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"Darkness before the Dawn"

In today's story from the Popol Vuh. You can see the connection to the Hopi and several other Native American tribes. Stories of there Emergence from darkness. No mater if from the Sky, or from below the Earth's surface. They all had a common connection. They needed knowledge to survive there journey on Earth. And only there "Creator God", could give this to them. Here the Popol Vuh sound as if the Quiche people could be inside the Earth. In the darkness, awaiting first light. Waiting for Venus to come before the Sun. As there first days on the Earth's surface. I would like to also say here. I'm not sure if the Hopi came before the Quiche people. One amazing factor is. The Hopi petroglyphs are older than the Mayan cities. And the Hopi have a story about the 'Red City' to the south. The Hopi called it 'Palatkwapi'. The Mayans called the same city 'Palenque'. Here is a link to some good information on the subject of the Hopi-Mayan connection.

Also yesterday I went to Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix. For a art show of Native American art works and entertainers. I unsuspectingly finally got my Hopi Emergence Story. It came from a 5 "Time" Hoop Dancing World champion. He was a Hopi and his name is Derrick Sumaima Davis. Here is a link to the You Tube video of the 'Emergence Story'. Now to the story from the Popol Vuh.

When they Came Away From Tulan Zuyua, (Could Tulan Zuyua be the Inter-Earth?) they weren't eating. They observed a continuous Fast. It was enough that they watched intently for the dawning, that they watched closely for the rising Sun, taking turns at watching for the great Star named 'Sun Carrier' (Venus). This one came first before the Sun was born, the newly risen 'Sun Carrier'.

And their, always facing the east, when they were their in the place named Tulan Zuyua. There "Gods" came from their. It wasn't really here that they received there fiery splendor and there dominion (sovereign independence), but rather their that the tribes, great and small, were subjugated (brought under control) and humiliated. When they were cut open before Tohil, all the peoples gave there blood, there gore, there sides, there underarms. Fiery splendor came to them all at once at Tulan, along with great knowledge, and they achieved this in the darkness, in the night. (This screams of Hopi Inter-Earth.)

And now they came away, they tore themselves away from their. Now they left the east.

'Our home is not here. Let's go on until we see where we belong,' said Tohil. He actually spoke to them, to Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar.

'It remains for you to give thanks, since you have yet to take care of bleeding your ears, yet to take stitches in your elbows. You must worship. This is your way of giving thanks before your "God".' (give penitence, self sacrifice)

'Very well,' they replied, then they bled there ears. They cried in there song about coming from Tulan. They cried in there hearts when they came away, when they made there departure from Tulan:

We won't be here when we see the dawn,
when the Sun is born,
when the face of the Earth is lit'

they said.

And Then They Came Away, Just Camping On The Road. People were just camping their, each tribe slept and then got up again. And they were always watching for the Star (Venus), the sign of the day. They kept this sign of the dawn in there hearts when they came away from the east. In unity they passed beyond the place named Great Hollow today. (Great Hollow with Fish in the Ashes)

And then they arrived on top of a mountain their. All the Quiche people got together their, along with other tribes, and all of them held counsel their. The name the mountain has today is from when they took council together; Place of Advice is the name of the mountain. They got together and identified themselves their:

'Here am I: I am a Quiche person, and you their, you are Tams, this will be your name,' the Tams were told. And then the Ilocs were told:

'You are the Ilocs, this will be your name. The three Quiche must not be lost. We are united in our words,' they said when they fixed there names.

And then the Cakchiquels were named; there name became Cakchiquels. So to, with the Radinals; this became there name. It hasn't been lost today.

And then there were those of Bird House, as they are named today

These are the names the named for one another. When they held council their, they were still waiting for the dawning, watching for the appearance of the rising Stat, the one that came before the Sun when it was born.

'When they came away from Tulan, we broke ourselves apart,' they told each other.

This is what kept weighing on there heats, the great pain they went through: there was nothing to eat, nothing to feed on. They were just smelling the tips of there staffs (made of Cherry wood) as if they were thinking of eating them, but they weren't eating at all as they came.

Ans it isn't clear how they crossed over the sea. They crossed over as if there were no sea. They just crossed over on stones, stone piled up in the sand. (Hopi have the same story.) And they gave it a name; Stone Courses, Sand Banks was there name for the place where they crossed through the midst of the sea. Where the water divided, they crossed over. (Moses)

And this is what weighed on there hearts when they took council: that they had nothing to eat. They had on beverage to drink, just one atole (drink), which they brought upon the mountain named Place of Advice. And they also brought Tohil, Auilix, and Hacuaitz. Observing a great fast was jaguar Quitze, with his wife; Red Sea Turtle is her name.

Likewise doing it was Jaguar Night with his wife, named Prawn House. And Not right Now was also their at the great fast, with his wife, named Water Hummingbird, along with dark Jaguar, whose wife's name is Macaw House.

So these are the ones who fasted, their in the darkness, in the early dawn. There sadness was great when they were their on the mountain named Place of Advice today. And there "God" spoke their.

Pawnee Tribe
From the Platt River area of Nebraska. The Pawnee lost half there tribal members to cholera from 1840 too 1850. They later became scouts for the U.S. Calvary. They were move to the Oklahoma territory along with so many other tribes.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landing. bye

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