Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Cold, Jaguars, Fire and Bats"

Today we learn of the defeat of the masters of Xibalba. By the Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Missed my usual Saturday entry because of work. Went down to Tucson to look at a street lighting job. Once again it was federal money that was financing the project. That seems now to be the only projects to bid on. This project consisted of 13 Gas Light type electrical pole fixtures. The name Gas Light come from when street lights. Were converted from gas to electrical power. They are neat looking types of lighting. Usually seen in richer type neighbor hoods. This project was in a Barrio of west Tucson. It made no sense to me. Why you would put such valuable lighting in an area. Where the light pole and fixture heads. Will only end up being vandalized. The cities call these type of projects, 'free money'. Because the money comes from the federal government. And in this case you can see. Someone in the city of Tucson, owed someone a favor in that area of town. That is the only thing that makes sense. Just a little insight to what I see bidding these various federally funded, I bid on. Now to the twins adventures.

And now they enter Cold House. There are countless drafts, thick falling hail inside the house, the home of cold. They diminished the cold right away by shutting it out. The cold dissipated because of the boys. They did not die, but were alive when it dawned.

So, although Xibalba had wanted them to die there, they did not, but were alive when it dawned. They came out when the pages arrived and the guards left.

'Why haven't they died?' said the rulers of Xibalba. Again they were amazed at the feat of the boys, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

So next they entered Jaguar House, the Jaguar packed home of Jaguars:

'Don't eat us. There is something that should be yours,' the Jaguars were told.

With that they scattered bones before the animals

After that, the Jaguars were wrestling around their over the bones.

'So they've made good work of them, they've eaten there hearts. Now that the boys have given themselves up, they've already been transformed into skeletons,' said the sentries, all of them finding it sweet. But they hadn't died; they were well. They came out of Jaguar House.

'What sort of people are they? Where did they come from?' said all the Xibalbans.

So next they entered the midst of the Fire,a house of Fire with only Fire inside. They weren't burned by it, just toasted, just simmered, so they were well when it dawned. Although it had been ordained that they be quickly killed their, overcome, they weren't, and instead it was the Xibalbans who lost heart over this.

Now they were put in Bat House, with bats alone inside the house, a house of snatch-bats (not bats, but fright, surprise attack), monstrous beast, there snots like knives, the instruments of death. To come before these is to be finished off a once.

When they were inside they just slept in there blowguns; they were not bitten by the members of the household. But this is where they gave one of themselves up because of a snatch-bat that came down, he came along just as one of them showed himself. They did it because it was actually what they were asking for, what they had in mind.

And all night the bats are making noise:

'Eek-eek! Eek-eek!'

they say, and they say it all night.

Then it let up a little. The bats were no longer moving around. So there, one of the boys crawled to the end of the blowgun, since Xbalanque said: 'Hunahpu? Can you see how long until dawn?'

'Well, perhaps I should look to see how long it is,' he replied. So he kept trying to look out the mussel of the blowgun, he tried to see the dawn.

And then his head was take off by a snatch-bat, leaving Hunahpu's body still stuffed inside.

'What going on? Hasn't it dawned?' said Xbalanque. No longer is there any movement from Hunahpu. 'What's this? Hunahpu hasn't left, has he? What have you done? He no longer moves; now there is only heavy breathing.

After that, Xbalanque despaired:

'Alas! (wait) We've given it all up!' he said. And elsewhere, the head meanwhile went rolling onto the court, in accordance with the word of One and Seven Death, and all the Xibalbans were happy, over the head of Hunahpu.

After that, Xbalanque summoned all the animals: coati, peccary, all the animals, small and great. It was at night, still nighttime when he asked them for food:

'Whatever your foods are, each one of you: that's what I summoned you for, to bring your food here,' Xbalanque told them.

'Very well,' they replied then they went to get what's there's, then indeed they all came back.

There's the one who only brought rotten wood.
There's the one who only brought leaves.
There's the one who only brought stones
There's the one who only brought Earth, on through the varied foods of the animals, small and great, until the vary last one remained: the coati. He brought a squash, bumping it along with his snot as he came.

And this became the simulated head for Hunahpu. His eyes were carved right away, then brains came from the thinker, from the sky. This was the Heart of Sky, Hurricane, who came down, came on down into Bat House. the face wasn't finished any too quickly; it came out well. His strenght was just the same, he looked handsome, he spoke just the same.

And this is when it was trying to dawn, redding along the horizon:

'Now make the streak, man,' (starting of a new day) the possum was told.

'Yes' said the Old Man (Old Man, meaning bearer of new year). When he made the streaks he made it dark again; the Old Man made four streaks.

'Possum is making streaks (darkness before dawn),' people say to day, ever since he made the early dawn red and blue, establishing it's very being.

'Isn't it good?' Hunahpu was asked.

'Good indeed,' replied. His head was as if it had ever bone; it had become like his real head.

After that they had a talk, they made arrangements with each other:

'How about not playing ball yourself? You should just make lots of threats, while I should be the one to take all the action,' Xbalanque told him. After that they gave instructions to the Rabbit:

'Your place is above the court, on top. Stay there among the ball bags,' the rabbit was told by Xbalanquue, 'until the ball comes to you, then take off while I get work,' the rabbit was told. He got his instructions while it was still dark.

After that, when it dawned, both of them were just as well as ever.

And when the ball dropped again, it was the head of Hunahpu that rolled over the court.

'We've won! Your done!
Give up! You Lost!'

they were told. Bur even Hunahpu was shouting:

'Punt the head as a ball!' he told them.

'Well, we're not going to do them any more harm with threats,' and with this the Lords of Xibalba sent off the ball and Xbalanwue received it, the ball was stopped by his yoke, then he hit it hard and took off, the ball passed straight out of the court, bouncing just once, just twice and stopping among the ball bags. Then the rabbit took off hopping, then they went off in pursuit, then all the Xibalbans went off, shouting, shrieking, they went after the rabbit, off went the whole of Xibalba.

After that, the boys got Hunahpu's head back. Then Xbalanque planted the squash; this is when to set the squash above the court.

So the head of Hunahpu was really a head again, and the two of them were happy again. And the others, those Xibalbans, were still going on in search of the ball.

After that, having recovered the ball from among the bags, the boys cried out to them:

'Come back! Here's the ball! We've found it!, they said, so they stopped. When the Xibalbans got back:

'Have we been seeing things?' they said. Then they began there ball game again, and they made equal plays on both side.

After that, the squash was punted by Xbalanque. The squash was wearing out; it fell on the court, bring to light it's light colored seeds, as plain as day right in front of them.

'How did you get hold of that? Where did it come from?' said Xibalba.

With this the Masters of Xibalba were defeated by Hunahpu and Xbalanque. There was great danger their, but they did not die from all the things that were done to them.

Next, the Epitaph.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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