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"The Epitaph, The Death, The Set-up"

Today we learn of the planned death of the Twins. And what is behind there deaths. After all, they survived all the Xibalban's test. Here is a link to a presentation I attended last night. At the Arizona Science Center. My monthly journey their to record the various ASU professors talks. Last night talk was, 'You Are What You Eat'. Interesting facts about how your body reacts to modified starches such as white bread and processed grains. Another interesting fact was how your body rejects modified corn sugars. They also to my surprise, talked about GMO corn and foods. And how corn farmers are subsidized to grow corn. Basicly telling you the system pays the farmers to kill you. The talks can be boring, but there is some good knowledge in there. Now to the Tricksters, 'The Twins'.

And here it is:

The Epitaph, the Death of Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

Here it is: now we shall name there epitaph, there death. They did what ever there were instructed to do, going through all the dangers, the troubles that were made for them, but they did not die from the test of Xibalba, nor were they defeated by all the voracious animals that inhabit Xibalba.

After that, they summoned two midmost seers, similar to readers. Here are there names: Xulu, Pecam (diviners who talk to the Lords of Xibalba) , both knowers.

'Perhaps there will be questions from the Lords of Xibalba about are death. They are thinking about how to over come us because we haven't died, nor have we been defeated. We've exhausted all there test. Not even the animals got us. So this is the sign, here in our hearts: there instruments for our death will be a stone oven. (Here the Twins are telling Xulu and Pecam, to instruct the Lords of Xibalba. About there impending death.) All the Xibalbans have gathered together. Isn't are death inevitable? So this is your plan, here we shall name it: if you come tom be questioned by them about our death, once we've been burned, what will you say, Xulu, and you, Pecam? If they ask you.'

'Wouldn't it be good if we dumped there bones in a canyon?' (meaning complete death, no reincarnation)

'Perhaps it wouldn't be good, since they would only come back to life again,' (which is not true) you would say.

'Perhaps this would be good: we'll just hang them up in a tree,' they'll say to you next.

'Certainly that's no good, since you would see there faces,' you will say, and then they'll speak to you for a third "Time":

'Well,' here's the only good thing: we'll just dump there bones in the river.' If that's what they ask you next:

This is a good death for them, and it would be good to grind there bones into a stone, just as hard corn is refined into flour, and refine them separately, and then:

'Spill them into the river,
sprinkle them on the water's way,
among the mountains, small and great,'

you will say and then you will have carried out the instructions we've named for you,' said little Hunahpu and Xbalanque. When they gave these instructions they already knew they would die. (You can once again the Twins are sitting-up the Lords of Death.)

This Is The Making Of The Ovens, the great stone oven.

The Xibalbans made it like the places where the sweet drink is cooked, they opened it to great width.

After that, messengers came to get the boys, the messengers of One and Seven Death:

'They must come. We'll go with the boys, to see the treat we've cooked up for them,' say the lords, you boys, they were told.

'Very well,' they replied. They went running and arrived at the mouth of the oven.

And their they tried to force them into a game:

'Here, let's jump over our drinks four "Times", clear across, one of us after the other, boys,' they were told by One Death.

'You'll never put that one over on us. Don't we know what out death is, your Lords? Watch!.' they said, then they faced each other. They grabbed each other by the hands and went head first into the oven.

And their they died, together, and now all the Xibalbans were happy, raising there shouts, raising there cheers:

"We've really beaten them! They didn't give up easily,' they said.

After that they summoned Xulu and Pecam, who kept there word: the bones went just where the boys had wanted them. Once the Xibalbans had done the divination, (supernatural insight into the future) the bones were ground and spilled in the river but they didn't go far, they just sank to the bottom of the water. They became handsome boys; they look just the same as before when they reappeared.

And On The fifth Day They Reappeared. (In the Bible, Jesus died for three days. Before he resurrected.)

They were seen in the water by the people. The two of them looked like Catfish when there faces were seen by Xibalba. And having germinated in the water, they appeared the day after that as two Vagabonds, with rags before and rags behind, and rags all over too. They seemed unrefined when they were examined by Xibalba; they acted differently now.

It was only the dance of the Poorwill, the dance of the Weasel, only Armadillos they danced.

Only Swallowing Swords, only Walking on Stilts now they danced.

They preformed many miracles now. They would set fire to a house, as if they were really burning it, and suddenly bring it back again. Now Xibalba was full of admiration.

Next they would sacrifice themselves, one of then dying for the other, stretched out as if in death. First they would kill themselves, but then they would suddenly look alive again. The Xibalbans could only admire what they did. Everything they did was now groundwork for there defeat of Xibalba.

And after that, news of there dances came to the ears of the Lords, One and Seven Death. When they heard it they said: 'Who are these two vagabonds? Are they really such a delight? And is there dancing really that pretty? They do everything!' they said. An account of them had reached the Lords. It sounded delightful, so then they entreated there messengers to notify them they must come:

'If only they'd come make a show for us, we'd wonder at them and marvel at them,' say the Lords, 'you will say', the messengers were told. So they came to the dancers, then spoke the words of the Lords to them.

'But we don't want to come, because we're really ashamed. Just plain no. Wouldn't we be afraid to go inside their, into a Lordly house? Because we'd look really bad. Wouldn't we just be wide-eyed? Take pity on us! Wouldn't we look like mere dancers to them? what would we say to our fellow vagabonds?
There are others who want us to dance today, to liven things up with us, so we can't do likewise for the Lords, and likewise is not what we want, messengers,' said Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

Even so they prevailed upon: through troubles, through torments, they went on there tortuous way. They didn't want to walk fast. Many "times" they had to be forced; the messengers went ahead of them as guides but had to keep coming back. And so they went to the Lord.

Next once again we'll see the defeat of the Lords by the Twins. You can see there very cunning in there work. Making it look like they are being force to entertain the Lords. When in reality they are once again setting them up.

Passamaquoddy Tribe
Meaning plenty of Pollock a type of Herring fish. They lived in conical Wigwams in the Maine area of northeastern America.

"God" bless

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