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"Part Five, Final Chapter"

Here is the final chapter of the Popol Vuh. 20 pages to go. Next I'll will explore the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead'. To show the connection to the Christian Bible. And how you could see. How the Christian Bible, could have been derived from it. Before I get started on the Popol Vuh. I would like to say a few words about the Tucson shooting and killing of nine people. President Barry Obummer came to Tucson because of the murders. The soulless 'powers' turned it into a spectacle. Totally forgetting about the reason they were their for. The memorial turned into a pep rally. To the point of handing out T-Shits. Then they have a Yaqui tribal member, talk about immigration. When in fact the Yaqui tribe originated in Mexico. And were chased from Mexico. And ended up in southern Arizona. Where they were granted a reservation (Pascua Yaqui). Just one more step, in how bizarre the country has become.

And Then They Remembered What Had Been said About The East. This is when they remembered the instructions of there fathers. The ancient things received from there fathers were not lost. The tribes gave them there wives, becoming there father-in-laws as they took wives. And there were three of them who said, as they were about to go away:

'We are going to the east, where our fathers came from,' they said, then they followed there road. The three of them were representative sons:

Noble Two was the name of the son of Jaguar Quitze who represented all the Cauecs.
Noble Acutec was the name of the son of Jaguar Night who served as the sole
representative of the Greathouses.
Noble Lord was the name of the only son of Not Right Now, representing the Lord Quiches.

So these are the names of those who went beside the sea. There were only three who went, but they had skill and knowledge. There being was not quite that of mere humans. They advised all there brothers, elder and younger, who were left behind. They were glad to go:

'We're not dying. We're coming back,' they said we they went, yet it was these same three who passed over the sea.

And then they arrived in the east; they went their to receive lordship. Next comes the name of the Lord with dominion (power) over those of the east, where they arrived.

And Then They Came Before The Lord Named Nacxit (four legged?), the great Lord and sole judge over populous domain (territory).

And he was the one who gave out signs of Lordship, all the emblems; the signs of Keeper of the Mat (council) and Keeper of the Reception House Mat were set forth.

And when the signs of the splendor and Lordship of the Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat were set forth, Nacxit gave a complete set of the emblems of Lordship. Here are there names:

Canopy, throne.
Bone flute, bird whistle.
Sparkling powder, yellow ocher.
Puma's paw, jaguars paw.
Head and hoof of deer.
Leather armband, snail-shell rattle.
Tobacco gourd, food bowl.
Parrot feathers, egret feather.

So they came away bringing all of these. The, from beside the sea, they brought back the writings of Tulan, the writing of Zuyua. They spoke of there investiture (ceremony) in there signs, in there word.

Also, after they had reached there citadel, named Hacauitz, all the Tams and Ilocs gather3d their. All the tribes gathered themselves together; they were happy. When Noble Two, Noble Acutec and Noble Lord came back, they resumed there Lordship over the tribes. The Rabinals, the Cakchiquels and those of Bird House were happy. Only the signs of greatness of Lordship were reveled before them. Now the Lords became great in there very being; when they had displayed there Lordship previously, it was incomplete.

This was when they were at Hacauitz. The only ones with them were all those who had originally come from the east. And they spent a long "Time" their on the mountain. Now they were numerous.

Ans the wives of Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, and Nor Right Now died their. Then they came away, they left their mountain place behind. They sought another mountain where they could settle. They settled countless mountains, giving them epithets (a term) and names. Our first mothers and out first fathers multiplied and gained strenght at those places, according to what the people of ancient "Times" said when they told about the abandonment of there first citadel, named Hacauitz.

And Then They Came To A Place Where They Founded A Citadel Named thorny Place. They spent a long "Time" their in that one citadel. They had daughters and sons while they were their. There were actually four mountains, but there came to be a single name for the whole town. There daughters and sons got married. They just gave them away. They accepted mere favors and gifts as sufficient payment for there daughters. They did only what was good.

Then they examined each division of the citadel. Here are the names of the divisions of Thorny Place: Dry Place, Bark House, Boundary Marker, Stronghold are the names of there mountains where they stayed.

And this is when they looked out over the mountains of there citadel. They were seeking a further mountain, since all the divisions had become more numerous. But those who had brought Lordship from the east had died by now; they had become old in the process of going from one citadel to another. But there faces did not die; they passed them on.

They went through a great deal of pain and affliction; it was a long "Time" before grandfathers and fathers found there citadels. Here is the name of the citadel where they arrived. (Bearded Place)

Next you will see the killing between the tribes and human sacrifice of the Quiche People by the other tribes. Here you will learn of how the human heart was removed from the captured Quiche People. Who had stayed loyal to there ways. These other tribes could very well be the Aztecs. That stories have been written about. As they preformed human sacrifices to there "Gods".

Pawnee Tribe
They were Buffalo hunters on the Great Plains in a area now called Nebraska. They were later moved to Oklahoma and setlled in with the Ponca and Oto tribes.

"God" bless bye

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