Sunday, October 31, 2010

"The Twins Arrive at Xibalba"

As the Popol Vuh clearly points out. The Twins must go from one challenge to another. From the day they were born. From a grandmother who thought they were bastard children. With brothers that had no use for them. Now they are summoned to play ball, in Xibalba. What is the Popol Vuh trying to teach mankind? Is your life a series of test also? Must you be confronted continually in live? Who out their can say, life has been one fun joy ride? No one I've ever meet, that's for sure. Life is a constant struggle. With death and deceit awaiting around every corner. Is that the test for mankind? To see who can keep the fight up. To see who can meet each day's challenge. And learn to grow from life's day to day struggles. And as you confront each and every challenge. And defeat that challenge. You grow stronger and stronger. As the old line goes. 'If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger.' If un-like the Twins, and you succumb to your challenges. Are you destine to live in Hell, and die their? Let see how the Twins meet, there next challenge in Xibalba. As they travel the Black Road. To the Underworld of the Lords Of Xibalba.

They went down to Xibalba, quickly going down the face of a cliff, and they crossed through a change of canyons. They passed right through the birds, the ones called throng birds, (Migrating flock of Swainson Hawks.) and then they crossed Pus River and Blood River, intended traps by Xibalba. They did not step in, but simple crossed over on there blowguns, and then they went on over to the Crossroads. But they knew about the roads of Xibalba: Black Road, White Road, Red Road, Green Road.

There there they summoned that creature named Mosquito. Having heard he's a spy, they sent him ahead:

'Bite them one by one. First bite the first one seated there, then bite every last one of them, and it will be yours alone to suck the blood of the people in the road,' the Mosquito was told.

'Very well,' replied the Mosquito, then he took the Black Road and stopped at the two manikins, or woodcarvings, that were seated first. They were all dressed up, and he bit the first of them. It didn't speak, so he bit again. When he bit the one seated second, again it didn't speak, and then he bit the third one, the one seated third actually being One Death.

'Yeow!' each one said as he was bitten.
'What?' each one replied.
'Ouch!' said One Death.
'Something bit me.'
'It's--ouch! There's something that's bitten me,' the one seated fourth said next.
'What is it , Seven Death?'
'Something bitten me.' The one seated fifth spoke next:
'Ow! Ow!' he said.
'What scab Stripper?' Seven Death said to him.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. The one seated sixth was bitten:
'What is it Blood gather?' Scab Stripper said to him.
'Something has bitten me,' he said next. Then the one seated seventh was bitten:
'Ouch!' he said next.
'What is it, Demon of Pus?' Blood Gather said to him.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. The on seated eight was bitten next:
'Ouch!' he said next.
'What is it, Demon of Jaundice?' Demon of Pus said to him next.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. Then the one seated ninth was bitten next:
'Ouch!' he said.
'What is it, Bone Scepter?' Demon of Jaundice said to him.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. Then the one seated tenth in order was bitten next.
'What is it, Skull Scepter?' said Bone Scepter.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. The one seated eleventh was bitten next:
'Ouch!' he said next.
'What is it Wing?' Skull Scepter said to him next.
'Something's bitten me, he said next. Then the one seated twelfth was bitten next.
'Ouch!' he said next.
'What Packstrap?' he was asked next.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. Then the one seated thirteenth was bitten next.
'What is it Bloody Teeth?' Packstrap said to him.
'Something's bitten me,' he said next. Then the one seated fourteenth was bitten next:
'Ouch! Something's bitten me,' he said next.
'Bloody Claws?' Bloody Teeth,' said to him,

And such was the naming of names, they named them all among themselves. They showed there faces and named there names, each one named by the one ranking above him, and naming in turn the name of the one seated next to him. There wasn't a single name they missed, naming every last one of there names when they were bitten by the hair that Hunahpu had plucked from his own shin. It wasn't really a Mosquito that bit them. It went to hear all there names for Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

After that Hunahpu and Xbalanque went on, and then they came to where the Xibalbans were:

'Bid the Lords good day,' said someone who was seated there. It was a deceiver who spoke.

'These aren't Lords! These are manikins, woodcarvings!' (Xibalbans trying to fool the Twins.) they said as they came up.

And after that, they bid them good morning:

'Morning, One Death. Morning, Seven Death.
Morning, Scab Stripper. Morning, Blood Gather
Morning, Demon of Pus. Morning, Demon of Jaundice
Morning, Bone Scepter. Morning, Skull Scepter
'Morning, Wing. Morning, Packstrap
Morning, Bloody Teeth. Morning, Bloody Claw'

they said when they arrived, and all of there identities were accounted for. They named every one of there names; there wasn't a single name they missed. When this was required of them, no name was omitted by them.

'Sit here,' they were told. They were wanted on the bench, but they didn't want it:

'This bench isn't for us! It's just a stone slab for cooking,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque. They were not defeated.

'Very well. Just get in the house,' they were told.

After that they entered Dark House. They were not defeated there. This was the first test they entered in Xibalba, and as far as the Xibalbans were concerned they were as good as defeated.

Next the Twins enter dark House. One of many test awaiting them. When you are born into life on this Planet. There will be many test also awaiting you. Will you have the strength to pass them? Here again the Popol Vuh demonstrates how the Twins journey is very similar to your very own.

Papago Tribe
The Papago tribe lived right here in the the Phoenix metro area of Arizona. There canal systems are still visible. And have been protected by the state. They were closely related to the Pima people who still live in the valley. The Papago are long gone. Leaving only signs of there existence by there canal systems.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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