Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Dark House Razor House"

Today were learn of the Twins test in both Dark House and Razor House. But first I like to share my trip to the Heard Museum in Phoenix. To record and see the Navajo Weavers. I got three good videos of the Navajo ladies weaving. And one young Navajo kid who also did weaving (Roberto Brown). I'll post a link to the videos. I must say all the ladies were quite cordial and open to sharing the works. I some "Times" have trouble with various Native American artist. When I approach them and ask if I can video there work. And also put it on You Tube. This day there were plenty of giggles as only Native American ladies can do.And nods of approval. I learned that the patterns in the weaving are local. With each Clan or area of the Navajo Reservation. Having there own separate designs. In case a reader doesn't know it. The Navajo Nation is the largest Reservation in America. And reaches into north east Arizona and north western New Mexico. My side bar videos of Chaco Canyon. Are in the area of the Navajo Nation. North east of Gallup New Mexico. Here is the link to the videos I made. Enjoy the Art Now the the Twins Test.

First they entered Dark House.

And after that, the messenger of One Death brought there torch, burning when it arrived, along with one cigar each.

'Here is there torch,' says the lord. 'They must return the torch in the morning, along with the cigars. They must return them intact,' say the Lords, the messenger said when he arrived.

'Very well,' they said, but they didn't burn the torch - instead, some thing that looked like fire was substituted. This was the tail of the Macaw, which looked like a torch to the sentries. And as for the cigars, they just put fireflies at the tips of those cigars, which they kept lit all night.

'We've defeated them,' said the sentries, but the torch was not consumed, it just looked that way. And as for the cigars, there wasn't anything burning there, it just looked that way. When the these things were taken back to the Lords:

"What's happening? Where did they come from? Who begot them and bore them? Our hearts are really hurting, because what they're doing to us is no good. They're different in looks and different in there very being,' they said among themselves. And when they summoned all the Lords:

'Lets play ball, boys,' the boys were told. And then they were asked by One and Seven Death:

'Where might you come from? Please name it,' Xibalba said to them.

'Well, wherever did we come from? We don't know,' (I can related to this) was all they said. They didn't name it.

'Very well then, we'll just go, play ball, boys,' Xibalba told them.

'Good,; they said.

'Well this is the one we should put in play, here's our rubber ball,' said the Xibalbans.

'No thanks. This is the one to put in, here's ours,' said the boys.

'No it's not. This is the one we should put in,' the Xibalbans said again.

'Very well,' said the boys.

'After all, it's just a decorated one,' said the Xibalbans.

'Oh no it's not. It's just a skull, we say in return,' said the boys.

'No it's not,' said the Xibalbans.

'Very well,' said Hunahpu. When it was sent off by Xibalba, the ball was stopped by Hunahpu's yoke.

And then, while Xibalba watched, the White dagger came out from inside the ball. It went clattering, twisting all over the floor of the court.

'What's that!,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque. 'Death is the only thing you want for us! Wasn't it you who sent a summons to us, and wasn't it your messenger who went? Truly, take pity on us, or else we'll just leave,' the boys said.

And this is what had ordained for the boys: that they should have died right away, right there, defeated by the knife. But it wasn't like that. Instead, Xibalba was again defeaded by the boys.

'Well don't go boys. We can still play ball, but we'll put yours into play,' the boys were told.

'Very well,' they said, and this was "Time" for the rubber ball, so the ball was dropped in.

After that they specified the prize:

'What should our prize be?' asked Xibalbans.

'It's yours for the asking,' was all the boys said.

'We'll just win four bowls of flowers?' the boys asked Xibalba.

'Very well. What kind of flowers?' the boys asked Xibalbans.

'One bowl of red petals, one bowl of white petals, one bowl of yellow pedals and one bowl of whole ones,' said Xibalbans.

'Very well,' said the boys, and then there ball was dropped in. The boys

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