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"Lust Woman, Wailing Woman"

These two temptress have been sent to the bathing place of Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz. With the idea of identify the "Gods" three. We shall learn now if the "Gods" three. Let themselves be unidentified.

Happy New Year, and "God" bless. We shall see if the citizens of the World. Begin to wake-up, to what the 'powers' have in mind for them. If not, will there be some sort of intervention from above? Will the Christians get there return of Christ? Just in a 'nick-of-time'. Will the 'Ant People', be ordered to save the good peoples of the Earth. All most all cults or religions seem to be waiting for someone from above. Is December 21, 2012 doom or just another day in the life of Mother Earth? "God" willing, the next two years should fly by. Now to the Popol Vuh.

And They Sent The Two Of Them, Named Lust Woman And Wailing Woman, over to the place where Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz bathed. All the tribes knew of this.

And then they went off. They were dressed up, looking truly beautiful, when they went to the place where Tohil bathed. They were carrying what looked like there wash when they went off. Now the Lords were pleased over having sent there two daughters their.

And when they arrived at the river, they began to wash. They undressed themselves, both of them. They were on the rocks, on there hands and knees, when Tohil, Auilix and Hacauitz came along. They got to the bank of the river and just barely glanced at the two maidens washing their, and the maidens got a sudden scare when Tohil and the others arrived. They did not go lusting after the two maidens. Then came the questioning:

'Where do you come from?' the two maidens were asked. 'What do you intend by coming here, to the banks of our river?' they were also asked.

'We were sent by the Lords, so we came. The Lords told us':
'Go see the faces of Tohil and the others, and speak to them,' the lords told us, 'and also, there must come a sign as to weather you really saw there faces. Go!' is what we were told, said the two maidens, explaining there errand.

But this is what the tribe intended: that the maidens should be violated by the spirit familiar of Tohil and the others. Then Tohil, Auilix and hacauitz spoke, answering the two maidens named Lust Woman and Wailing Woman:

'Good. Let a sign of our word go with you. But you must wait for it, then give it directly to the Lords,' they were told.

And then Tohil and others plotted with the penitents and sacrificers. Jaguar Quitz, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar were told:

'You must inscribe three cloaks (loose outer garments), inscribe the sign of your being. They're for the tribes; they'll go back with the maidens who are washing. Give them to the maidens,' Jaguare Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not right Now and Dark Jaguar were told.

After that, they inscribed all three of them. Jaguar Quitze wrote first: the jaguar became his image, he inscribed it on the face of the cloak.
Then there was Jaguar Night: the eagle was now his image, he inscribed it on the face of his cloak.
The next to write was Not Right Now: swarms of yellow jackets, swarms of wasps were his image, his figures; he inscribed them on the face of his cloak. Then the figures were complete, all three of them; they had done the threefold inscription.

After that, when Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night and Not Right Now went to give the cloaks to those named Lust Woman and wailing Woman, they spoke to them:

'Here is proof of your word. When you come before the Lords you will say.'
"Tohil really spoke to us and here is the sign we've brought back,' you will tell them, and
give them the cloaks to try on,' the maidens were told when they were given there in-
So then they went back, taking the inscribed cloaks.

And when the arrived, the Lords were happy the moment they spotted what they had asked for, hanging from the arms of the maidens.

'Didn't you see the face of Tohil?' they were asked.
'See we did,' said Lust Woman and Wailing Woman.

'Very good. You've brought back some sort of sign. Isn't that so?' said the Lords, since there seemed to be signs of there sin (sex) or so thought the Lords. So then they were shown the inscribed cloaks by the maidens: one with a jaguar, one with an eagle and one with yellow jackets and wasps figured on the inside, on a smooth surface.

And they loved the way the cloaks looked. They costumed themselves. The one with the jaguar figure on it didn't do anything; it was the first to be tried on by the Lord.

And when another Lord costumed himself with the second inscribed cloak, with the eagle figure on it, he just felt good inside it. He turned around in front of then\m, unfurling it in front of all of them..

And then came the third inscribed cloak to be tried on by a lord, he costumed himself with the one that had yellow jackets and wasps inscribe on it.

And then he started getting stung by the yellow jackets and wasps. He couldn't endure it, he couldn't stand the stings of the insects. That Lord yelled his mouth off over the insects, mere written images, the figures of Not Right Now. It was the third inscription that defeated them.

And then the maidens named Lust Woman and Wailing Woman were reprimanded by the Lords:

'How did you get these things you brought back? Where did you go to get them, you tricksters!' the maidens were told when they were reprimanded.

Again all the tribes were defeated by Tohil. This is what they had intended: that Tohil would be temped to go after the maidens. It then became the profession of Lust Woman and Wailing Woman to back shins (fool); the tribes continued to think of them as temptresses.

So the defeat of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night and Not Right Now was not brought about, since they were people of genius.

Then all the tribes plotted again:

'How are we going to beat them?. They are truly great in there very being,' they said when they shared there thoughts.

'Even so, we'll invade them and kill them. Let's fit ourselves out with weapons and shields. Aren't we a multitude? There won't even be one or two of them,' they said when they shared there thoughts. All the tribes fitted themselves out. There were masses of killers, once the killers of all the tribes joined together.

As for Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar, they were on the mountain. Hacauitz is the name of the mountain where they were and those spirit boys of there's weere hidden their on the mountain. They were not a numerous people then; there numbers were not equal to the numbers of the tribes. There was just a few of them on the mountain, there fortress, so when it was said that the tribes had planned death for them, all of them gathered together. They held council; they sent for one another.

Tghe next part you will se the abduction og th tribal members with there armor and shields. It gets funny.

"God" bless bye

PS to marrow I go to Tucson to record some Aztec and Native American Dancers.

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