Sunday, May 1, 2011


You look at old Western Movies and the name Comanches. Is often the Indians attacking the White settlers. This in fact, was true. The Apaches couldn't even deal with the Comanches. They attacked the U.S. Calvary, other tribes, White settlers and even the Texas Ranges. And they did this with great success. They were great horsemen and horse women. In fact they grew up on horse back. The children were given horses at the age of 4 or 5.

Before I give a short history of the Comanche. Look at the price of silver today. This Sunday silver is trading at $47.92 (if you can find silver). It has reached almost to $50.00. Before the powers drove it back down too $45.00. But it didn't stay there long. With in a day or so. It was heading back up. I took most of my cash saving and turned it into silver. That was when silver was around $15.00 to $17.00 range. Best move I ever made. Knowing that there was nothing backing my paper dollars. It seemed like the best move to make. Besides Bank of America was giving me 1% for saving dollars. What caused the sudden surge in silver prices? I didn't have a clue. So I called a friend who I bought my silver from to ask him. He seemed like the best bet. He own Victoria Coins here in Scottsdale. And we had become friend. Mainly because we're the same age. And we both grew up here in the Valley of the Sun.

John didn't have a clue what caused the surge. He only knew that when both gold and silver started sky rocketing. Folks flooded his shop. They were selling grandma's silver. You'd she women in the shop. Selling Gold rings and necklaces. That were given to them by dead husbands or old boy friends. Some days it would look like a scene from the old movie 'Grapes of Wrath'. With folks just trying to feed there families. Selling what ever silver or gold they had. Today his shop is dead. Those that had silver or gold. Have long ago sold it. Not knowing the prices would double or triple. Now you see folks on street corner holding sign. That say 'we buy gold'. Was this all part of a larger plan. To force the economy into the dumps. Then forcing folks to give up there gold and silver?

Force the younger generation into going into the military. Because there were not jobs. You don't need a draft. When you bring the World economy into submission. Well that's what it looks like from my window. The country is at war. Fighting Israels enemies. Killing civilians in almost a dozen countries now. Sad state of affairs the country has fallen into. And to top if off. Today I read folks are being told. To evacuate there homes along the Mississippi River. The Army Corp of Engineers are going to blow up some levies. Reason given was, this will help with the flooding. Cause by the heavy rains that accompanied the recent storms and tornadoes in the mid-west and south. And you thought the Comanches were ruthless killers. America today looks to the rest of the World. Like the most 'Blood Thirsty' country in history. Now to the mean old Comanches.

The name Comanche (cuh-MAN-chee) comes maybe from the Ute Indians. 'One Who Wants to Fight Me' There were several different bands of Comanche. The Comanche separated from the Shoshone tribe about the 1600s. And migrated south from Wyoming. Along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. When they moved south. The gained the use of horse. This they learned from the Pueblo Indian Tribes. Who had learned it from the Spaniards.

With the use of the horse. They became a migratory tribe. With there turf going from Kansas and Colorado. Down to Texas and south into Mexico. Where they would do battle with the Apache tribe. The Comanche spread the use of the horse. To several other tribes of the Great Plains.

In the old Western movies. You see the Comanche riding by. Shooting a gun or bow and arrow. From under the horses neck. This was not a Hollywood added effect. They were known for this type of trick. Using the horse for protection. Also they could pick up fallen comrades in battle. By swooping by and picking them up. The Comanche became so good with horses. They could communicate with there horses by touch or words. With the use of the horses. The Comanche could travel with the migrating buffalo herds. Living in 'tipis' made from skin.

The Comanche would often attack the Spanish settlers. Traveling hundreds of miles to the south. To steal horse and slaves. And other items for there survival. In fact the Spaniards had a hard "Time" settling the area know as Texas then. As the Comanche would raid the Catholic settlements. They would also attack the movement of White Europeans. Heading west on the Santa Fe Trail. They even attacked the U.S. Calvary. That were escorting the settlers west. The Texas ranger were formed. To help protect the White settlers in Texas. They too had there looses to the Comanche. The Comanches defeated the Texas Rangers in several battles.

As for the Comanche religious rites. They would later take up the use of 'Peyote'. Like many of the other tribes in the Great Plains area. (Peyote cactus grows in the area of west Texas, northern Mexico. Along the Rio Grande River.) And was know for it spiritual experiences. It gave the taker a feeling of well being. It gave the taker visions of the spirit World. In 1918 the 'Native American Church' was born. With the use of the Peyote being part of the ritual. Several Plains states made the use of Peyote illegal. Then in 1934 all attempts to stop the use of Peyote. By the Native American Church member was stopped. Today the Native American Church still plays a big part in Native American politics. The Comanche tribe now live on reservation in Oklahoma. And one of the biggest Pow-Wows is held on the Comanche reservation. With tribes from all over the Americas participating.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


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