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A little about the Olmec of Mesoamerica today. Who many historians believe were the first civilization of the Americas. I'm hanging to the belief that the Hopi were the first. And that the Anasazi or 'Lost People' were Hopi's ancestors. And it is know fact that Hopi petroglyphs predate the Olmec and Mayan temples. Maybe historians think that you must have large cities or dwellings? To classify a race to be called. The first civilization of the America's. Maybe the Hopi never needed to create large cities. Or to have infrastructure such as drainage in there villages. Just as in what you see in the village of Old Oriabi. The Hopi belief system that teaches the connection to 'Mother Earth'. Is far more important. That to show the known World. That to be considered a civilization. The lower class must build temples to the ruling elites belief systems. And monuments to the ruling families. (Hope the problem with my paragraphs being squeezed together has been fixed.)-------

First l would like to mention the Chem-trails. That have been ruining the skies over central Arizona the last few days. Can't remember the last "Time" I actually saw a clear blue sky. With out the whitish haze below the overhead sky. Went too Jerome last weekend to make a new video. As I looked north from Jerome. Looking at the red bluffs above Sedona. I could clearly see the effects of the Chem-trails. With Chem-trail aircraft flying over head, laying out lines in the sky. I mentioned this to a friend about what I'd seen. While up in Jerome. She said she had called the Arizona Republic newspaper. To complain about the Chem-trails. Who ever she talked to at the Arizona Republic news paper. Started making fun of her story immediately. I felt sorry for her. She didn't know that the same soulless bastards that are financing the Chem-trails. Are the same soulless bastards that control the mass media.-------

Olmec (OL-mek) or Olmeca derives from the name of local rubber trees. Here is a link to a good video I found on the subject. Historians (Always question this term. Fact is those who control the written word, control history.) say that the Olmec. Were the first civilization of the the Mesoamerican area. They dominated the area from 1200 BC until 300 AD. This era was called the Preclassic period. Then came the era of the Mayan. The Mayan era was called the Classic period. Followed by the Toltec and Aztec civilizations. That was known as the Postclassic era. All three together were called the Formative period.-------

The Olmec civilization was mainly along the Gulf of Mexico. Inward too Mexico City proper. With there trade routes reaching. Through-out southern Mexico to northern South America. -------

Olmec were know for the giant carved heads of the leaders. These heads were up to six feet tall. And were made from basalt rock. That would have had to been transported to the area. The faces seem to look like the blacks of Africa. And that they would leave these giant carved heads. As sort of a calling card. I've also read some where that the same Olmec where. Removed from the area of Mesoamerica. And sent down to Argentina to build the Tin mines and Tin refineries. The reason they were removed was the attacks and rapes of the local tribes. Once again I can't say this is true. For the above mentioned reason. (I only know what I read in the news papers.) The Olmec also carved jade statues. Also mined magnetite, which they made mirrors from. Roads were covered with serpentine. for a type of asphalt or concrete. They would carve statues of the "God" Quetzalcoatl. Who was also known as the Great Plumed Serpent.-------

The Olmec would be the model of social structures, for those who followed them. They had a class system. With the priest at the top. If your father was a soldier. Then you were a soldier. You could not break out of this mold. You see the same thing in many Native American tribes. You also see the class system in the Popol Vuh. Even in the modern World of today. Wealth will not remove one. From the class system. As most who do make great financial strides. Are seldom followed by there off-spring. The upper class Olmec, lived in fine homes of stone and mortar. The streets were paved with serpentine. They had water systems. For drainage and fresh water. The cities would have ceremonial, economic, and civic centers. With the surrounding areas of farms and crafts. Supporting the life style of the ruling elite. (Sound familiar?) (Farming in this area went back to 7000 BC.)-------

The Olmec were the first to have games. That used a rubber ball. (Hohokam, Mayan, etc.) The first to have a numerical system. Hieroglyphs, writing and symbols. A calender for keeping track of the seasons. One can only speculate, where these knowledge's came from. Other than the obvious, "God". -------

Like all cultures, the Olmec "Time" came to an end. How this happened is not known. Just as you see in China, Egypt, etc.. For my self, I think that some catastrophe events happens. Not only by some physical event such as a meteor hitting the Earth. Maybe some type of virus overcome the Planet. Maybe the "Gods" return and don't like what they saw. No different than you building an aquarium in you house. And you see one type of your creation. Destroying the rest of your creations. In the aquarium you built. Or as some have writen they went to South America. Either by choice or forced. -------

"God" bless bye

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