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Naw we're not talking about "Alien" abductions, I think. Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar are preparing for abduction of local tribal members. Hopefully we will learn why this happened. The tribal members had already given there permission. To be suckled by the "Gods" Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz. For them giving them, the tribal members fire. This part of the Popol Vuh is open to your own interpretation. I have my own ideas, what is being told here. But many different Mayan historians have different ideas. Of what is being said in these last few pages.

And Their Began There Song Named 'Camacu' (song of, 'what is it'). They sang out the lament of there very hearts and guts. In there song they stated:

' Alas!

We were lost at Tulan!

We shattered ourselves!

We left our elder brothers behind!

Our younger brothers!

Where did they see the Sun?

Where must they be staying,

now that the dawn has come?'

They were speaking of the penitents and sacrificers who were the Mexican people.

'Even though Tohil is his name, he is the same as the "God" of the Mexican people, who is named Yolcuat (ingenious Snake, aka cleverness) and Quitzalcuat (Quetzalcoatl, Great Plumed Serpent). When we divided, their at Tulan, at Zuyua, they left with us, and they shared our identity when we came away,' they said among themselves when they remembered there faraway brothers, elder and younger, the Mexicans people whose dawn was their in the place named Mexico today.

And again, some of the people stayed their in the east; Sovereign Oloman is there name.

'We left them behind,' they said. It was a great weight on there hearts, up their on Hucauitz. The Tams and Ilocs did likewise, except that they were in the forest. Tam Tribe is the name of the place where it dawned for the penitents and sacrificers of the Tams, with there "God", the same Tohil. There was just one name for the "God" of all three divisions of the Quiche people.

And again, the name of the "God" of the Rabinals was the same. His name was only slightly changed; 'One Toh' is the way the name of the "God" of the Rabinals is spoken. They say it that way, but it is meant to be in agreement with the Quiches and with there language.

And the language has differentiated in the case of the Cakchiquels, since there "God" had a different name when they came away from Tulan Zuyua. Snake Tooth is the name of the "God' of the Bat House, and they speak a different language today. Along with there "God", the lineage took there name; they are called Keeper of the Bat Mat and Keeper of the Dance Mat (Lordly title and not Clans). Like there "God", there language was differentiated on account of a stone, when they came from Tulan in the darkness. All the tribes were sown and came to light in unity, and each division was allocated a name for it's "God".

And now we shall tell about there stay and there sojourn their on the mountain. The four were their together, the one named Jaguar Quitze, Jaguarn Night, Not Right Now and dark Jaguar. There hearts cried out to Tohil, Auilix, and Hacauitz, who were now amid the bromelaids and hanging mosses.

And Here They Burned There Copal, and here also is the origin of the masking (mask instrument) of Tohil.

And when they went before Tohil and Auilix, they went to visit them and keep there day. Now they gave thanks before them for the dawning, and now they bowed low before there stones, their in the forest. Now it was only a manifestation (showing) of his genius that spoke when the penitents and sacrificers came before Tohih, and what they brought and burned was not great. All they burned before there "Gods" was resin, just bits of pitchy bark, along with marigolds. (only natural things, not copal)

And when Tohil spoke now it was only his genius. When the "Gods" taught procedures to the penitents and sacrificers, they said this when they spoke:

'This very place has become our montain, our plain. Now thwt we are yours, our day and our birth have become great, because all the peoples are yours, all the tribes. And since we are still your companions, even in your citadel, we shall give you proceduares:'

'Do not reveal us to the tribes when they burn with envy over us. They are truly numerious now, so don't let us be hunted down, but rather give the creatures of the grasses and grains to us, such as the female deer and female birds. Please come give us a little blood, take pity on us. And set the pelts of the deet aside, save them. These are for diguise, for deception. They will become deerskin bundles (pelts) and they well also serve our surrogates (substitue) before the tribes. When you are asked:

'Where is Tohil?' then you will show them the deerskin bundle, yet you won't be giving yourselves away. And there is still more for you to do. You will become great in you very being. Defeat all the tibes. They must bring blood and lymph (containing white blood cells) before us, they must come to embrace us. They belong to us already,' (The tribes agreed to be suckled for being given warm fire.) said Tohil, Auilix and hacauitz.

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