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Might as well keep in the Mesoamerica area today. With a short history of the Toltec. First I'd liked like to say, 'Happy Easter'. Easter represents the day Jesus Christ arose from the dead of course. Leon Russell wrote a great song about it years ago. With the great line in the song that say. 'Roll away the stone, what will they do in two thousands years'. In reference to that fact that. Someone must of opened Jesus tomb, from the outside. The Mayans have a story that compares well. To the story of Christ's Resurrection themselves. The Mayan story goes like this. 'At the end of the present World or "Time" line. 'The Sun will disappear from the Sky for three days. After three days, a Sun will appear again in the Sky. People will not know. If it was the same Sun. Or if it is a New Sun.' Get the connection with three days. Christ disappeared for three days also. And was it the same Christ? Who was put to rest in the tomb? I've also heard from other people. How the story of Christ's life and death. Can be compared to the celestial movement of the Planets and Stars. The movie Zeitgeist tells of the same story. Jordon Maxwell also does a great job of telling the same basic story. As the one told in the Zeitgeist Movie. So if you believe the Easter like Christmas. Are Pagan rituals, you are not alone. And of course always remember. The same ones who gave the World religions. Are the same ones, who are trying to kill you!!! (Georgia Guild Stones)

Toltec (Toll-tec) moved into the Valley of Mexico about 900 AD. And lasted to about 1200 AD. With there demise after only 300 years. Like most great societies. They to were also conquered. My guess is that, they became fat and lazy. Then were over-run by another tribe, the Aztecs.

The Toltec like the Apache and Navajo of North America. Were nomadic hunters and gathers. And were depending on raids to other tribes of Mexico. For there survival. Eventually the Toltec settled down. And even built the there own city called Tula. The Toltec were called, 'sons of the dog'. And were feared by other Mexican tribes. Just as the Apache and Navajo tribes. Were feared by other tribes of the southwest America. After many years of battles with other Mexican tribes. The Toltec under the leadership of Mixcoatl. Toltec became the dominate tribe of the area. Mixcoatl had the Toltec take up crafts, farming, spiritual ways. From those other tribes they lived with or defeated. Just as in the same way the Apache and Navajo also did. (Makes one wonder, if the same DNA. Was in the Apache-Navajo as the Toltec. Incredible similarities between the three of them.)

Mixcoatl's son Topiltzin would advance the Toltec culture even further along. Topiltzin would add the name Quetzalcoatl to his name. As did many other Mesoamerican leaders did. The Aztec even believed that Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl was a "God". Under the leadership of Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl. The Toltec would build pyramids, palaces, ball courts, engraved murals and columns. They developed new strains of corn, squash and cotton. (Same crops as the Indians of the southwest America.) They became craftsmen in gold, silver and jade. Made elaborate textile with feathers incorporated in them. Started using hieroglyphs and higher forms of architecture. There empire would reach from the Gulf of Mexico too the Pacific ocean.

Much of what is known about the Toltec. Came from the Aztecs, who would follow them in the history of Mesoamerica. The Aztec believed that Mixcoatl and his son Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl were "Gods". This might of been because of the name Quetzalcoatl, was added to Topiltzin name. Quetzalcoatl was also know as the 'Great Plumed Serpent'. Aztec history says that the reason the Toltec lost power. Was the fact that Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl banned human sacrifice. And that the followers of Tezcatlipoca. Which means, 'Deity of Night'. Chased Topiltzin-Quetzalcoatl from Tula. (Same story different names in the Popol Vuh.)

If the Toltec under T-Q fled Tula. Did they integrate with the Mayan? And history tells us that the Mayan were waiting. For there brother from the east to arrive on 'One-Reed'. Who later would be Hernan Cortes. Who would conquer the Toltec and not the Mayan. Who supposedly fled into the jungle of Mesoamerica. Knowing Hernan Cortes would be Quetzalcoatl. Who promised to return with vengeance. I've studied this subject so much. That I'm not sure if anyone knows what really happened. One thing for sure, (I guess) Hernan Cortes did conquer all of Mexico. And Cortes did not conquer the Mayan. What ever happened to the Toltec for sure. Is not known as fact. History says the the Aztec would follow the Toltec in Mesoamerican history. The recent movie (Mel Gibson) about the Mayan is for sure, pure BS. I got a feeling that the only ones who know for sure. Are the Catholics in Rome. Who did not destroy all the artifacts of the Mesoamerican era. Well there is my sort of version of the Toltec. Based on what I've read and felt.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings


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