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"Rotten Cane"

Now as the end of the Popol Vuh is in sight. We learn of the families of the Quiche people. It is very important that the writers of the Popol Vuh. Let the readers know the lineages. Maybe as I write this last few pages. It will become apparent why this is. Last night I was listening to Jerry Pippin ( ) talking to my friend Jamie Havican of Inception Radio. (Jamie has also interviewed me on 'Inception Radio'.) They were talking about Roswell, Dulce and other UFO events. The name Barry Goldwater came up. I called in to tell Jerry about the Barry Goldwater and Hopi connection. And that the 'Stone' I found next to Barry Goldwater's home. Led me to my Hopi connection and the rest is history. I brought up the fact that there was a UFO crash in the summer of 1947 in the Phoenix area. He was not aware of the crash. I sent him a copy of the news paper article from the Arizona Republic news paper. And several other listens who wanted a copy also. Jerry has produced the movie 'Skinwalkers'. And is coming out with a new movie called, 'Roswell Revelations and Beyond'. We exchanged e-mails last night. I will post it on here. If I'm going to be part of a future project with him. A lot of things Jerry say are pretty sensational. So I'm not sure if I want to go down that road.

And Then They Got Up And Came To The Citadel Of Rotton Cane, as the name is spoken by the Quiches. The Lord Noble Sweatbath and Plumed Serpent (great shamanic powers) came along, together with all the other Lords. There had been five changes and five generations of people since the origin of light, the origin of continuity, the origin of life and of humankind.

And they built many houses their.

And they also built houses for the "Gods", putting these in the center of the highest part of the citadel. They came and they stayed.

After that there domain grew larger; they were more numerous and more crowded. Again they planned there great houses, which had to be regrouped and sorted out because of there growing quarrels. They were jealous of one another over prices of there sisters and daughters, which were no longer a matter of mere food and drink.

So this was the origin of there separation, when they quarreled among themselves, disturbing the bones and skulls of the dead. Then they broke apart into nine lineages, putting an end to quarrels over sisters and daughters. When the planning of the Lordships was done, the results was a score and four great houses.

It was a long "Time" ago when they all came up into there citadel, building a score and four places their in the citadel of Rotton Cane. That was the citadel blessed by the Lord bishop after it had been abandoned.

They achieved glory their. There marvelous seats and cushions were arranged; the varieties of splendor were sorted out for each one of the Lords of the nine lineages. One by one they took their places:

The nine Lords of Cauecs.
The nine Lords of Greathouse.
The four Lords of the Lord Quiches.
The two Lords of Zapuics.

They became numerous. Those who were in the following of a given Lord were also numerous, but the Lord came first, at the head of his vassals. There were masses, masses of the lineages for each of the Lords. We shall name the titles of the Lords one by one, for each of the great houses.

And Here Are The Titles Of The Lords Who Led The Cauecs, beginning with the first in rank.

Keeper of the Mat.
Keeper of the Reception House Mat.
Keeper of the Tohil.
Keeper of the Plumed Serpent.
Master of Ceremonies for the Cauecs.
Councilors in the Stores.
Quehnay Emissary.
Councilor in the Ball Court.
Mother of the Reception House.

So these are the lords who led the Cauecs, nine lords with there palaces ranked around, one for each of them. And now to show there faces...

And Now these Are The Lords Who Led The Greathouses, beginning with the first Lord:

Lord Minister.
Lord Herald.
Minister of Reception House.
Chief of Reception House.
Mother of Reception House.
Master of Ceremonies for the Greathouse.
Lord Auilix.
Yacolatam, meaning the 'corner of the mat' or the zaclatol.
Chief Yeoltux Emissary.
So there are the nine Lords who led the Greathouses.

And Now These are the Lords Quiches. Here are the titles of the Lords:

Lord Emissary.
Lord Master of ceremonies for the Lord Quiches.
Lord Hacauitz.
Four Lords led the Lord Quiches, with there palaces ranged around.

And there Were Also Two Lineages Of Zaquic Lords:

Lord Corntassel House.
Minister for the Zaquics.
There was just one palace for these two Lords.

Such was the arrangement of the score and four Lords, and there came to be a score and four great houses as well.

Next we learn of the powers of Lord Plumed Serpent.

Today I recorded some great videos taken at The Scottsdale Center for the Arts. The were have There 'Native Trails' show in the courtyard. I recorded Eagle Dancers, Hoop Dancer and various other performance's. I will post them later this evening on my You Tube channel. RD47blog.

"God" bless bye

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