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"Twins Restore There Father, Seven Hunahpu"

We now come to the end of part 3, of the Popol Vuh. And the Twins conquer of the evils of Xibalba, and it's Lords. First I'd like to post a link. To a interesting video a reader of my blog sent me. And with it, the caption, 'Blue Star Kachina'. The name of the video is, UFO near the Moon? Now to the final few pages of part 3.

And Then They Named There Names, they gave themselves names before all of Xibalba:

'Listen: we shall name our names, and we shall also name the names of our fathers for you. Here we are: were little Hunahpu and Xbalanque by name. And these are our fathers, the ones you killed: One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu by name. And we are here to clear the road of the torments and troubles of our fathers. And so we are putting an end to all of you. We're going to kill you. No one can save you now,' they were told. And then all the Xibalbans got down on the ground and cried out:

'Take pity on us, Hunahpu and Xbalanque! It is true that we wronged your fathers, the ones you named. Those two are buried at the Place of Ball game sacrifice,' they replied.

'Very well. Now this is our word, we shall name it for you. All of you listen, you Xibalbans" because of this, your day and your decendents will not be great. Moreover the gifts you recieve will no longer be great, but reduced to scabrous (obscene) nodules of sap. There will be no cleanly blotted blood for you (human blood), just griddles, just gourds, just brittle things broken into pieces. Further, you will only feed on creatures of the meadows and clearnings. None of those who are born of the light (humans), begotten (attained) in the light will be yours. Only the worthless will yield themselves up before you. These will be the guilty, the violent, the wretched, the afflicted. Wherever the blame is clear, that is where you will come in, rather than just making sudden attacks on people in general. And you will hear petitions over headed-up sap,' all the Xibalbans were told.

Such was the beginning of there disappearance and the denial of there worship.

There ancient day was not a great one
these ancient people only wanted conflict,
there ancient names are not really Divine
but fearful is the ancient evil of there faces

They are makers of enemies, users of owls (Bohemian Grove rituals),
they are inciters to wrongs and violence (to put evil thoughts in peoples minds),
they are masters of hidden intentions as well (the 'powers' of modern "Times"),
they are black and white (clearly seen).
masters of stupidity, masters of perplexity (confusion)

as it is said. By putting on appearances they cause dismay.

Such was the loss of there greatness and brilliance. There domain did not return to greatness. This was accomplished by little Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

And This Is There Grandmother, Crying and Calling Out (praying) In Front Of The Ears Of Green Corn they left planted. Corn plants grew, then dried up.

And this was when they were burned in the oven; then the corn plants grew again.

And this was when there grandmother burned something, she burned copal (resin of a tropical tree) before the ears of green corn as a memorial to them. There was happiness in there grandmother's heart the second "Time" the corn plants sprouted. Then the ears were deified (to make "God" of) by there grandmother, and she gave them names: Middle of the House, Middle of the Harvest, Living Ears of Green Corn, Bed of earth became there names.

And she named the ears Middle of the House, Middle of the Harvest, because they had planted them right in the middle of the inside of there home.

And she further named them Bed of Earth, Living Ears of Green Corn, since the ears had been placed up above an Earthen floor.

And she named them Living ears of Green corn, because the corn plants had grown again. So they were named by Xmucane (Devine Grandparents). They had been left behind, planted by Hunahpu and Xbalanque, simple as a way for there grandmother to remember them.

And the first to die, a long "Time" before, had been there father, One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu. And they saw the face of there father again, their in Xibalba. There father spoke to them again when they had defeated Xibalba.

And Their The Father Is Put Back Together By Them. They put Seven Hunahpu back together; They went to the Place of Ball game Sacrifice to put him together. He had wanted his face to become just as it was, but when he was asked to name everything, and once he had found the name of the mouth, the nose, the eyes of his face, there was very little else to be said. Although his mouth could not name the names of each of his former parts, he had at least spoken again. (His old self could not be restored, only his voice could be heard.)

And so it remained that they were respectful if there father's heart, even though they left him at the Place of ball Sacrifice:

'You will be prayed here,' his sons told him, and his heart was comforted. 'You will be the first resort, and you will be the first to have your day kept by those (Mayan Day Keepers) who will be born in the light (first human), begotten in the light. Your name will not be lost. So be it,' they told there father when they comforted his heart.

'We merely cleared the road of your death, your loss, the pain, the suffering that we inflicted upon you.'

And such was the instructions they gave when all the Xibalbans had been finally defeated. And then the two boys ascended this way, here into the middle of light, and they ascended straight on into the sky, and the Sun belonged to one (Hunahpu) and the Moon (Xbalanque) the other. When it became light within the Sky, on the face of the Earth, they were there in the Sky. (The Earth became alive.)

And then the Four Hundred Boys climbed up, the ones who were killed by Zipacna.

And sot they came to accompany the two of them, they became the Sky's own Stars. (Pleiades)

And that was end the third part of the Popol Vuh. I was getting tears in my eyes. While writing down the story of the Twins and there father. As you can see only there fathers voice remained after death. As if to say only the soul survives death. The body can not come with you in death. Death is final for your Earthly body. But not the death of your soul and spirit. Once again the Popl Vuh delivers many messages in it's story. Some I have picked out and noticed. While other will find there own messages meant for only them.

Next we learn of the conception of Humans. And those who created life here on Mother Earth. With the help of Father "Time". Bearer, Begetter, the Makers, Modelers named Sovereign Plumed Serpent

Passamaquoddy Tribe
Not much to find on this tribe except they lived in the area of Maine.

"God" bless and bye

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