan came back, dancing when they arrived. (in the trees above)

And then, when the grandmother looked, it was there ugly faces the grandmother saw. Then she laughed, the grandmother could not hold back her laughter, so they just left right away, out of her sight again, they went up and away in the forest.

'Why are you doing that, our dear grandmother? We'll only try four "Times"; only three "Times" are left. We'll call them with the flute, with song. Please hold back your laughter. We'll try again,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

Next they played again, then they came back, dancing again, they arrived again, in the middle of the patio of the house. As before, what they did was a delightful; as before, they tempted there grandmother to laugh. There grandmother laughed at them soon enough. The monkeys looked truly ridiculous, with the shinny little things below there bellies (testicles, genitals) and there tails wiggling in front of there breast. (Spider Monkeys have long tales, they wrap around there bodies and faces.). When they came back the grandmother had to laugh at them, and they went back into the mountains.

'Please, why are you doing that, our dear grandmother? Even so, we'll try it a third "Time" now,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

Again they played, again they came dancing, but there grandmother held back her laughter. Then they climbed up here, cutting right across the building, with thin red lips, with faces blank, puckering there lips, wiping there mouths and faces, suddenly scratching themselves. And when the grandmother seen them again, the grandmother burst out laughing again, and again they went out of sight because of the grandmother's laughter.

'Even so, our dear grandmother, we'll get there attention.'

So for the fourth "Time" they called on the flute, but they didn't come back again. The fourth "Time" they went straight into the forest. So they told there grandmother.

'Well, we've tried, our dear grandmother. They came at first, and we've tried calling them again. So don't be sad. We're here we, your grandchildren. Just love our mother (Blood Moon), dear grandmother. Our elder brothers will be remembered. So be it: they have lived here and they have been named; they are to be called One Monkey and One Artisan,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

So they were prayed to by the flautist and singers among the ancient people, and the writers and carvers prayed to them. In ancient "Times" they turned into animals, they became Monkeys, because they magnified themselves, they abused there younger brothers. Just as they wished them to be slaves, so they themselves were brought low. One Monkey and One Artisan were lost then, they became animals, and this is now their place forever.

Even so, they were flautist and singers; they did great things while they lived with there grandmother and mother.

As this tale shows, you will be brought to your knees. If you get to worshipping your own greatness. To me this says we all have greatness in us. It's your job to cultivate these powers into good. The system today want you to believe you are nothing with out them. Where in fact, you have "Godliness" in your soul. Just remember to be kind and gentle with those about you. As you grow and learn about your own powers. The system wants you to think if you are a male. You are a born killer. And if your a female you can do it all without a family. These ideas are put there in your mind. So you don't realize how powerful you are. That's why the Native Americans cultured had to be killed off. Like the Mayan tales, the human spirit is greatness in it. Don't be mislead. By those that only want to enslave you. Much like the elder brothers tried to do to Hunahpu and Xbalanque. That was the lesson here to be leaned.

Okanogan Tribe
They lived in the Idaho, Oregon, and washington area. Mainly gathers of what they founf on the ground. Roots, berries, seeds. They now number few and live on Colville Reservation in Washington.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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