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"Fasting and Penance"

Today's story in the Popol Vuh. Gives another good reason to only live off. What 'Mother Earth' grows in her soil. You will see the "Gods" in the Popol Vuh. Live off only the fruits given by 'Mother Earth' while Fasting. And asking for forgiveness, for the sins. Of the inhabitants of the land. I want to give a plug to the up-coming Hoop Dances. The 21st. annual Hoop Dancing contest. Will be held at the Heard Museum on the 5th. and 6th. of February. Here is a link to the heard museum. I will be their recording the dancers on Sunday. The day of the Super Bowl. So crowds should be a minimum. After all, the Sheeple always for the most part. Do as they are instructed too do. Via the controlled mass media.

And Now we Shall Name The Names Of The Houses Of The "Gods", although the house have the same name as the "Gods".

Great Monument of Tohil is the name of the building that housed Tohil of the Cauecs.
Auilix next, is the name of the building that housed Auilix of the Greathouse.
Hacauitz is the name then, of the building that housed the "God" of the Lord Quiches.
Corntassel, whose house of sacrifice can still be seen, is the name of another great

These were the locations of the stones whose day were kept by the Quiche lords. There days were also kept by all the tribes. When the tribes burned offerings, they came before Tohil first.

After that, they greeted the Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception Mat House next, then they handed over the quetzal feathers and there tribute to the Lords, these same Lords.

And so they nurtured and provided for the Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat, who had been victorious over there citadels.

They were great Lords, they were people og genius. Plumed Serpent and Noble Sweatbath were Lords of genius and Quicab and Cauizimah were Lords of genius. They knew whether war would occur; everything they saw was clear to them. Whether there would be death, or whether there would be famine, or whether quarrels would occur, they knew it for certain, since there was a place to see it, there was a book. Council Book was there name for it.

But it wasn't only in this way that they were Lords. They were great in there very being and observed great Fasts. As a way of cherishing there buildings and cherishing there Lordship, they Fasted for long periods, they did penance (self punishment) before there "God".

And here is there way of Fasting:

For nine score days they would Fast, and for nine they would do penance and burn offerings.
Thirteen score was another of there Fasts, and for thirteen they would do penance and burn offerings before Tohil and there other "Gods". They would only eat, zapotes, matasanos, jocotes (fruit); nothing made of corn for there meals.
Even if they did penance for seventeen score, then for seventeen they Fasted, they did not eat. they achieved truly great abstinence.

This was a sign that they had the being of true Lords. And there weren't any women with them when they slept; they kept themselves apart when they Fasted. They just stayed in the houses of the "Gods", each day. All they did was keep the days, burn offerings and do penance. They were their whether it was dark or dawn; they just cried there hearts out and there guts out when they asked for light and life for there vassals and there domain. They lifted there faces to the sky, and here is there prayer before there "Gods", when they made there request.

And This Is The Cry Of There Hearts, here it is:

'Wait! On this blessed day
thou Hurricane, thou Heart of the Sky-Earth
thou giver of ripeness and freshness,
and thou giver of daughters and sons,
spread thy stain, spill thy drops
of green and yellow;
give life and beginning
to those I bear and beget,
that they might multiply and grow,
nurturing and providing for thee,
calling to thee along the roads and paths,
on rivers, in canyons,
beneath the trees and bushes;
give them there daughters and sons.

May there be no blame, obstacle, want, or misery;
let no deceiver come behind or before them,
may they neither be snared nor wounded,
nor seduced, nor burned,
nor diverted below the road nor above it;
may they neither fall over backwards nor stumble;
keep them on the Green Road, Green Path.

May there be no blame or barrier for them
through any secrets or sorcery of thine;
may thy nurturers and providers be good
before thy mouth and they face,
thou, Heart of Sky; thou, Heart of earth;
thou, Bundle of Flames;
and thou, Tohil, Auilix, Hacauitz,
under the sky, on the earth,
the four sides, the four corners;
may there be only light, only continuity within,
before my mouth and thy face, thou "God".'

So it was with the Lords when they Fasted during nine score, thirteen score, or seven score days; there days of Fasting were many. They cried there hearts out over there vassals and over all there wives and children. Each and every Lord did service, as a way of cherishing the light of life and of cherishing Lordship.

Such were the Lordships of the Keeper of the mat, Keeper of the Reception House Mat, Minister, and Herald. They went into Fasting Two by two, taking turns at carrying the tribes and all the Quiche people on there shoulders (suffering for others sins, Jesus?)

At it's roots the word came from just one place, and the root of nurturing and providing was the same as the root of the World. The Tams and Ilocs did likewise, along with the Rabinals, Cakchiquels, those of Bird House, Swearbath House, Talk House. They came away in unity, having heard, their at Quiche, what all of them should do.

It wasn't merely that they became Lords; it wasn't that hey received occasional gifts from nurturers and providers who merely made food and drink for them. Nor did they wantonly falsify or steal there Lordship, there splendor, there majesty. And it wasn't merely that they crushed the canyons and citadels of the tribes, whether small or great, but that the tribes paid a great price.

There came turquoise, there came metal. And there came drops of jade and other gems that measured the width of four fingers or a fist full across. And there came green, yellow and red feather work, the tribute of all the tribes. It came to the Lord of genius Plumed Serpent and noble Sweatbath and to Quicab and Cauizimah as well, to the Keeper of the mat, Keeper of the reception House mat, Minister, Herald.

What they did was no small feat and the tribes they conquered were not few in numbers. The tribute to Quiche came from many tribal divisions.

And the Lords had undergone pain and withstood it; there rise to splendor had not been sudden. Actually it was Plumed Serpent who was the root of the greatness of the Lordship.

Such was the beginning of the rise and growth of Quiche. And now we shall list the generations of Lords and we shall also name the names of all the Lords.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.

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