Sunday, April 10, 2011


Trying to pick the more commonly known tribes. Then filter my way down to the more unknown tribes of North America. Before I get started. (Having the same old problem with Blogspot. Keeping paragraphs separated.) I would like to write about the anniversary of Pat Tillman's murder. It will be the seventh anniversary on 16 April. Here in Arizona there is a 4.2 mile run. It is called 'Pat's Run'. With other races on military bases. Such as in Afghanistan and Iran. I'd like to quote a local sports writer. Her name is Paola Boivin. And she writes for the Arizona Republic. (Arizona's newsprint propaganda machine.) Here is the quote word per word. 'Seven years removed from his (Pat Tillman) beyond-reproach accidental death'. How would Paola even know the events around Pat Tillman's death. You can see she is surely just a paid Whore. You can see how Paola Boivin choice of words. Make you think that if you believe any other thing about Pat's death. Then you are some wacko 'conspiracy theorist'. (Bet Pat's mom, wife and brother. Would love to put there hands around Paola Boivin throat.) If you are a writer for any major newspaper today. You have surely sold your 'Soul'. For a pay check and a little passing fame. Now on to the Crow Indians.------------------------------------------------ The Crow Indians were called, 'bird people'. They split from the Hidatsa tribe of North Dakota. In a territorial and Buffalo dispute. The Crow would migrate to the area of Yellowstone Park. The Crow settled on the Musselshell River. And would become know as the Mountain Crow. There range went from Yellowstone. Down to Big Horn, Powder and Wind Rivers. -------------------------------------- With the Crow's migration westward. They became a tribe on constant move. The Crow gave up there farming. Except for there crop of Tobacco. They quit making Earth lodges and pottery. Like other Plains Indians. They lived in tipis, for obvious reasons. As they would follow the Buffalo and and other wild game for food. They would also collect wild plants for food. In the 1700s they would learn the use of horses. This greatly expanded there hunting territories. ----- Like other Plains Tribes, the Crow adopted the Sun Dance and Vision Quest. They also had there own Secret Societies. One being based on Tobacco rituals. Fathers taught there sons survival techniques. Teaching at a young age how to hunt and use a Bow and Arrow. Sons would be taken on Waring parties. They would be prepared for there future battles. As the Crow were a waring society. Women would take great care to teach there daughters. How to prepare foods and domestic skills. And the making of cloths.-------------------------------------------------- The Crow wore brightly colored cloths. There cloths were dyed bright colors. That would represent sacred geometry. The women made brightly colored blankets, pouches, and quill work. You see many paints of the past of the Crows. Because of there brightly colored clothing. Artist traveling westward, found the Crow's artwork fascinating. The Crow women wore there hair almost to the ground. That they would inter-weave with added hair.----------------------- The Crow would launch raid against other tribes and White settlers. Stealing horse and other goods. In the early 1800s. The Crow would raid trading meeting. Between the White and other Plains Indians. The Crow would camp with-in striking distance. Then in the night. Sneak into White fur trading camps, stealing horses.-------------------------------------------------- The Crow sided with the U.S. Calvary. In attacks on other Plains tribes. The idea being that eventually the White settler and U.S. Calvary would win out. Thus they would be kinder to the Crow. This did not work out for the Crow. In the end, when Native Americans were routed from the ancient lands. The Crow were treated no differently. With the building of railroads. That brought the U.S. Calvary and others. Who would kill off the Buffalo. The life-style of the Crow came to an end. (Black soldiers were called 'Buffalo Soldiers'. Some tales say they got there name from there hair. That looked like the hair on a Buffalo. Other stories which seem more true. Say the Black Soldiers were brought to the Plains after the Civil War. To kill off the massive Buffalo herds. The had a two pointed method to it. It would open up the ranges for domestic cattle. And it would also deprive the Native Americans of a food source.) In 1888 the crow were moved to there reservation. In 1950 more of the Crow's lands were reduced. Yellowtail Dam was built on there traditional land. Flooding many acres of good farm land. ----- The land where the battle of 'Little Bighorn' happened. Is know for the battle between the Colonel George Armstrong Custer. And the tribes of Sioux and Cheyenne. Custer and his men were wiped out by the Sioux and Cheyenne tribes. But the scouts for Custer were Crow. They were sent to the back of the engagement. Thus they survived the battle. What they would tell those about the Great battle. Would help historians put together the epic encounter. Today the Crow hold a reenactment of the battle.--------------------------------------------------------- "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. -------bye

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