Sunday, November 21, 2010

'One and Seven Death's, Heart Sacrifice" pt. 2

And This Is The Sacrifice Of Little Hunahpu by Xbalanque.

One by one his legs, his arms were spread. His head came off, rolled far away outside. His Heart dug out, was smothered in a leaf, and all the Xibalbans went crazy at the sight.

So now, only one of them was dancing their: Xbalanque.

'Get up!' he said, and Hunahpu came back to life. The two of them were overjoyed at this, and likewise the Lords rejoiced, as if they were doing it themselves. One and Seven Death were as glad at heart as if they themselves were actually doing the dance.

And then the hearts of the Lords were filled with longing, with yearning for the dance of little Hunahpu and Xbalanque, so then came these words from One and seven Death:

'Do it to us! Sacrifice us!' they said. 'Sacrifice both of us!' said One and Seven Death to little Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

'Very well. You ought to come back to life. What is death to you? And aren't we making you happy, along with the vassals (subjects) of your domain?' they told the Lords.

And this was the first to be sacrificed: the Lord at the very top, the one whose name is One Death, the ruler of Xibalba.

And with One Death dead, the next taken was Seven Death. They did not come back to life.

And then the Xibalbans were getting up to leave, those who had seen the Lords die. They underwent Heart Sacrifice (open chest, take heart) their. And the heart sacrifice was preformed on the two Lords only for the purpose of destroying them.

As soon as they had killed the one Lord with out bringing him back to life, the other Lords had been meek and tearful before the dancers. He didn't consent, he didn't accept it:

'Take pity on me!' he said when he realized. All there vassals took the road to the great canyon, in one single mass they filled up the deep abyss (crack in the Earth). So they piled up their and gathered together, countless Ants, tumbling down into the canyon, as if they were being herded their. And when they arrived, they all bent low in surrender, they arrived meek and tearful.

Such was the defeat of the rulers of Xibalba. The boys accomplished it only through wonders, only trough self-transformation.

(The Hopi Kachinas are are representation of a type of transformation. The Kachinas are Spirits transformed into what the Kachinas look like.) The Twins could transform themselves into what ever they wanted to be. From handsome young boys, into Catfish to Vagabonds in rags.

The Lords of Xibalba were all self consumed. Until "God" using the Twins to humble them all. Bring them to there knees. Here is the lesson to be been learned from the Twins actions. Next the Lords of Xibalba beg for forgiveness from the Twins.

Pawnee Tribe
Were from the Platt River of Nebraska. They lost half there population to cholera between 1840 and 1850. They were removed from there homelands to the reservation on Oklahoma. And settled in with the Ponca and Oto tribes.

"God" bless on this cold and rainy Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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