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"First Wives, First Mothers"

Now after the first successful mankind was brought to life. Which needed to be brought down a notch mentally. As to not compete with there Creator "God". The wives of the first four men, are created for them. So that they would multiply. And begin filling the lifeless (human) voids of the Earth. There are so many Native American tales of the first families. That are so similar, to these story. You can hardly tell the difference from there story. And the story in the Popol Vuh, first families. Also you will see the first mention of the story about. The Sun and Venus, and what came first. Venus is called the morning Star (also evening Star). The question arises, did Venus lead the Sun on the first born day on Earth? Or was the Sun already lit, that gave Venus her brightness? Also in this blog you will hear my favorite poem you could say. That is told by the Quichean people. And a great line, 'Give us steady light, a level place'. After all if you were a Humble people. What more could you ask for. The rest would be up to you.

And Then There Wives And Women Came Into Being. Again, the same "Gods' thought of it. It was as if they were asleep when they received them, truly beautiful women were their with Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, Dark Jaguar. With there women their they really came to alive. Right away they were happy at heart again (after being dumbed down a touch), because of there wives.

Red Sea Turtle is the name of the wife of Jaguar Quitze.
Prawn House is the name of the wife of Jaguar Night.
Water Hummingbird is the name of the wife of Not Right Now.
Macaw House is the name of the wife of Dark Jaguar.

So these are the names of there wives, who became ladies of rank, giving birth to the people of the tribe, small and great.

And This Is Our Root, We Who Are The Quiche People. And there came to be a crowd of penitents (sorrow for sin) and sacrificers. It was only four who came into being then, but there were four mothers for us, the Quiche people. There were different names for each of the people when they multiplied, their in the east. There names became numerous: Sovereign Oloman, Cohah, Quenech Ahau, as the names of the people that the Tams and Iloc began then. They came from the same place, their in the east.

Jaguar Quitze was the grandfather and the father of the nine great houses of the Cauecs.
Jaguar Night was the grandfather and father of the nine great houses of the Greathouses.
Not right Now was the grandfather and father of the four great houses of the Lord Quiches.

There were three seperate lineages. The names of the grandfathers and fathers are not forgotten. These multiplied and flowered their in the east, but the Tams and Ilocs also came forth, along with thirteen allied tribes, thirteen principalities, including:
The Radinals, Cakchiquels, those of Bird House.
And the white Cornmeal.
And also the Lamacs, Serpents, Sweatbath House, Talk House, those of Star House.
And those of Quiba House, those of Yoke House, Acul people, Jaguar House, Guardian of the Spoils, Jaguar Ropes.

It is sufficient that we speak only of the largest tribes from among the allied tribes; we have only noted the largest. Many more came out after-ward, each one a division of the citadel. We haven't written there names, but they multiplied their, from out of the east. There came to be many people in the blackness; they began to abound (plenty) even before the birth of the Sun and the Light. When they began to abound they were all their together; they stood and walked in crowds, their in the east.

There was nothing they could offer for sustenance (livelihood, nourishment), but even so they lifted there faces to the Sky (praying). They didn't know where they were going. They did this for a long "Time", when they were their in the grasslands (To the Hopi this would have been before, they reached the surface of the Earth. As they also were looking up to find the Sky.): black people, white people, people of many faces, people of many languages, uncertain, their at the edge of the Sky.

And there were mountain people (speakers of the Quichean language). They didn't show there faces, they had no homes. They just traveled the mountains, small and great (gatherers). 'It's as if they are crazy,; they used to say. They derided (ridiculed) the mountain people, it was said. Their they watched for the Sunrise, and for all the mountains people there was just one language. They did not yet pray to the treestone. (wooden stele, aka pillar)

These are the words they remembered the Maker, Modeler, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth. It was said that these were enough to keep them mindful (humble) of what was in the shadows and what was dawning. All they did ask; they never reverted (returned to former practises) words. They were reverent, they were givers of praise, givers of respect, lifting there faces to the Sky (praying) when they made requests for there daughters and sons:

thou Maker, thou Modeler,
look at us, listen to us,
don't let us fall, don't leave us aside,
thou "God" in the Sky, on the Earth,
give us our sign, our word,
as long as there is day, as long as there is light.
When it comes to sowing, the dawning,
will it be a greening road, a greening path?
Give us steady light, a level place,
a good light, a good place,
a good life and beginning. (new household)
Give us all this, thou Hurricane,
Newborn Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderbolt,
Newborn Nanahuac, Sudden Hanahuac,
Falcon, Hunahpu,
Sovereign Plumed Serpent,
Bearer, Begetter,
Xpiyacoc, Xmucane,
Grandmother of Day, Grandmother of Light,
when it comes to sowing, the dawning,'

they said when they made there fasts (abstaining) and prayers, just watching intently for the dawn. Their, too, they looked toward the east, watching closely for the Sun Carrier (Venus), the great Star at the birth of the Sun, of the heat for what is under the Sky, on the earth, the guide for the human work, the human design.

They spoke, those who are Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and Dark Jaguar:

'We're still waiting for the dawning,' they said, these great knowers, great thinkers, penitents, praisers, as they are called. And there was no tree-stone in the keeping of out first mother-fathers, and they were weary at heart their, waiting for the Sun. Already there were many of them, all the tribes, including the Mexican people, all penitents and sacrifices.

'Let's just go. We'll look and see whether there is something to keep as our sign. We'll find out what we should burn in front of it. The way we are right now, we have nothing to keep as our own,' said Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and dark Jaguar. They got word of a citadel. They went their.

Next we learn of the city of Tulan. The place the Quiche people traveled too. To find the separate tribes Deities. As you can see the Quiche people keep there Humble Spirit. While other prayed to the wooden statue or Treestone. And how they waited for the dawn to bring light and warmth to the Earth. With Venus leading the way for the first Sun. They lived in darkness. In much the same way the Hopi talk of the Underworld before there Emergence.

"God" bless bye

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