Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Lord Plumed Serpent"

Now we learn of the great powers of Lord Plumed Serpent. Most have heard of Quetzalcoatl in Mayan history. Not sure if Plumed Serpent and Quetzalcoatl are one in the same. The name Quetzalcoatl broken down means plumed serpent. And if you study Mayan and Mexican history. The name Quetzalcoatl show up many "Times". In fact years ago I spent a lot of "Time" at Scottsdale library researching Quetzalcoatl. It turned out every "Time" some local Mexican leader would get some power. He would take on the name Quetzalcoatl. To give the appearance of great powers. Myself I not sure if stories about Jesus in the Christian Bible. And stories about Quetzalcoatl. Are not the same person. Today we find out Plumed Serpent, who was named after Sovereign Plumed Serpent. Was the leader of the Cauce lineage in the fourth generation of Lord.

Then Splendor And Majesty Grew Among The Quiche. The greatness and weight of the Quiche reached it's full splendor and majesty with the surfacing and plastering of the canyon and citadel. The tribes came, whether small or great and wherever the title of there Lord, adding to the greatness of the Quiche. As splendor and majesty grew, so grew the houses of "Gods" and the houses of Lords.

But the Lords could not accomplish it, they could not have done the work of building here houses of the "Gods", were it not for the fact that there vassals had become numerous. They neither had to lure them nor did they kidnap them or take them away by force, because each one of them rightfully belonged to the Lords (This sounds like the World people are living today.). And the elder and younger brothers of the Lords also became popular.

Each Lord led a crowed life, crowed with petitions (requests). The Lords were truly valued and had truly great respect. The birthdays of the lords were made great and held high by there vassals. Those who lived in the canyons and those who lived in the citadels multiplied then. Even so they would not have been numerous, had not all the tribes arrived to give themselves up.

And when war befell there canyons and citadels, it was by means of there genius that the Lord Plumed Serpent and the Lord Noble Sweatbath blazed with power. Plumed Serpent became a true lord of genius:

On one occasion he would climb up the sky; on another he would go down the road to
On another occasion he would be serpentine, becoming an actual serpent.
On yet another occasion he would make himself aquiline (like a Eagle), and on another
feline (cat); he would become like an actual Eagle or a Jaguar in his appearance.
On another occasion it would be a pool of blood; he would become nothing but a
pool of blood.

Truly his being was that of a lord of genius. All the other Lords were fearful before him. The news spread; all the tribal Lords heard about the existence of this Lord of genius.

And this was the beginning and growth of the Quiche, when the Lord Plumed Serpent made his sign of greatness. His face was not forgotten by his grandsons and sons. He didn't do these things just so there would be one single Lord, a being of genius, but the effect of humbling all the tribes when he did them. It was just his way of revealing himself, but because of it he became sole head of the tribes.

This Lord of genius named Plumed Serpent was in the fourth generations of Lords; he was both Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat.

And so he left signs and sayings for the next generation. They achieved splendor and majesty, and they, too, begot sons, making the sons still more populous. Tepepul and Iztaul were begotten (passed part); they merely served out there reign, becoming the fifth generation of Lords. They begot another generation of Lords.

And Here are The Names Of The Sixth Generation of lords. There were two great Lords; they were fiery. Quicab was the name of one Lord; Cauizimah was the name of the other.

And Quicab and Cauizimah did a great deal in there turn. They added to the greatness of the Quiche because they truly had genius. They crushed and shattered the canyons and citadels of the tribes, small and great, the ones that had citadels among the ancient "Times", nearby:

There was a mountain place of the Cakchiquels, called Nettles Heights today.
And also a mountain place of the Rabinals, Place of Split Water.
And a mountain of the Caoques, Plaster House.
And then a citadel of the White Earths, Hot Springs Heights.
Under Ten, Front of the Monument, and Willow Tree.

They all hated Quicab. They made war, but in fact they were brought down, they were shattered, these canyons, these citadels of the Rabinals, Cakchiquels, White earths. All the tribes went down on there faces or flat on there backs. The worriors of Quicab kept up the killing for a long "Time", until there was only one of two groups, from among all the enemies, who hadn't brought tribute. There citadels fell and they brought tribute to Quicab and Cauizimah. There lineages came to be bled, shot full of arrows at the stake. There day came to nothing, there heritage came to nothing.

Projectiles (arrows) alone were the means for breaking the citadels. All at once the Earth itself would crack open; it was as if a lightning bolt had shattered the stones. In fear, the members of one tribe after another went before the gum tree, carrying in there hands the signs of the citadels, with the results that a mountain of stones is their today. Only a few of these aren't cut stones; the rest look as though they had been split with an axe. The results is their on the plain named Petatayub; obvious to this day. Everyone who passes by can see it as a sign of the manhood of Quicab. He could not be killed, nor could he be conquered. He was truly a man, and all the tribes brought tribute.

And then all the Lords made plans; they moved to cordon off the canyons and citadels, the fallen citadels of all the tribes.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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