Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Abduction" pt. 2

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They had a youthful appearance when they saw them, when they came to burn offerings before them.

So then they began hunting of the young of all the birds and deer; they were taken in the hunt by the penitents and sacrificers.

And when they got hold of the birds and fawns, they would then go to anoint (cover) the mouth of the stone of Tohil or Auilix with the blood of the deer or bird. (Given drink of distilled liquor) And the bloody drink was drunk by the "Gods". The stone would speak at once when the penitents and sacrificers arrived, when they went to make there burnt offerings.

They did the same thing before the deerskin bundles: they burned resin, and they also burned marigold and stevia (herb). There was a deerskin bundle for each "God", which was displayed their on the mountain.

They didn't occupy the houses during the day, but just walked in the mountains. And this was there food: just the larvae of the Yellow Jacket, the larvae of the Wasp, and the larvae of the Bee, which they hunted. As yet there wasn't anything good to eat or drink. Also, it wasn't obvious how to get to there houses, nor was it obvious where there wives stayed.

And the tribes were already densely packed, settling down one by one, with each division of a tribe gathering itself together. Now they were crowding the roads; already there roadways were obvious.

As for jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar, it was obvious where they were. When they saw the people of the tribes passing by on the roads, that was when they would get up on the mountain peaks, just crying out with the cry of the coyote and cry of the fox. And they would make cries of the puma and jaguar, where ever they saw the tribes out walking in numbers. The tribes were saying:

'It's just a coyote crying out,' and 'just a fox.'
'Just a puma. Just a jaguar.'

In the minds of the tribes, it was as if humans weren't involved. They did it just as a way of decoying the tribes; that was what there hearts desired. They did it so that the tribes wouldn't get really frightened just yet; that was what they intended when they cried out with the cry of the puma and the cry of the jaguar. And then, when they saw just two people out walking, they intended to overwhelm them. Each day, when they came back to there houses and wives, they brought just the same thing, yellow jacket larvae, wasp larvae and bee larvae, and gave them to there wives, each day. And when they went before Tohil, Auilx and Hacauitz, they brought themselves:

'They are Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz, yet we only give them blood of the deer and birds, we only take stitches in our ears and our elbows when we ask for our strenght and our manhood from Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz. Who will take care of the death of the tribes? Should we just kill them one by one?' they said among themselves.

And when they went before Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz, they took stitches in there ears and there elbows in front of the "Gods". They spilled there blood, they poured gourds fulls into the mouths of the stones. But these weren't really stones: each one became like a boy when they arrived, happy once again over the blood.

And then came a further sign as to what the penitents and the sacrificers should do:

'You must win a great many victories. Your right to do this came from over their at Tulan, when you brought us here,' they were told. Then the matter of the Suckling was set forth, at the place called Stagger, and the blood that would result from it, the rainstorm of blood, also became a gift for Tohil, along with Auilix and Hacauitz.

Now here begins the abduction of the people of the tribes by Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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