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"Bundle of Flames"

Today brings the end of Part Four. The defeat of the tribes. And the death of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar. The Popol Vuh doesn't tell us if the four Nobles die, or are lifted to another dimension. Also you will hear the term 'Bundle of Fire'. It is much like the 'Ark of the Covenant'. It hold great powers and the four Nobles leave it behind. To show there presence on the Earth. We also learn the name of the sons of the Noble Ones. Who are left behind to carry on there father traditions that were given them. From the "Gods" who instructed them.

And These Are The Ones Who Were Their: Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar. They were in unity on the mountain with there wife's and children.

And then all the warriors came, the killers, and it was nothing less than eight hundred score, or even thirty times eight hundred people who surrounded the citadel. They were bellowing, bristling with weapons and shields, rendering there mouths with howling and growling, bellowing, yelling, whistling through there hands when the came up from below the citadel. But the penitents and scarificers had no fear; they just enjoyed the spectacle from the parapet of the stockade. They were lined up with there wives and children. There hearts were content, since the tribes were merely making talk.

And they they climbed up the mountainside, and now they were just a little short of the edge of the citadel.

And then the gourds were opened up, there were four of then around the citadel, and the yellow jackets and wasps were like a cloud of smoke when they poured out of each gourd. And the warriors were done in, with the insects landing on there eyes and landing on there noses, on there mouths, there legs, there arms. The insects went after them where ever they were, they over took them wherever they were. There were yellow jackets and wasps everywhere, landing to sting there eyes. They had to watch out for whole swarms of them, there were insects going after every single person. They were dazed by the yellow jackets and wasps. No longer able to hold on to there weapons and shields, they were doubling over and falling to the ground, stumbling. They fell down the mountain side.

And now they couldn't fell a thing when they were hit with arrows and cut with axes. Now Jaguar Quitze and jaguar Night could even use sticks; even there wives became killers.

Now some of then turned away, then all the tribes just took off running. The first to be overtaken were finished off, killed, and it wasn't just a few people who died. For those who didn't die the chase was carried into there very midst when the insects caught up with them. There were no manly deeds for them to do, since they no longer carried weapons and shields.

Then all the tribes were conquered. Now the tribes humbled themselves before Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night and Not Right Now.
'Take pity on us! Don't kill us!' they said.

'Very well. Although you were destined to join the dead, you will be payers of tribute for as long as there are days and as long as there is light,' they were told.

Such was the defeat of all the tribes by our first mothers-fathers. It was done their on the mountain named Hacauitz today. This is where they first began. They grew, they multiplied, they had daughters, , they had sons on Hacauitz. They were happy, once they had beaten all the tribes, who were defeated on the mountain.

In this way they accomplished the defeat of the tribes, all the tribes. After that, there hearts were content. They informed there sons that there death was approaching. They very much intended to be taken by death.

Now This Is Where We Shall Tell About The Death Of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar, as they are named. Since they knew about there death and disappearance, they left instructions for there sons. They weren't sickly yet, they weren't gasping for breath when they left there word with there sons.

These are the names of the sons.

Jaguar Quitze begot two sons: Noble two was the name of the first born and noble Raiment was the name of the second son of jaguar Quitze, the grandfather of there Cauecs.

And again, Jaguar Night begot two sons. These are there names: Noble Acul was the name of his first son, and the other was called Noble Acutec, the second son of Jaguar Night, of the Greathouses.

And Not Right Now begot one son, named Noble Lord.

These three had sons, but Dark Jaguar had no son. They were all true penitents and sacrificers, and these are the names of there sons, with whom the left instructions. They were united, the four of them together. They sang of the pain in there hearts, they cried there hearts out in there singing. 'Camacu' is the name of the song they sang.

And there was advice for there sons:

'Our dear sons: we are leaving. We are going back. We have enlightened words, enlightened advice to leave with you, and with you who have come from far way mountains, our dear wives,' they told there wives. They advised each one of them:

'We are going back to our tribal place. Again it is the "Time" of our Lord Deer (name of Day), as is reflected in the sky. We have only make our return. Our work has been done, our day has been completed. Since you know this, neither forget us nor put us aside. You have yet to see your own home and mountain, the place of your beginning.'

'Let it be this way: you must go. Go see the place where we came from,' where the words they spoke when they gave us advice.

And then Jaguar Quitze left a sign of his being:

'This is for making request of me. I shall leave with you. Here is your fiery splendor. I have completed my instructions, my counsel,' he said when he left the sign of his being, the 'Bundle of Flames (cloth wrapped ark), as it is called. It wasn't clear just what it was; it was wound about with coverings, It was never unwrapped. It's sewing wasn't clear because no one looked on while it was being wrapped.

In they way they left instructions, and then they disappeared from their on the mountain of Hacauitz. There wives and children never saw them again. The nature of there disappearance was not clear. But what ever the case with there disappearance, there instructions were clear and the bundle became precious to those who remained. It was a memorial to there fathers.

When the Lords began there generation of the people, The Cauecs took there start from Jaguar Quitze, the grandfather and father; his sons, named Noble Two and Noble Raiment, were not lost.

Such was the death of all four of our first grandfathers and fathers. When they disappeared there sons remain their on the mountain of Hacauitz; there sons stayed their for a while. As for all the tribes, it was now there day to be broken and downtrodden. They no longer had any splendor to them, though they were still numerous.

All those on Hacauitz gathered on each day that was for the remembrance of there fathers. For them the day of the bundle was a great one. They could not unwarp it, for them it stayed bundled, the Bundle of Flames, as they called it. It was given this epithet, this name when it was left in there keeping by there fathers, who made it just a sign of there being.

Such was the disappearance and loss of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguarn Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar, the first people to come from beside the sea, from the east. They came here in ancient "Times". When they died they were already old. They had a reputation for penitents and sacrifice.

That brought a tear to my eyes. The Popol Vuh is sometimes hard to understand. Yet the emotions are always there. As you see how the good spirits were always in conflict with the bad in peoples of the Earth. Next comes the fifth and final chapter. And you will see how mankind never seems to learn there lessons from the past.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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