Sunday, November 21, 2010

"One and Seven Death's, Heart Sacrifice"

Today we re-learn from the old adage, 'be careful what you ask for'. And how being Humble is one of "God's" wishes for mankind. Being Humble is brought to the fore front. In today's passages from the Popol Vuh. As the twins lure in One and Seven Death. Into a faithful destiny. With there acts of humility. A lesson well worth learning from the Popol Vuh. Today I went over to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. To video some artist doing the annual show their. Seeing how I put so much effort into video and posting Native American artist. What the heck, why not some White artist. What I learned is from this experience, never again. While the Native American artist are open to my camera. The Whites take themselves way to serious. To the point of being rude. I got some good minutes I'll post later. But for the most part. I'll stick to my Native American artists work.

And They Came To The Lords.

Feigning (humble) great humility, they bowed there heads all the way to the ground (throwing there faces to the ground) when they arrived. They brought themselves low, doubled over, flattened out, down to the rags, to the tatters. They really looked like vagabonds when they arrived.

So then they were asked what there mountain and tribe were, and they were also asked about there mother and father:

'Where do you come from?' they were asked.

'We've never known Lord. We don't know our identity of our mother and father. We must of been small when they died,' was all they said. They didn't give any names.

'Very well. Please entertain us, then. What do you wants us to give in payment?' they were asked.

'Well we don't want nothing. To tell the truth, we're afraid,' they told the Lord.

'Don't be afraid. Don't be ashamed. Just dance this way: first you'll dance to sacrifice yourselves, you'll set fire to my house after that, you'll act out all the things you know. We want to be entertained. This is our hearts desire, the reason you had to be sent for, dear vagabonds. We'll give you payment,' they were told.

So then they began there songs and dances, and then all the Xibalbans arrived, the spectators crowed the floor, and they dance everything: they danced the Weasel, they dance the Poorwill, they danced the Armadillo. Then the Lords said to them.

'Sacrifice my dog, then bring him back to life again,' they were told.

'Yes' they said. (You can almost here the music to the plot. Playing in the background. lol)

When they sacrificed the dog
he then came back to life.
And that dog was really happy
when he came back to life.
Back and forth he wagged his tail
when he came back to life.

And the Lord said to them:
'Well,' you have yet to set my home on fire,' they were told next, so then they set fire to the home of the Lord. The house was packed with all the Lords, but they were not burned. They quickly fixed it back again, lest the house of One Death be consumed all at once, and all the Lords were amazed, and they went on dancing this way. They were overjoyed.

And then they were asked by the Lords:
'You have yet to kill a person! Make a sacrifice without death!' they were told.
'Very well,' they said.

And then they took hold of a human sacrifice.
And they held up a human heart on high.
And they showed it's roundness to the Lords.

And now One and Seven Death admired it, and now that person was brought back to life. His heart was overjoyed, when he came back to life, and the lords wer amazed:

'Sacrifice yet again, even do it to yourselves! Let's see it! At heart that's the dance we really want from you,' the Lords said now.

'Very well Lord,' they replied, and then they sacrificed themselves.

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