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"Whay Is Your True Meaning?"

We all have this gut feeling. That our lives have a greater meaning. That your here for another reason. Today we learn how a Rat, caught in the Twins garden. Teaches them, there meaning in life. A firm believer that your life wasn't some random event. And that you go through different trials, in your life. To get you where you are today. The Hopi speak of this. In there stories of the previous Three Worlds. That you had to pass through. That helped you reach this level in your life. In this part of the Popol Vuh. The Twins learn, they must return to the place of there fathers death. A mission to redeem there father death. In the Ball Court, in Xibalba (Underworld).

Also a lesson taught in this part of the Popol Vuh is. The animals have a language all there own. Humans just don't understand it. They do speak to one another. And share there emotions. Or as the Popl Vuh says. There speech is not only in there bellies. It is also in there mouths. So when you hear the term, 'it's only a dumb animal'. Think again about how dumb that statement is. Now on to the next lesson from the Popol Vuh. Beside why Rats don't have hair on there tails. (We resume as the Twins are trying to catch the animals. In there garden, but have no luck.)

So now there is fire in the hearts, because they didn't catch them. And one more came, the last one, jumping as he came , then they cut him off. In there net they caught the Rat.

And then they grabbed him and squeezed him behind the head. They tried to choke him; they burned his tail over a fire. Ever since the Rat's tail got caught, there's been no hair on his tail, and his eyes have been the way they are since the boys tried to choke him, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'I will not die by your hand! Gardening is not your job, but there is something that is,' said the Rat.

'Where is what is ours?' Go ahead and name it,' the boys told the Rat.

'Will you let me go then? My word is in my belly (If you give me food, I'll tell you.), and after I name it for you, you'll give me my morsel of food,' said the Rat.

'We'll give you food, so name it,' he was told.

'Very well. It's something that belonged to your father, name One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu, who died in Xibalba. What remains is there gaming equipment. They left it up under the roof of the house (attic): There kilts, there wrist guards, there rubber ball. But your grandmother doesn't take these down in front of you, because this is how your fathers died'.

'You know the truth, don't you!' the boys told the Rat.

There was great joy in the hearts when they got the word of the rubber ball. When the Rat named it they gave the Rat his food, and this is his food: corn kernels, squash seeds, chili, beans, pataxte (a type of cacao), cacao. These are his.

'If anything of yours is stored or get wasted (food crumbs), then gnaw away,' the Rat was told by Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'Very well boys, but what will your grandmother say if she sees me?, he said. (If a boy is born, the rat doesn't cry out. He is happy, because the boy plants crops. If a girl is born the Rat screams out, because the women will chase him with a stick.)

'Don't be fainthearted. We're here. We know what our grandmother is to be told. We'll set you up under the corner of the roof right away. When that is taken care of you'll go straight to where the things were left, and we'll look up there under the roof, but it's our stew we'll be looking at,' they told the Rat when they gave him is instructions.

Hunahpu and Xbalanque made there plans overnight and arrived right at noon, and it wasn't obvious that they had a rat with them when they arrived. One of them went right inside the house when he reached it, while the other went to the corner of the house, quickly setting up the Rat. And then they asked there grandmother for there meal:

'Just grind something for our stew, we want chili sauce, our dear grandmother,' they said.

After that, she ground chili for there stew. A bowl of broth was set out in front of them, but they were just fooling there grandmother and mother. They had emptied the jar of water:

'We're really parched! Bring us a drink,' they told there grandmother.

'Yes,' she said, then she went, and they kept on eating. They weren't really hungry; they just put on a false appearances.

And then the saw the rat's reflection in there chili sauce: here was the Rat loosening the ball that had been left in the peak of the roof. When they saw him in the chili sauce they sent a mosquito, that creature the mosquito, similar to a gnat. He went to the water, then he punchured the side of the grandmother's jar. The water just gushed out from the side of her jar. She tried, but she could not stop up the side of her jar.

'What's our grandmother done? We're choking for lack of water, our parched throats will do us in,' they told there mother, then they sent here there.

After that, the Rat cut the ball loose. It dropped from beneath the roof, along with the yoke, wrist guards, kilts. These were taken away then; they went to hide them on the road, the road to the ball court. (Xibalba, Hell)

After that, they went to join there grandmother at the water, and there grandmother and mother were unable to stop up the side of the jar, either one of them.

After that, the boys arrived, each with his blowgun. When they arrived at the water:

'What have you done? We got weary at heart, so we came,' they said.

'Look at the side of my jar! It cannot be stopped,' said there grandmother, and they quickly stopped it up.

And they came back together, the two of them ahead of there grandmother.

In this way, the matter of the rubber ball was arranged.

Next the Lords of Xibalba send a messenger for the Twins. To come play ball in Xbalba. The place of death, of there father One and Seven Hunahpu. The messenger is a Louse who is soon eaten by a Toad. The Toad is eaten by a Snake. Then the Snake was eaten by a Laughing Falcon. This was how the message got sent in a hurry.

Osage Tribe
Were plains Indians of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois. Many tribes have the Emergence Story from inside the earth. The Osage has a similar story as the Zuni and Navajo of four different levels of emergence. Only difference, they arrive from the Sky. They were eventually removed to the Territory of Oklahoma. Along with so many other Native American tribes.

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