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I have read a story somewhere, maybe the Christian Bible. That "God" gave the inhabitants of the Earth. Many different languages as a punishment. You will see in today's segment of the Popol Vuh. This also happened to the Quiche people. Although it is not clear, how the different languages got started. Only that after awhile in Tulan. The different languages come about. Tulan was abandoned after the individual groups of Quiche tribes got the own "God". This is a tough segment of the Popol Vuh. You will have to find your own meaning of what underlying current or thought pattern is.

And This Is The Nasme Of The Mountain Where They Went, Jaguar Quitze, jaguar Night, Not right Now, Dark Jaguar, and the Tams and Ilocs: Tulan Zuyua, Seven caves, Seven Canyons (Many Mayan sites were built over natural caves. In the future I'll write about the many caves that have been found in the area. And the connection to the underground water ways. The Mayans so often talk about.) is the name of the Citadel. Those who were to receive the "God" arrived their.

And they arrived their at Tulan, all of then, countless people arrived, walking crowds, and there "Gods" were given out in order, the first beings those of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar night, Not right Now, and Dark Jaguar. They were happy:

'We have found what we are looking for,' they said. And this one was the first to come out:

Tohil ("God" of Fire) is the name of the "God" loaded in the backpack borne by Jaguar Quitze. And the others came in turn:

Auilix is the name of the "God" that Jaguar Night carried.

Hacauitz, in turn, is the of the "God" received by Not Right Now.

Middle of the Plain is the name of the "God" received by Dark Jaguar.

And there were still other Quiche people, since the Tams also received there's, but it was the same Tohil for the Tams, that's the name received by the grandfather and father of the Tams Lords, as they are known today.

And third was the Ilocs: again, Tohil is the name of the "God" received by the grandfather and father of those Lords, the same ones known today.

And such was the naming of the three Quiches. They have never let go of one another because the "God" has just one name: Tohil for the Quiche proper, and Tohil for the Tams and Ilocs. There is just one name for there "God", and so the quiche threesome has not come apart, those three. Tohil, Auilix, and hacauitz are truly great in there being.

And then all the tribes came in: Rabinals, Cakchiquels, those of Bird House, along with the Mexican people, as they are named today. And the languages of the tribes changed their; there languages became differentiated. They could no longer understand one another clearly when they came away from Tulan.

And their they broke apart. There were those who went eastward and many who came here, but they were all alike in dressing with hides. There were no cloths of the better kind. They were in patches, they were adorned with mere animal hides. They were poor. They had nothing of there own. But they were people of genius in there very being when they came away from Tulan Zuyua, Seven Caves, Seven Canyons, so say the anciet text.

They Walked In Crowds When They Arrived At Tulan, And There was No Fire. Only those with Tohil had it: this was the tribe whose "God" was first to generate fire. How it was generated is not clear. There fire was already burning when Jaguar Quitze and Jaguar Night first saw it:

'Alas! Fire has not yet became ours. We'll die from the cold,' they said. And then Tohil spoke:

'Do not grieve. You will have your own even when the fire you're talking about had been lost,' Tohil told them.

'Aren't you a true "God"!

Our sustenance and our support!

Our "God"!'

they said when they gave thanks for what Tohil had said.

'Very well, in truth

I am your "God": so be it.

I am your Lord: so be it'

the penitents and sacrificers were told by Tohil.

And this was the warming of the tribes. They were pleased by there fire.

After that a great downpour began, which cut short the fire of the tribes. And hail fell quickly on all the tribes, and there fires were put out byn the hail. There fires did not start up again. So the jaguar Quitze and jaguar Night asked for there fire again:

'Tohil, we'll be finnished off by the cold,' tthey told Tohil.

'Well, do not grieve,' said Tohil. Then he started a fire. He pivoted inside his sandal.

After that, Jaguar Quitze , Jaguar Night, Not right Now, and Dark Jaguar were pleased.

After they had been warmed, the firesof the other tribe were stillout. Now they were being finnished off by the cold, so they came back to ask for there fire from Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar. They could bear the cold hail no longer. By now they were chattering and shivering. There was no life left in them. There legs and arms kept shaking. There hands were stiff when they arrived.

'Perhaps we wouldn't make ourselves

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