Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The Messege Is Sent"

I did a blog today, but it didn't get published for some reason. So I'll try my second attempt at it now, bummer. The Twins have gone to there father's ball court to play. And the Lords of Xibalba can hear them playing above.

Happy now, they went to play at the court. So they played ball at a distance, all by themselves. They swept out the court of there father.

And then it came into hearing of the Lords of Xibalba:

'Who's begun a game up their, over our heads? Don't they have any shame, stomping around this way? Didn't One and Seven Hunahpu die trying to magnify himself in front of us? So you must deliver another summons,' They said as before, One and Seven Death, all the Lords.

'They are hereby summoned,' They told the messengers. 'You are to say, on reaching them:

"They must come,' say the Lords, 'We would play ball with them here. In seven days we'll have a game,' say the Lords, 'you will say when you arrive,' the messengers were told.

And then they came along a wide roadway, the road to the house of the boys, which actually ended at there house, so the messengers came directly to there grandmothers. As for the boys, they were away playing ball when the messengers of Xibalba got there.

'Truly, they are to come ,' say the Lords, said the messengers of Xibalba. So then and there the day was specificed by the messengers of Xibalba.

'In seven days our game will take place,' Xmucane (Mayan Goddess of "Time") was told there.

'Very well. They'll go when the day comes, messenger,' said the grandmother, and the messengers left. They went back.

So now the grandmother's heart was broken:

'How can I send for my grandchildren? Isn't it really Xibalba, just as it was when the messengers came long ago, when there father went to die?" said the grandmother, sobbing, at home by herself.

After that a Louse (sucking and biting insect) came down where it could be seen and then she picked it up and put it it her hand, and the Louse moved around with it's fits and starts.

'My grandchild, perhaps you might you might like to take my message, to go where my grandchildren are, at the ball court,' the Louse was told when he went as a message bearer:

'A message has come to your grandmother,' you will say. 'You are to come:'

'In seven days they are to come,' say the messengers of Xibalba,' says your grandmother, you will say, the Louse was told.

Then he went off, and he went in fits and starts, and sitting in the road was a boy named Tamazul, the Toad.

'Where are you going?" said the Toad to the Louse.

'My word is contained in my belly. I'm going to the two boys,' said the Louse to Tamazul.

'Very well. But I noticed you're not very fast,' the Louse was told by the Toad. 'Wouldn't you like me to swallow you? You'll see, I'll run bent over this way, we'll arrive in a hurry.'

'Very well,' said the Louse to the Toad.

After that, when he had been united with the Toad, the Toad hopped. He went along now, but he didn't run.

After that the Toad met a Snake named Zaquicaz:

'Where are you going, Tamazul boy?' the Toad was asked next by Zaquicaz.

'I'm a messenger. My word is in my belly,' the Toad said next to the Snake.

'But I noticed your not very fast. Listen to me, I'll get their in a hurry,' said the Snake to the toad.

'Get going,' he was told, so then the Toad was next swallowed by the Zaquicaz. When Snakes get there food today they swallow Toads.

So the Snake was running as he went, then the snake was met from overhead by a Laughing Falcon, a large Bird. The snake was swallowed up by the Falcon, and then they arrived at the ball court. When Falcons get there food, they eat Snakes in the mountains.

And when the falcon arrived he alighted on the rim of the ball court. Hunahpu and xbalanque were happy then, they were playing ball when the Falcon arrived.

Next we learn how the Twins got the message from the Falcon, Snake, Toad and Louse. Sorry for the short story today. I had all ready typed this part when I noticed the auto save wasn't working properly. Tried to publish to save it. then it just went some where?

I did say in my first attempt at this part. The most important part of the lessons being learned from the Popol Vuh is. Be Humble, be Humble.

'God" bless on this Sunday evening, May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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