Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Here We End, At Santa Cruz"

Final instalment of the Popol Vuh writings. I've learned much. Much about my self and how mankind fits into the realms of reality. With out the desire of those, who came before. There would no such thing as humans. No water, mountains, air to breath, plants, insects, animal, etc., nothing but darkness. Kind of a hard concept to wrap your mind around. The Urantia talks of other realms, through out the Universe. Could life here on Planet Earth? Just one more different type of living form? With the Galaxy filled with thousands if not millions of other living creatures. Like the diverse types of living anomalies living here on Earth. From a creatures living in boiling sulphur vent. In the deepest parts of the oceans.

To supposed the the top of the line of intelligence, 'Mankind'. Or is mankind one of the lower forms of intelligence? Mankind seems to have the ability to destroy his own environment. To be constantly at war. With others, who think they are the smartest. Does mankind really possess souls? That move on to a higher level, after death. The Popol Vuh seems to have no answers for this dilemma. The Popol Vuh does in no terms say. That if you live the good life here on Mother Earth. You deserve a better life in the 'here after'. Nor does it tell you you are doomed to eternal Hell. If you do live your life in sin. Odd doesn't seem? That a book as powerful as the Popol Vuh. Makes no reference to what happens to you after death. No it only tells you how you got to be, what you are. You are a creation that walks on two legs. And possess the ability. To give thanks to those who created them. Although most never do. Also the Popol Vuh has no mention of the end of "Time", aka 2012. That seems to come along much later. So what are we led to believe? The Book of Council (Popol Vuh), or later writings. That have come about later on. And trusting folks who have interpreted there writing? Can there interpretations be believed? My guess is no. Because it seems the same old ruling elite. Has been in power for thousands of years. I will even prove that in to marrows blog. So here we all stand. Hoping on hope, that what we believe to be true is true. Without ant way of knowing for sure. Hope others have learned something from my humble attempt. To mix in other ideas. That so well match the Popol Vuh. So now here are the few last paragraphs of the Popol Vuh.

And these are the Lords who come in the following of the Lord Ministers. Now we shall give the title of the ruler of each one of the great houses:

Lord Minister, the first ranking Lord at the head of the Greathouses, with one great house.
Lord Herald, with one great house.
Lord Minister of the Reception House, with one great house.
Chief of the Reception House, with one great house.
Mother of the Reception House, with one great house.
Master of Ceremonies for the Greathouse, with one great house.
Lord Auilix, with one great house.
Yacolatam, with one great house.

So these are the great house at the head of the Greathouses; these are the names of the nine lineages of the Greathouses, as they are called. There are many branches of lineages ion the following of each one of these Lords; we have named only the first ranking titles.

And Now These Are For the Lords Quiches. Here are there grandfathers and fathers.

Not Right Now, the first person
Noble Lord is the name of the Lord of the second generation.
Red Banner.
Noble Short One.
Noble Doctor.
Seven Cane.
Noble Mortal.
Noble Caller.
Person of Bam.

So these are the Lords at the head of the Lord Quiche; these are there generations and sequences.

And here are the Lords within the palaces, with just four great houses:

Herald for the Lords is the title of the first Lord, with one great house.
Emissary for the Lords, the second Lord, with one great house.
Master of Ceremonies for the Lords, the third Lord, with one great house.
And Hacauitz, the fourth Lord, with one great house.

And so these are the four great houses at the head of the Lord Quiches.

And There Are Three Masters Of Ceremonies In All. They are like fathers to all the Quiche Lords. They come together in unity, these three Masters of Ceremonies. They are givers of birth, they are Mothers of the Word, they are Fathers of the Word, great in being few, these three Masters of Ceremonies: (The Hopi have a Master of All Ceremonies)

Master of Ceremonies for the Cauecs, first.
And Master of Ceremonies for the Greathouses, second.
Lord Master of Ceremonies for the Quiche, third of the Maters of Ceremonies.

And so there are three Masters of Ceremonies, one representing each of these lineages.

This Is Enough About The Being Of Quiche, given that there is no longer a place to see it. There is the original book and ancient writing owned by the Lords, now lost, but even so, everything has been completed here concerning Quiche, which is now named Santa Cruz.

"God" bless


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