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Today we learn from the Popol Vuh about the first Dawning. And How it was led into place by Venus. We also learn of the first Day Keeper, White Sparkstriker. Who forecast the outcome of the Spanish invasion led by Conquistador Hernando Cortes. Who first conquered the Aztecs and not the Mayans. As many tales have this important fact wrong. The Mayans predicted the arrival of the Spanish on the day, 'One Reed' (21 April 1518). The Mayans were long gone, at the arrival of Cortes. Here is a link to a brief history of Cortes on BBC.

And Then Tohil, Along With Auilix And Hacauitz, Spoke To Them, to Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and dark Jaguar:

'Let's just go, let's just get up, let's not stay here. Please give us places to hide. It's nearly dawn. Wouldn't you look pitiful if we became plundered for warriors? Construct places where we can remain yours, you penitents and sacrificers, and give one place to each of us,' they said we they spoke.

'Very well. Let's get out and search the forest,' they all replied. After that they packed each one of the "Gods" on there backs.

And then Auilix went into the canyon named Concealment Canyon, as they called it, into the great canyon in the forest. Auilix's Place is the name today. He was left their, placed in there canyon by Jaguar Night, coming first in the sequence of placements.

And then Hacauitz was placed at the top of a great pyramid. Hacauitz is the name of the mountain today, and it became there citadel. So the "God" Hacauitz remained their and Not Right Now stayed with his "God". This was the second "God" to be hidden by them. Hacauitz didn't stay in the forest. It was on a bare mountain (treeless) that Hacauitz was hidden.

And then came Jaguar Quitze. He arrived in the great forest their. Tohil was put into hiding by Jaguar Quitze; the mountain is called Tohil's Place today. Then they gave Concealment Canyon an epithet: Tohil Medicine. Masses of serpents and masses of jaguars, rattlesnakes, fer-de-lances were their in the forest where he was hidden by the penitents and sacrificers.

So they were their in unity: Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and dark Jaguar. In unity they waited for the dawn, their on top of the mountain named Hacauitz.

Also, a short distance away, was the "God" of the Tams, together with the Ilocs. Tam tribe is the name of the place where the "God" of the Tams was, their at the dawn. Net Weave Tribe is the name of the place where dawn came for the Ilocs. The "God' of the Ilocs was just a short distance away.

Also their was all the Rabinals, Cakchiquels, those of Bird House, all the tribes, small and great. In unity they stopped their for the rising of the great Star named Sun Carrier (Venus).

'It will rise before the Sun when dawn comes,' they said and they were in unity their; Jaguar Quitze, jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar. There was no sleep, no rest for them. They cried there hearts and there guts out, their at the dawning and clearing and so they looked terrible. Great sorrow, great anguish came over them; they were marked by there pain. They just stayed that way.

'Coming here hasn't been sweet for us. Alas! If we could only see the birth of the Sun! What have we done? We all had one identity, one mountain, but we sent ourselves into exile,' they said we they talked among themselves. They talked about sorrow, about anguish, about crying and wailing, since there hearts had not yet been set to rest by the dawn.

And these are the ones who did feel settled their; the "Gods" who were in the canyons, in the forest, just out in the bromelaids, in the hanging mosses, not yet set on a pedestals. At first, Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz actually spoke. The greatness of there day and the greatness of there breath of spirit set them above all the other tribal "Gods". There genius was manifold (numerous) and there ways were manifold strategies. They were chilling, they were frightening in there very being and in the hearts of the tribes, whose thoughts were calmed by Jaguare Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and Dark Jaguar. There hearts did not yet harbor ill will towards the "Gods" who had been taken up and carried away when they all came from Tulan Zuyua, their in the east, who were now in the forest.

These were the dawning places: Tohil's Place, Auilix's Place, and Hacauitz, as they are called today. And this is where our grandfathers, our fathers had there sowing, there dawning.

This is what we shall explain next: the dawning and showing of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

And Here Is The Dawning And Sowing Of The Sun, Moon And Stars. And jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not right Now and dark Jaguar were over joyed when they saw the Sun Carrier. It came up first. It looked brilliant when it came up, since it was ahead of the Sun.

After that they unwrapped ther copal incense, which came from the east, aand there was triumph in there hearts when they unwrapped it. They gave there heartfelt thanks with three kinds at once:

Mixtam Copal is the name of the copal brought by Jaguar Quitze. Cauiztan Copal, next, is the name of the copal brought by Jaguar Night. "Godly" Copal, as the next one is called, was brought by Not right Now.

The three of them had there copla, and this is what they burned as they incensed the direction of the rising Sun. They were crying sweetly as they shook there burning copal, the precious copal.

After that they cried because they had yet to see and yet to witness the birth of the Sun.

And then, when the Sun came up, the animals, ssmall and great, were happy. They all came from the rivers and canyons; they waited on all the mountain peaks. Together they looked toward the place where the Sun came out.

So then the puma and jaguar cried out, but the first to cry out was a bird, a parrot by name. All the animals were truly happy. The Eagle, the white vulture, small birds, great birds spread there wings, and the penitents and sacrificers knelt down. They were overjoyed, together with the penitents and sacrificers of the Tams, the Ilocs.

And the Rabinals, Cakchiquels, those of Bird House. And the Sweat House, Talk House, Quiba House, those of Yoke House.

And the Mexican Sovereigns (monarchs) however many tribes there may be today. There were countless people, but there was just one dawn for all tribes.

And then the face of the earth was dried out by the Sun. The Sun was like a person when they reveal himself. His face was hot, so he dried out the face of the earth. Before the Sun came up it was soggy and the face of the earth was muddy before the Sun came up. And when the Sun had risen just a short distance he was like a person and his heat was unbearable. Since he revealed himself only when he was born, it is only his reflection that now remains. As they put it in ancient text,

'The visible Sun is not the real one.'

And then all at once, Tohil, Auilix, and Hacauitz were turned to stone, along with the icons of the puma, jaguar, rattlesnake, fer-de-lance, which the White Sparkstriker (First Day Keeper) took with him into the trees. Everywhere, all of them became stone when the Sun, Moon, and stars appeared. Perhaps we would have no relief from the voracious animals today, the puma, jaguar, rattlesnake, fer-de-lance and perhaps it wouldn't even be our day today, if the original animals hadn't been turned to stone by the Sun when it came up. (extinction of the dinosaurs?)

There was great happyness in the hearts of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and Dark Jaguar. They were overjoyed when it dawned. The people on the mountain Hacauitz were not numerous now; just a few were their. There dawning was their and they burned copal their, incensing the direction of the rising Sun. They came from their: it is there own mountain, there own plain. Those named Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar came from their and they began there increases on that mountain.

And that became ther citadel, since they were their when the Sun, Moon, and Stars appeared and cleared on the face of the Earth, over every thing under the Sky.

There you have it. 'The Creation Story'. How the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Animals, Plants, and Humans started. As a Hopi friend once said. The Earth didn't need humans. But the Humans need the Earth.

"God" bless bye

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