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"The Trap"

We now learn about the killing of the tribes. I for one am now sure why this is happening. The tribal leaders had agreed to be Suckled (sacrificed). For there gift of Fire. And there seems to be certain tribal members, who are picked out. It could be that the humble good members are saved from Abduction and Death. Just seems odd the tribal members were created and now are going to be killed off. By writing the Popol Vuh. I have learned a great more about the reality of how mankind first arrived. And how certain steps were taken. Subtle little meaning a dropped through out the book. That have greatly help me understand. How the Universe works. And how closely the Mayan and The Hopi are connected. Before we go into today stories. A friend and me went to Sedona for Christmas day. And hiked back to Devil's Bridge. There were more people speaking foreign languages the English. Just goes to show how popular and known. The Sedona area is around the World. First made famous by the many western movies shot in the area in the early fifties. And now known for it obvious beauty and "Alien" connection. Here is a link to video I made from the trip.

And Then Comes The Killing Of The Tribes. This is how they died: when there was just one person walking, or just two were out walking, it wasn't obvious when they took them away.

After that they went to cut them open before Tohil and Auilix.

After that, when they had offered the blood, the skull would be placed in the road. They would roll it onto the road. So the tribes were talking:

'A Jaguar has been eating,' was all that was said, because there tracks were like a Jaguar's tracks when they did there deed. They did not reveal themselves. Many people were abducted. (love the choice of words here)

It was actually a long "Time" before the tribes came to there senses:

'If it's Tohil and Auilix who are after us, we have only to search for the penitents and sacrificers. We'll follow there tracks to where ever houses are,' said all those of the tribes, when they shared there thoughts among themselves.

After that, they began following the tracks of the penitents and sacrificers, but they weren't clear. They only saw tracks of deer, there tracks of the Jaguar. The tracks weren't clear, nothing was clear. Where they began the tracks were merely those of animals. It was as if the tracks were their for the sole purpose of leading them astray. They were not clear:

It would be cloudy.
It would get dark and rainy.
It would get muddy, too.
It would get misty and drizzly.

That was all the tribe could see in front of them, and there search would simply make them weary at heart. Then they would give up.

Because Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz were great in there very being, they did this for a long "Time", their on the mountain. They did there killing on the frontiers of the tribes when abductions began; they singled them out and cut them down (picked out from among many). They would seize the people of the tribes in the roads, cutting them open before Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz.

And the boys hid their on the mountain. Tohil. Auilix and Hacauitz had the appearance of three boys when they went out walking; these were simply the spirit familiar of the stones. There was a river. They would bathe their on the banks, just as a way of revealing themselves, and this gave the place a name. The name of the river came to be Tohil's Bath, and the tribes saw them their many "Times". They would vanish the moment they were seen by the tribes.

Then the news spread as to the whereabouts of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar, and this is when the tribes realized how they were being killed.

First The Tribes Tried To Plan The Defeat Of Tohil, Auilix And Hacauitz. All the penitents and sacrificers of the tribe spoke to the others. They roused and summoned one another, all of them. Not even on or two divisions were left out. All of them converged and presented themselves, then they shared there thoughts. And they said, as they questioned one another:

'What would assure the defeat of the Cauecs (first ranking, Quiche lineage), the Quiche people? Our vassals (humble dependents) have meet there ends because of them. Isn't it clear that our people have been lost because of them? What if they finish us off with these abductions?'

'Let it be this way: if the fiery splendor of Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz is so great, then let this Tohil become our "God"! Let him be captured! Don't let them defeat us completely! Don't we constitute a multitude of people? Ans as for the Cauecs, there aren't that many of them,' they said, when all of them assembled. Some among the tribes also said this when they spoke:

'Who could be bathing every day at the riverbank? If it's Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz, then we can defeat them ahead of "Time".Let the defeat of the penitents and sacrificers begin right their!' some of them said and then they spoke further:

'How shall we defeat them?' And then they said:

'Let this be our means for defeating them: since they present the appearance of adolescent boys at the river, let two maidens go their. Let them be choice (beautiful) maidens who radiate preciousness, so that when they go they'll be desirable,' they said.

'Very well. So we'll just search for two perfect maidens,' the others replied. And then they searched among there daughters for those who were truly radiant (12-15 years old) maidens. They gave the maiden instructions:

You must go, our dear daughters. Go wash cloths at the river, and if you should see three boys, undress yourselves on front of them. When they say to you:

'We're coming after you,' then you are to say"
'Yes.' And then you will be asked:
'Where do you come from? Whose daughters are you? When they say that, you are to answer them:

'We are the daughters of Lords, so let a sign be forthcoming from you.' Then they should give you something. If they like your faces you must really give yourselves up to them. And if you do not give yourselves up, then we shall kill you. We'll feel satisfied when you bring back a sign, since we'll think of it as proof that they came after you,' said the Lords, instructing the two maidens.
Here are there names: Lust Woman is the name of the one maiden, and Wailing Woman is the name of the other.

Next we shall learn if the trap works out.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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