Saturday, October 30, 2010

"The Laughting Falcon"

Here we are on a count down to 2012. Just 782 day until that fateful date 21 December 2012. A date that for the most part was only though about. When it appeared in the book, 'The Mayan Factor'. Now it is all the news. With no clear answers to what it really means. They is one thing for sure. Lots of folks are making money from it. The reason I bring this up. Is I have only 84 pages left to finish my blogs of the Mayan 'Popol Vuh'. At my current rate of about four pages a week. It will take me until early 2011. To complete my task of trying to understand the hidden meaning to the 'Popol Vuh'. And by sharing my re-reading of the 'Popol Vuh'. I hope it helps other understand how important this Quiche Peoples book is.

One thing is for sure. I cannot deviate from my mission to do this. If I dare wander from the task at hand. That days blog with be destroyed. I even wonder now while writing this down, for others to read. If today's work will be destroyed? Since starting the project of going through the Popol Vuh page by page. Twice my blogs have been destroyed. When I tried to add my own input. From my own life and thoughts. So now until some weekend in 2011. The 'Popol Vuh' will be what I concentrate on for my weekend blogs. May the "Gods" bless my efforts. That maybe by staying the course. Other will learn what I've learned from presenting the Quiche People's 'Council Book'. Now on to the phase of the Twins story of there coming encounter at Xibalba. At the same Ball Court. There father died at. (The messenger Falcon has arrived. To deliver the message from the Lords of Xibalba, to the Twins.)

So then the Falcon cried out:

'Wak-ko! Wak-ko!

said the Falcon as he cried.

"Who's carrying out there? Come on! Our blowguns!' they said. And they shot the Falcon, landing there blowgun shot right in his eye. Wobbling, he fell down and they went right there to grab him, then they asked him:

'What are you after?' they said to the Falcon.

'My word is contained in my belly. But heal my eye first, then I'll name it,' said the Falcon.

'Very well,' they said.

Next they took a piece of rubber off the surface of the ball, Then they put it on the Falcons eye. 'Blood Sacrifice' was the name of it. (The black eye patches of the Meso American Laughing Falcon remain, as a sign of this incident. And once again you can see how. In so many Native Americans stories. Of how the animals got there looks. Refer back to these ancient tale from the Quiche People.)As soon as he was treated by them, the Falcon's vision became good again.

'So name it,' they said to the Falcon, as he vomited a big Snake.

'Speak up,' the said next to the Snake

'Yes' he said next, then he vomited the Toad.

'What's your errand? Tell it,' the Toad was told next.

'My word is contained in my belly,' the Toad said next, then he tried to throw-up, but there was no vomit, he just sort of drooled. He was trying, but there was no vomit.

After that, he had to be kicked by the boys.

'You trickster!' he was told, then they kicked him in the rear, and they crushed the bones of his rear with there feet. When he tried again, he just sort of spit.

And then they pried the Toads mouth open, it was opened by the boys.They searched his mouth, and the Louse had simply stuck in the Toad's teeth, it was right there in his mouth. He hadn't swallowed it, but had only seemed to swallow.

And such was the defeat of the Toad. It's not clear what kind of food they gave him, and because he didn't run he became mere meat for the Snakes.

'Tell it,' the Louse was told next, so then he named his word:

'Boys' your grandmother says:

'Summons them,' a message came for them:

'From Xibalba comes the message of One and Seven Death:

'In seven days they are to come here. We'll play ball. There gaming equipment must come along: rubber ball, yokes, arm guards, kilts. This will make for some excitement here,' say the Lords, is the words that came from them, says your grandmother. So your grandmother says you must come. Truly your grandmother cries, she calls out to you to come. (Reminding the boys must come, because there grandmother told them the message.)

"Isn't the truth!' the boys said in there thoughts. When they heard of it they left at once and got to there grandmother, but they went there only to give there grandmother instructions.

'We're on our way, dear grandmother. We're just giving you instructions. So here is a sign of our word. We'll leave it with you. Each of us will plant an ear of green corn. We'll plant them in the center of our house (put in attic). When the corn dries up, this will be a sign of our death:

'Perhaps they died,' you'll say, when it dries up. And when the sprouting comes (new crop of corn in the field):

'Perhaps they lived,' you'll say, our dear grandmother and mother (There is no explanation why there mother's name seldom comes up in there tales.). 'From now on, this is the sign of our word. We're leaving it with you,' they said, then they left.

Hunahpu planted one and Xbalanque planted another. They were planted right there in the house: neither in the mountains nor where the Earth is damp, but where the earth is dry, in the middle of the inside of there house. They left them planted their, then went off, each with his own blowgun.

Next the Twins go to the Underground of Xibalba. Taking along the Mosquito, the Spy.

Oto Tribe
A Siouan Tribe, and offshoot of the Winnebago Tribe. They later broke into three separate tribes. The Oto, Iowa and Missouri Tribes. The tribes wandered from Minnesota to Oklahoma.

"God" bless bye

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