Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Let's Try This Again"

With only two more post to do on the Popol Vuh. For some reason Blogspot didn't save my blog last weekend. So this "Time" I'll keep a better eye on the save icon. I did however get to the Heard Museum and record the Hoop Dancers. You will see there was good crowd on hand. Unfortunately there were also chem-trails being sprayed. On what would have been a perfectly clear day. I recorded about 100 minutes of Hoop Dancers. I also met a film crew from Germany, filming the dancers. Nice to see another country knew about the Hoop Dancers. My ticket to get in, included admission into the main Heard museum building. I recorded a mural on the walls. That reminded me of the Denver Airport murals. With images of death and destruction. To marrow I head down to Tucson to record the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I try my best to record the history of the minerals. That I find interesting to record. And of course, the interesting folks who are the vendors. So now I'll try and post the second to last post from the Popol Vuh.

And Here Are The generations, The sequences Of lordships, so that all of them will be clear.

Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now and Dark Jaguar were our first grandfathers, our first fathers when the Sun appeared, when the Moon and Stars appeared.

And here are the generations, the sequences, of Lordships. We shall begin from here, at there very root. The Lords will come up two by two, as each generation of Lords enters and succeeds the previous grandfathers and Lords of the citadel, going on through each and every one of the Lords.

And here shall appear the faces of each one of the Lords.

And Here Shall Appear The Faces, One by One, Of each Of The Quiche Lords...

Jaguar Quitze, origin of the Cauecs.
Noble Raiment, in the second generation after Jaguar Quitze.
Jaguar Noble Rooftree, who began the office of Keeper of the Mat, was in the third generation.
Noble Sweatbath and Iztayul, in the fourth generation.
Plumed Serpent and Noble Sweatbath, at the root of the Lords of genius, were in the fifth
Tepepul and Iztayal next, sixth in sequence.
Quicab and Cauizimah, in the seventh change of Lordship, were the culmination of genius.
Tepepul and Xtayub, in the eighth generation.
Black Butterfly and Tepepul, in the ninth generation.
Eight Cord, with Quicab, in the tenth generations of Lords.
Seven Thought and Cauatepech next, eleventh in the sequence of Lords.
Three Deer and Nine Dog, in the twelfth generations of Lords. And they were ruling when
Tonatiuh arrived. They were tortured by the Castilian people.
Black Butterfly and Tepepul were tributary to the Castilian people. They had been begotten
as the thirteen generation of lords.
Don Juan de Rojas and Don Juan Cortes, in the fourteenth generation of Lords. They are the
sons of Black Butterfly and Tepepul.

So these are the generations, the sequences of Lordships for the Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat, the Lords who have led the Cauecs of Quiche. Next we shall name the lineages.

And here are the great houses of each one of the Lords in the following of the Keeper of the Mat and Keeper of the Reception House Mat. There are the names of the nine lineages of the Cauecs, nine great house. Here are the titles of the rulers of each one of the great houses:

Lord Keeper of the Mat, with one great house. Granary is the name of the palace.
Lord Keeper of the reception House Mat. Bird House is the name of his palace.
Master of ceremonies for the Cauecs, with one great house.
Lord Keeper of Tohil, with one great house.
Lord Keeper of the Plumed Serpent, with one great house.
Councilor of the Stores, with one great house.
Quehnay Emissary, with one great house.
Councilor in the ball Court, Xcuxeba, with one great house.
Sovereign Mexican, with one great house.

So these are the nine lineages of the Cauecs. Many vassals are counted in the following of these nine great houses.

And Here Are Those Of The Greathouse, with nine more great house. First we shall name the genealogy of the Lordship. It began, from just one root, at the origin of the root of the day and the light.

Jaguar Night, first grandfather and father.
Noble Acul and Noble Acutec, in the second generation.
Noble Chahuh and Noble Inscription House, in the third generation.
Nine Deer next, in the fourth generation.
Noble Sweatbath, in the fifth generation of Lords.
And monkey House next, in the sixth generation.
And Iztayul, in the seventh generation of Lords.
Noble Sweatbath then, eighth in the sequence of Lordships.
Nine Deer, ninth in sequence.
Woven, as the next one called, in the tenth generation.
Lord Noble Sweatbath, in the eleventh generation.
Don Cristobal, as he was called, became Lord in the presences of the Castilian people.
Don Pedro de Robles is Lord Minister today.

Next weekend will end the Popol Vuh. It has been a good lesson for me. And has greatly helped me to understand. The sequences of how mankind got from pure darkness. Into mankind presence station. When I post my thoughts on other sites. The Popl Vuh is always now part of the answer. And I'm sure as I look back on going through the Popol Vuh. I will learn more and more of it's hidden many meanings. No one may ever see theses pages. That not important to me. What I've learn, will help others in days to come. We'll be the enviable 'bottom line'.

"God" bless bye

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