Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Dark House Razor House" pt. 2

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And after that, they specified the prize:

'What should our prize be?' asked Xibalbans.

'It's yours for the asking,' was all the boys said.

'We'll just win four bowls of flowers', said the Xibalbans.

'Very well. What kinds of flowers?' the boys asked Xibalba.

'One bowl of red pedals, one bowl of white pedals, one bowl of yellow pedals and one bowl of whole pedals,' said the Xibalbans.'

'Very well,' said the boys, and then there ball was dropped in. The boys were there equals in strenght and made many plays, since they only had very good thoughts. (lesson to be leaned there) Then the boys gave themselves up in defeat:

'We've done well. We've beaten them on the first try,' said the Xibalbans. 'Where will you go for flowers?' they said in there hearts.

'Truly, before the night is over, you must hand over our flowers and our prizes,' the boys Hunahpu and Xbalanque were told by Xibalba.

'Very well. So we're also playing ball at night,' they said when they accepted there charge.

And after that, the boys next entered Razor House, the second test of Xibalba.

And this was when it was ordained that they cut clear through with knives.It was intended to be quick, intended that they should die, but they did not die. They spoke to the knives then, they instructed them:

'This is yours: the flesh of all the animals,' they told the knives, and they no longer moved, rather, each and every knife put down it's point.

And this is how they stayed over night, in Razor House. Now they summoned all the ants:

'Cutting ants, conquering ants, come now
all of you fetch all of them for us:
flowers in bloom, prizes for Lords.'

'Very well,' they replied. Then all the ants went to get the flowers, the planting of One and Seven Death, who had already given instructions to the guardians of the flowers of Xibalba:

'Would you please watch our flowers? Don't let them get stolen. We've defeated these boys, so won't they come looking for the prize they owe us? Don't sleep tonight.'

'Very well,' they replied, but the guardians of the plants never knew a thing. There only inclination was to stretch there mouths wide open, going from one perch to another in the trees and plants, repeating the same song.

'Whip-poor-will! Whip-poor-will!'

one of them says as he cries.

'Poor-willow! poor-willow!'

says the other as he cries, the one named poorwill.

The two of them are the guards of the garden, the garden of One and Seven Death, but they don't notice the ants stealing what's under there guard, swarming, carrying away loads of flowers, coming to cut down the flowers in the trees, gathering these together with the flowers beneath the trees, while the guards just stretch there mouths wide open, not noticing the nibbling at there own tails. (blotched) the nibbling at there own wings. The severed flowers rain down into the gathering and bunching here below, so that four bowls of flowers are easily filled, an acrobatic performance that last till dawn.

After that the messenger, the pages, arrive:

'They are to come,' say the lord:

'They must bring our prizes here right away,' the boys were told.

'Very well,' they said. Having loaded up the flowers, four bowls of them, they left and came before the Lords, who received the flowers with pained looks.

With this, the Xibalbans were defeated. The boys had sent mere ants; in just one night the ants had taken the flowers and put them in the bowls.

With this, all the Xibalbans looked sick (discolored in sickness), they paled at the sight of the flowers.

After that they summoned the flower guards:

'How did you allow our flowers to get stolen? These are our flowers! Here! Look!' the guards were told.

'We took no notice, your Lordship, though our tails are the worse for it,' they said.

And then there mouths were split wide, there payment for the theft of what was under there guard..

Such was the defeat of One and Seven Death by Hunahpu and Xbalanque, on account of which the whippoorwills got gaping mouths. There mouth gape to this day.

Now after that, when the ball was dropped in, they just played to a tie. When they finished the game the made an arrangement with each other:

'At dawn again,' said Xibalba.

'Very well,' said the boys, then they were finished.

The next test for the boys is Cold House, then Jaguar House, then Bat House.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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