Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Deceit and Sacrifice"

Birds falling from the skies. Thousands of fish found dead, washed up on shores. 200 cows now found dead, in Wisconsin. Stories about the magnetic North moving. In what could be called the beginning of a Pole Shift. What will it be next? Rumors spread about HAARP and Chem-Trails being the cause. The 'powers' are testing genetic specific weapons. That in the future will be used against the general public. So that the culling or thinning down the population (Georgia Guide Stones). Can be performed, later. That is if these stories are true. With the media totally under control now. Who knows for sure what to believe. What ever is happening, it is happening across the World. With 2012 fast approaching. The Worlds population is be whipped into a frenzied, no doubt about that. Hang on folks, the Worlds population. Is being taken for a ride. Either by fact or fiction. The story about the Snails asking the Turtle for a ride fits now. The Turtle says to the Snails. 'Jump on my back, I'll give you a lift.' As the one Snail says to the other. 'Hold on, here we go.'

And Bearded Place Is The Name Of The Mountain Of There Citadel. They stayed their and they settled their.

And they tested there fiery splendor their. They ground there gypsum, there plaster, in the fourth generation of Lords. It was said that Noble Rooftree ruled when Nine deer was the Lord Minister, and then the Lords named Noble Sweatbath and Iztayul reigned as Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat. The reigned their at Bearded Place. It was through there works that it became an excellent citadel.

The number of great houses reached three, their at Bearded Place. There were not yet a score and four great houses, but only three of them.
Just one Cauec great house
And just one great house for the Greathouses.
And finally, just one for the Quiches.
But the three were housed in just two buildings, one in each of the two divisions of the citadel.

This is the way it was when they were at Bearded Place:

They were of just one mind: there was no evil for them, nor were there difficulties.

There reign was all in calm: there were no quarrels for them, and no disturbances.

There hearts were filled with steady light: there was notheing stupidity and nothing of envy in what they did.

There splendor was modest: they caused no amazement, nor had they grown great.

And then they tested themselves. They excelled in the Shield Dance, their at Bearded Place. They did it as a sign of there sovereignty. It was a sign of there fiery splendor and a sign of there greatness.

When it was seen by the Ilocs, the Ilocs began to foment (instigate-plan) war. It was there desire that the Lord Sweatbath be murdered, and that the other Lord be allied with them. It was the Lord Iztayul they wanted to persuade; the Ilocs wanted him as there disciple in committing murder. But there jealous plotting behind the back of the Lord Noble Sweatbath failed to work out. They just wanted it over with, but the Lord wasn't killed by the Ilocs on the first try.

Such were the roots of disturbances, of tumult (angry demonstration) and war. First they invaded the citadel, the killers were on the move. What they wanted was to obliterate the very identity of the Quiches (Navajo to the Hopi). Only then, they thought, could they alone have sovereignty, and it was for this alone they came to kill. They were captured and they were made prisoners. Not many of them ever got there freedom again.

And then began the cutting of flesh. They cut the Ilocs open before the "Gods". This was in payment for there wrongs against Lord Noble Sweatbath. And many others went into bondage; they were made into slaves and serfs. They had simply given themselves up in defeat by fomenting war against the Lord and against the canyon and the citadel. What there hearts had desired was the destruction and disintegration of the very identity of the Quiche Lord, but it did not come to pass.

In this way it came about that people were cut open before the "Gods". The shields of war were made then; it was the very beginning of the fortification of the citadel at Bearded Place. The root of fiery splendor was implanted their, and because of it the reign of the Quiche Lords was truly great. They were Lords of singular genius. There was nothing to humble them; nothing happened to make fools of them or to ruin the greatness of there reign, which took root their at Bearded Place.

The penance (show sorrow for sin) done for the "Gods" increased their, striking terror again, and all the tribes were terrified, small tribe and great tribes. They witnessed the arrival of people captured in war, who were cut open and killed for splendor and majesty of Lord Sweatbath and Lord Izyayul, alone with the Greathouses and the Lord Quiche. There were only three branches of kin their at the citadel named Bearded Place.

And it was also their that they began feasting and drinking over the blossoming of there daughters. This was the way the ones they named the 'Three Great Houses' stayed together. They drank there drinks their and ate there corn their, the payment for there sisters, payment for there daughters. There was only happiness in there hearts when they did it. They ate, they feasted inside there places.

'This is just our way of being thankful and grateful that we have good news and good tidings. It is the sign of our agreements about the daughters and sons born to our women,' they said.

Epithets were bestowed their, and the lineages, the allied tribes, the principalities gave themselves names their.

'We are intermarried: we Cauecs, we Greathouses, and we Lord Quiche,' said those three lineages and the three houses. They spent a long "Time" their at Bearded Place, and then they sought again and saw another citadel. They left Bearded Place behind.

Next we learn of the next citadel and the name Plumed Serpent is heard.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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