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"A Fortress Wall"

I Want to thank Jerry Pippin for attaching my blog. And another interview I did on Inception Radio, to his site. I had mentioned I'd call in to his show on Inception Radio, and our contact. To my surprise the following night he was on Inception radio again. He was doing a show about the different UFO items around here in Arizona. Jerry started off the program with my call-in. I didn't realize he would be using me on his show. You can go to Inception Radios archives and here it. Just scroll down to 'Inception Radio Welcomes back Jerry Pippin Radio Legend'. Now to the Popol Vuh, just 11 pages to go.

After That Came the Sentries, to watch for makers of war. Now lookout lineages were established to occupy the conquered mountains:

'otherwise the tribes would return to inhabit there citadels,' all the lords said when they had all shared there thoughts. Then the assignments were given out:

'Let them be like a palisade (row of sharp stakes) to us, and like doubles for our own lineages, and like a stockade, a fortress to us. Let them now become our anger, our manliness,' said all the Lords. The assignments were given to each lineages that were to provide opposition to the makers of war.

And then they were notified, and then they went to there posts, occupying the mountain places of the tribes:

'Go, because these are now our mountains. Do not be afraid. The moment there are makers of war again, coming back among you as your murders, sent for us to come and kill them,' Quicab and the Minister and the Herald told them, notifying all them.

Then they went off, those who are called the Point of arrow, Angle of the Bowstring (vanguard lineage, occupier of territory). There grandfathers and fathers split them up then; they were on each of the mountains. They went just as guards of the mountains, and as arrowehead and bowstring guards and as guards against the maskers of war as well. None of them had been their at the dawning nor did any of them have his own "God"; they just blocked the way to the citadel. They all went out.

The keepers of Nettle heights, keepers of Mirrow Side, White river, Deer Dance Plaza, Plank Place, Eighteen. Also the keepers of earthquake, Meteor, Hunahpu Place. And the keepers of Split water, keepers of Among Rocks, keepers of Plaster House, keepers of Ziya House, keepers of Hot Springs, keepers of Under Ten, of the plains, of the mountains.

The war sentries, the guardians of the land, went out, they went on behalf of Quicab and Cauizimah, Keeper of the Mat, Keeper of the Reception House Mat and on behalf of the Minister and The Herald. There were four Lords who posted messengers and sentries against the makers of war:

Quicab and Cauizimah are the names of the two Lords who led the Cauecs. Woven was the name of the Lord who led the Greathouses. And Armadillo Dung is the name of the Lord who led the Lord Quiches.

So these are the names of the Lords who posted messengers and couriers. There own vassals went to the mountains, to each one of the mountains, and as soon as they had gone, spoils kept coming back, and prisoners of war kept coming back to Quicab and Cauizimah, to the Minister and Herald. The Points of Arrows and Angles of the Bowstring made war. They took spoils and prisoners again. They came to be hero's again, among those who were sentries. They were given seats and honored; they were generous remembered by the Lords when they came to turn over all there spoils and there prisoners.

After that, when the Lord Keeper of the Mat, Keeper of the Reception House Mat, Minister and Herald had shared there thoughts, there decision came out:

'When it came to the ennobling (elevated) of the look out lineages, we'll induct only those who are first in rank. I am Keeper of the Mat. And I am Keeper of the Reception House.'

'The nobility of Keeper Of the Mat, which is mine and that which is yours, Lord Minister, should enter into this. Ministers will be ennobled.' All the Lords spoke as they gathered there thoughts. The Tams and Ilocs did just the same; the three divisions of the Quiche were in concord when they carried out the investitures (bestowal, confirmation). They titled those of the first rank among vassals.

In this way the decision was reached. But they weren't inducted at Quiche. The mountain where the ffirst-ranking vassals were inducted has a name; all them were summoned, from each of the mountain where they were, and they gathered in just one place. Under the Twine, Under the Cord is the name of the mountain where they were inducted, where they entered nobility. It was done at the boundary of Mirrow Side.

And here are there titles, ther honors, and there marks: a score of Ministers and a score of Keepers of the Mat were created by Keeper of the Mat and by Keepers of the Reception House and by Minister and Herald.

All of these entered the nobility: Minister, Keepers of the Mat, eleven Masters of Ceremonies, Ministers for the Lords, Ministers for the Zaquics, Military Ministers, Military Keeper of the Mat, Military Walls, and Military Corners are the titles that came in when the soldiers were titled and named to there seats, there cushions.

These were the first ranking vassals, watchers and listeners for the Quiche people, Points of Arrows, Angles of the Bowstrings, a palisade, an enclosure, a wall, a fortress around Quiche.

And the Tams and Ilocs did the same thing; they inducted and titles the first-ranking vassals for each mountain.

So this was the origin of the noble Ministers and Keepers of the Mat that existed for each of the mountains today. The sequence was such that they came out later than the Keeper of the Mat proper and the Keeper of the Reception House Mat and later than the Minister and Herald.

Next comes the naming of the Houses of the four "Gods".

"God" bless bye

PS Things of revolt are everywhere now. As mankind moves at breakneck speed towards 2012.

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