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"The First Families"

So far we have learned from the Popol Vuh. How the Earth was prepared for the living creatures that would inhabit it, along with the plants. The forming of the mountains, rivers, meadows, etc.. And that the Lords of Xibalba. Could not prey on the good people of the Earth. Only those of sin could be devoured in Xibalba. (FYI The Hopi have a very similar story about the Giants of the upper World that roamed around. That would eat the peoples on the surface. Also in the Christian Bible you have the story of the Nephilim Giants.) We also learned of how the Stars, Sun and Moon were placed. Now come the story of the creation of the first families. They had no parents. There were none before them.

And Here Is The Beginning Of The Conception Of Humans, and of the search for the ingredients of the human body. So they spoke, the Bearer, Begetter, the Makers, Modelers named Sovereign Plumed Serpent:

'The dawn had approached, preparations have been made, and morning has come for the provider, nurturer, born in the light, begotten in the light. Morning has come for humankind, for the people of the face of the Earth,' they said. It all came together as they went on thinking in the darkness, in the night, as they searched and they sifted, they thought and they wondered.

And there thoughts came out in clear light. They sought and discovered what was needed for human flesh. It was only a short while before the Sun, Moon, and the Stars were to appear above the Makers and Modelers. Split Place, Bitter Water Place (Near the Guatemalan and Mexican boarder.) is the name: the yellow corn, white corn came from their.

And these are the names of the animals who brought the food: Fox, Coyote, Parrot, Crow. there were four animals who brought the news of the ears of yellow corn and white corn. They were coming from over their at Split Place, they showed the way to the split.

And this was when they found the staple foods.

And these were the ingredients for the flesh of the humans work, the human design, and the water was for blood. It became human blood, and corn was also used by the Bearer, Begetter. (Names of the "Gods" who made plants, earth, animals, humans.)

And they were so happy over the provisions of the good mountains, filled with sweet things, thick yellow corn, white corn, thick with pataxte, and cocao, countless zapotes, anonas, jocotes, nances, matasanos (Notice that all the foods were plants and no animals. Same story the Hopi have about what "God" gave the inhabitants for food. Also you see the same story in the Bible Genesis 1:29), sweets--the rich food filling up the citadel named Split Place, Bitter water Place. All the edible fruits were there: small staples, great staples, small plants, great plants. The way was shown by the animals. (In the Hopi First World. The humans and animals lived side by side. The animals had no fear of the Hopi. Because they only ate the fruits and foods from the plants.)

And then the white and yellow corn were ground, and Xmucane (Divine grandmother, Hopi Spider Woman) did the grinding nine "Times". Food was used, along with the water she rinsed her hands with, for the creation of grease; it became human fat when it was worked by the Bearer, Begetter, Sovereign Plumed Serpent, as they are called.

After that they put it into words.

the making, the modeling of our first mother-father,
with yellow corn, white corn alone for flesh,
food alone for human legs and arms
for our first fathers, the four human works

It was staples alone that made up there flesh.

These Are The Names Of The First People Who Were Made And Modeled.
This is first person: Jaguar Quitze.
And now the second: Jaguar Night.
And now third: Not right Now.
And the Fourth: Dark Jaguar.

And these are the names of our first mother fathers. They were simply made and modeled, it is said; they had no mother and no father. We have named the men by themselves. No woman gave birth to them, nor were they begotten by the builder, sculpor, Bearer, begetter. By sacrifice alone (hard work), by genius alone they were made, they were modeled by the Maker, Modeler, Bearer, Begetter, Sovereign Plumed Serpent. And when they came to fruition, they came out human:

They talked and they made words.
They looked and they listened.
They walked, they worked.
They were good people, handsome, with looks of the male kind.

Thoughts came into existence and they gazed; there vision (intuitiveness) came all at once. Perfectly they saw, perfectly they knew everything under the Sky, wherever they looked. The moment they turned around and looked around in the Sky, on the Earth, everything was seen without any obstruction. They didn't have to walk around before they could see what was under the Sky; they just stayed where they were.

As they looked, there knowledge became intense. There sight passed through trees, through rocks, through lakes, through seas, through mountains, through plains. Jaguar Quitze, Not right Now and Dark Jaguar were truly gifted people.

And then they were asked by the builder and mason:

'What do you know about your being? Don't you look, don't you listen? Isn't you speech good and your walk? So you must look, to see out under the Sky. Don't you see the mountain-plain clearly? So try it,' they were told.

And then they saw everything under the sky perfectly. After that, they thanked the Maker, Modeler:

'Truly now,
double thanks, triple thanks
that we've been formed, we've been given
our mouths, faces
we speak, we listen
we wonder, we move
our knowledge is good, we've understood
what was far and near
and we've seen what was great and small
under the Sky, on the Earth
Thanks to you we've been formed,
we've come to be made and modeled,
our grandmother, out grandfather,'

they said we they gave thanks for having been made and modeled. They understood everything perfectly, they sighted the four sides, the four corners in the Sky, on the Earth, and this didn't sound good to the builders and sculptor:

'What our works and design have said is no good':

'We have understood everything great and small,' they said. And so the Bearer, Begetter took back there knowledge:

'What should we do with them now? There vision should at least reach nearby, they should see at least a small part of the face of the Earth, but what they re saying isn't good. Aren't they merely works and designs in there very names? Yet they'll become as great as "Gods", unless they procreate, proliferate at the sowing, the dawning unless they increase.' (multiply)

'Let it be this way: now we'll take them apart just a little, that's what we need. What we've found isn't good. There deeds would become equal to ours, just because there knowledge reaches so far. They see everything,' so said

the heart of Sky, Hurricaane
Newborn Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderblot,
Sovereign Plumed Serpent,
Bearer, Begetter,
Xpiyacoc, Xmucane,
Maker, Modeler;

as they are called. And when they changed the nature of there works, there designs, it was enough that the eyes be marred by the Heart of Sky. They were blinded as the face of a mirror is breathed upon. There vision flickered. Now it was from only close up that they could see what was there with clarity.

And such was the loss of the means of understanding, along with the means of knowing everything, by the four humans. The root was implanted.

And such was the making, modeling of our first grandfather, our father, by the Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth.

Many lessons to be learned from these passages. About how mankind was created after failures in the previous attempt with first Mud man and Wooden man. You can also see clearly mankind was made from the plants. To where many Native American stories talk how mankind was made from the animals. Here it clearly show mankind was made from the plants. And in many ways show that you were made from the plants. And you should only eat the plants that were provided for your nourishment. You can see why you have glimpes of greater things in your mind. As your mental abilities had to be dumb down some what. So as not to compete with your creators. Next we'll learn of the wifes that were given to the first four living male spirits. Just as the Hopi tell it. Spider Women created man. After Spider Women was created by "God".

"God" bless on thei Sunday Evening. may you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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