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Here will be more proof. That the Aztec, Toltec and other Mesoamerican tribes. Were the one who preformed human sacrifices. And not the Mayans themselves. The Mayans believed in personal sacrifices. Just as many current religions do. Such as the Catholics not eating meat on Fridays. The tribes that followed the Mayans. Took many ideas from them. Including using there temple for them selves. And taking personal sacrifice to a whole new level. Such as the Aztec did, you will see.

Before I get started I'd like to talk about all the extreme. Things that Mother Nature has to offer lately. With what happened to Japan and there nuclear plants. To the incredible Tornado's that hit the southern United States this week. I watched the tornado as it sweep through Tuscaloosa this week. It was a 1 1/2 miles wide. A unheard of proportion. You need two fronts coming together. At exactly the right moment, for this to occur. "God's" wrath or just coincidence? Depend on how you look at life. I for one believe "God" is in every facet of life. If the tug of Planet X, or what ever name you put on. (The celestial body that is approaching Earth's orbit.) Is the reason for the recent events of Mother Nature. Then It took "God" to create it and it's path. Lots of folks want to give America's secret government. Credit for all the natural or un-natural disasters of late. On there newest weapon HAARP. And I'm sure the 'powers' would love to take credit for it. Especially with all the 2012 speculation in the news lately. I even heard that the government was holding secret meetings. Over the fact that some "Alien" crafts. Were approaching Mother Earth. And they would be arriving, late 2012. Isn't that great timing? Just in "Time" for the Mayan date of 2012. So what do you think? "God" or Human? Now too a short history of the Aztec.

The Aztec were a waring society. Like the Apache of the southwest were. Funny enough, the Aztec migrated from northern Mexico. The same area the Apache once roamed. The height of the Aztecs era. Was from 1200 AD till 1500 AD. The Aztec original name was the Mexica. And like the Apaches. They were a nomadic tribe. Moving about looking for game animals. And other tribes of the area to attack. They would eventually settle in the area know as Mexico City today. This was around 1168. Armed with powerful bows and arrows. They would learn to use from the Native Americans. They were early Mercenaries. They founded two villages. They were called Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco. On swampy inlets on the Lake Texoco.

The inhabitants of Tenochtitlan (now calling themselves Tenochca) would conquer there neighbors in Tlatelolco. Then they formed an alliance with the Alcohua tribe. They would attack other tribes of the area. This group started calling themselves the 'Aztecs'. They would use weapons of swords (with edges made of volcanic glass, obsidian), bow and arrows, darts, and clubs. They remained in Tenochtitlan. And this would become the present day Mexico City. Then the city was built on a lake. With miles of canals connecting the citizens. There empire would reach from the Gulf of Mexico. To the shores of the Pacific ocean. They would eventually conquer the Toltec's. With a population reaching 5 million.

As the Aztec would conquer other tribes of the area. They would impose a tax on there conquered. They would take gold, silver, copper, jade, turquoise, obsidian and pearls. The taxes would be collected in items such as. Corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, chili peppers and cocoa (chocolate). They also took such domestic animals as dogs and turkeys for meat.

Religion for the Aztecs was human sacrifices. The letting of human blood was a way to appease the "Gods". There main "God' they sacrificed to was named Huitziloppchtli. There other "God' was Quetzalcoatl or Great Plumed Serpent. Quetzalcoatl was believed to be a good "God". So no human sacrifices were made to him. He was the "God" of mercy. Thousands of prisoners were sacrificed to the "God" Huitzilopochtli.

In Aztec society the Chief of Men, was at the top. He would live in a home of two or more floors. With several rooms. The next in line was the Nobles and priests. Then came the War Chiefs and wealthy merchants. Below them were the soldiers, craftsmen and farmers. On the bottom was the unskilled laborers and slaves. The unskilled laborers weren't allowed to own land. The land owners were made to pay taxes with there crops.

The diet for the Aztec would be what you would see in modern Mexico today. Tortillas and tamales were the basic staple. The upper classes ate a more rounded diet. That included fresh fruits and vegetables. Lots of fresh game was available for the wealthy. With beans and corn the diet for the poor. (somethings never change)

After Don Hernan Cortes conquered the areas of Panama and Central America. He heard rumor of cites of gold to the north. With only about 400 men, who landed with Cortes. He moved north to the area of the Aztec. With his numbers bolstered with other tribal members. Who wanted freedom from the Aztec. He would conquer the Aztec. Another factor in his defeat of the Aztec. Was the fact he had guns. And the Aztec still only had primitive weapons. Maybe the biggest fact was the Aztec belief. That there would be the arrival of a White man from the east. (Same as the Hopi and other native American tribes.) Who would be the return of Quetzalcoatl. This idea came from the Mayan. Who they took many of the belief systems from. (This is why I've always said. Cortes never conquered the Mayan.)

The Spanish would try there best to destroy all appearances of the Aztec. They burned there history. Toppled down there Temples and Pyramids. Melted the metal artifacts and shipped the metal back to Spain. Turn the Aztec into slaves. Then called the area the New Spain. Later Cortes would move north. Thus declaring most of Mesoamerica and the southwest of America for Spain. This was the end for the Aztec. They lived by the sword. And they died from the sword.

"God" bless


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